TPS's Burns investigates former candidates, board and community members

Ah, ask and ye shall get. I wondered this morning, that Dan Burns' investigations discovered in Cleveland had to start earlier and we find out they have. According to the Blade, Burns investigated Robert Torres, Darlene Fisher, Steven Steel, Steve Flagg, and Francis Dumbuya. I was not on the list. I don't know how I feel about this. Read more in the Blade. But now we go from stealing to having the district get all J Edgar Hoover on people. That is an interesting shift of events. Makes you wonder what Larry Sykes would have to say about this, since he was on the board during this whole thing and turned a blind eye to it. I am sure he really did not care what the district was doing. He was just doing it to further his own political reputation, which most board members do.

A former Toledo Public Schools administrator accused of stealing $660,000 from the district is also accused of using taxpayer money to order investigations of three newly-elected board members and two district critics, according to documents released Monday by the state auditor.

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And ole Eugene Sanders said he knew nothing of this! Ya right!! Whatever Danny boy gets for doing all these alleged misdeeds is well deserved. Guess it was'nt a fool proof plan. Come to think of it it was hatched by a fool!

You must not have crossed Danny boy's radar screen. I'd be willing to bet that this is not even close to being over with.


FormerTPSer I think there is alot that you and I could tell, I do know after working twenty five years there I found out alot.Yes I think Sanders knew about this along with others.

the ones that were investigated and found wanting, stopped doing the right thing. The ones who were investigated and something was not found kept doing the right thing.
I often wondered why Steel joined up against Darlene, when he was such a non committal person. He even came to the African American Parents' Association and asked for our help and endorsement, then when he was later elected he turned his back on us. I really wondered why Robert Torres turned on Darlene and eventually moved to Canton, Ohio.
I know what they found out about Steel, but I wonder what they found out about Robert.

Purnhrt, Observation confirmed. Both men changed.

Maybe the Blade should run Burnsgate stories about nefarious connections with you, Chris, like they make Noe connections with everyone who ever had a drink or a lunch with Tom Noe. I can see the headlines now:

"County GOP Coup Co-Conspirator the Only TPS Board Candidate Not Investigated by Fraud Suspect"

(Full disclosure: historymike in an earlier career as an Internet numismatist had several financial dealings with Tom Noe. Upwards of $1,000 in cash and coins changed hands between historymike and Noe (in his Vintage Coins and Cards guise) in 1998 and 1999. One particular item bears scrutiny: a collection of Indian Head cents that Noe purchased from historymike in 1999 for $660.00, a collection that cost historymike a mere $500.00 to purchase online. Still waiting for the titillating exposé by a Blade hack).

I can rember our union rep telling me that all the things that where being found on burns would make Tom Noe look good. so they realy need to go deeper with burns and maybe bring a few more in. our union tride back then however no one would care.

In My experiences,as a union member.retired, the company and the union WERE in it TOGETHER. There has to be a certain amount of dialogue between the 2 Two parties in order to produce the product.
Do you think thats why, even though,[your rep] knew some things, [he stayed within the boundaries so that he could keep his job and favor].?
That this thievery went on right in front of the Employee's eyes. is really the point. They did it, Burns and company, stole our taxpayer $ in plain sight for who knows how many years????And they did it with impunity.
No doubt they used Intimadation [background checks etc.} to keep people quiet. BUT they couldn't silence Darlene Fisher so they had to use Sis. Francine Lawerence to help get rid of Fisher hence; The Hipocrisy letter on TFT letterhead. !!!! WOW!!!

while your opinion may be humble, it smacks of the truth.

missdeejay and Miss purnhrt,

That was why it was so important to revisit the letter from the TFT president. It is extremely relevant as it shows those who supported the vendetta against the only honest TPS board member and the steps that they would take to get her out. Mrs. Fisher represented the same obstacle to the current TPS board that she did during the time of Sanders. As was then and appears to be now__ transparency is not in vogue. That is why we are fighting so hard to reverse the handpicked selection of the Scott Oversight Committee. Why are people not concerned about the $41million dollar Scott project and why do they not want anyone to follow the money? Darlene had to go__ along with those that worked with her to try to insure that the the $41 million dollars for Scott were accounted for. Both were surgically removed. Mrs. Fisher by a negative untrue propaganda and the oversight committee that was selected by the Scott Alumni Association by again allowing one person to be the sole selector of an oversight committee. It is all relevant as time will tell. TPS had a handpicked oversight committee that eventually disappeared in the past and then $600 thousand and counting is missing. Today we have another handpicked oversight committee that does not show up for meetings to oversee the $41 million for a urban school. I guess they believed that since "it ain't broke don't fix it " and passed the fake oversight committee game book on to another TPS official..It is also ironic that out of the two individuals that were investigated, one would eventually find favor with the TFT and receive financial support of the TFT president while attempting to diminish the contributions made by Mrs. Fisher before he made his exit to City Council. But this saga "ain't over til the fat lady sings."

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