Fox Toledo reporter's Chrysler Girl interview makes it to the Blogs

Fox Toledo's Barrett Andrews' interview with the Chrysler Girl makes the Auto Blog and the Do you come with the car? Blog. Read for yourself.

FOX Toledo reporter Barrett Andrews thought he could be sly by slipping a come-on into his chat with a lovely auto show model who kindly humored him by granting an interview request.

Reporter gets deservedly dissed by Chrysler model
So we found this new website after our trip to the D for the 2010 Detroit Auto Show called Do You Come with the Car? It's written by an anonymous auto show model who, as we speak, is likely standing on a platform in Cobo Hall fielding that very same question from some old guy who thinks he's funny. We've always been fascinated by this trade, so her insights into the inner workings of the auto show model profession, particularly while the Detroit show is open to the public, are interesting, at least to us.

Also now on AutoStraddle:

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I've posted my response on my blog.

In short, it was a joke, she knew it was a joke, she agreed to participate in the joke, and afterward she asked me if she could later watch it online.

Still, I've learned a lesson about humor -- not everyone gets it all the time. And in a world where videos travel to thousands of eyes in a split second, one has to take that into consideration.

What a stupid blog.

Can the woman who wrote that be any dumber. You're an attractive woman put there only to get the attention of men and garner interest in the car. If you don't like the attention you're in the wrong freaking business.

Maybe I should start bitching about my line of work because I don't think it's fair that people will try to shoot me?


what do those girls expect they are there for? They are obviously not there to answer manufacturing management questions. If anyone is sexist, it is the car companies who hire Chrysler Girl. I never get that with models next to cars (well I do get it but still don't understand why they are really needed). If the car is beautiful, why do you need a model? It should be stunning and will catch any male eye, without a model.

About the video, I could see how people would take it wrong, but I could see how it would be funny. Just one of those that could cut both ways.

Would she have felt any better if he would have asked her to change the oil? LOL

This is like a hooker saying "What you think I did this for the money?! What kind of person do you think I am?"


Lauren commented on my blog post to help clear things up...


I think that ,those girls standing there only to catch the attention of male eye and obviously not to answer any manufacturing question.It was their strategy to catch attention but if they have a good quality of cars they don't need to that instead dealing their product in good way.

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