Toledo to possibly get Lima mail processing plant

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I checked an old entry in one of my journals, and found that we were sorting magazines for Lima on the flat sorters in Toledo in April, 2004 (before I retired). We sorted the mail to the various carriers in Lima, and to the small towns around Lima. Did the Postal Service decide finally it was a disaster, and are now set to do it again, or have they been doing it all along? In which case, this is all very confusing. Managers get promotions by changing things, not necessarily improving service.

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We might get some of their equipment (if there is room for it) but more than likely the mail would be trucked to Toledo to be "processed" here with the equipment we have. As I stated, we were processing Lima's flats (magazines and large envelopes) when I retired. I think the letters were going to another office.

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They will accept Lima mail with few jobs added

everyone, we will take any jobs.

employees (non-career) at minimum wage, or be filled with transfers from Lima or other towns where employees have been "excessed" because of decreased mail volume. No net increase of employment for citizens of Lucas County.

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...occur. For example, containers addressed for Lima coming from places like Cleveland, or Pittsburgh, Chicago or Minneapolis should by common-sense be removed in Toledo for processing. Inevitably, some of that mail will go on to Lima where it will be shipped back to Toledo, and processed here. Mail originating in Lima will begin to see a 2-3 day turnaround from acceptance to delivery. But, at least, the customer will see consistancy of delivery. It will be late every day.

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Hey just remember...if a BIO attack hits Obama will get you the antidote through the mail....

Feel better now?


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