Cleveland Board member apologizes for Burns' surveillance of district employees

This is another one of those questions, did he really just start doing this in Cleveland? I don't think so, but because no one watches for this locally, we probably will not know.
From the Plain Dealer
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland school board Vice Chairwoman Louise Dempsey apologized Friday to the community, saying she's sorry that the district hired private investigators to keep tabs on employees.

"What happened was unconscionable. The board does not condone this practice at all," Dempsey said. "We will never condone this behavior."

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Anyone who believes that this mea culpa is sincere, is a fool. This all has to do with giving that turd Sanders the job in Cleveland. Sanders was surrounded with so much figurative smoke, that to assume there was no fire, was nearly criminal itself in its scope of denial.

Naturally, nothing substantive will be done, as has happened in Toledo. The school districts are huge spending machines that too many unions and contractors have their fingers in. Those machines will continue operating without a hitch. In fact, the more the public gets involved, the more those systems will try to spend, in their efforts to PUNISH the public for daring to interrupt the flow of stolen millions. Witness Burns' behavior as Exhibit One.

Here, look for yourself ... Sanders in his full glory of denial, continuing to pretend he's actually doing useful work in the CPS:

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