City Councilman Tom Waniewski's Newsletter jan 10

Computer Aided Dispatch

I serve on the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council as part of my city council duties. During a recent meeting, I was impressed by the professionalism shown by city employees who are working to use high tech to make us safer. For example, a program called Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) uses a Regional Identification (RID) to help police track suspects. I don't want to get too complicated here, but a program called Socialwise uses a diagram displayed on a computer screen inside a police officer's car to make all the connections of a suspect or a victim. A recent homicide victim was put into the computer program using her name and/or i.d. number. It immediately showed connections to her. It could be blood connections or people she may have been arrested with on other counts.

It was a fascinating display of how Toledo police and the court system is using high tech to keep track of criminals. I've only touched on the simplest way to explain it in this newsletter, but I wanted to convey the point to you that there are some hard-working employees who are using technology with our court system to do their best to keep these thug career criminals locked behind bars. (The image used in this story is of suspects who have a career history of crime in our area and are currently in jail or awaiting a trial).

Intergovernmental Relations

The at-large members of council were recently sworn in. With it comes a re-assignment of committee positions. We recently voted to reduce the number of committees from 12 to eight. I have made my council committee chairmanship preferences to Council President Wilma Brown. Economic Development was my first choice and Intergovernmental Relations and Environment my second choice.

I would welcome an opportunity to work with businesses and/or streamline business operations between and among governments, thus my two requests.

Refuse Calendar
The automated refuse pick up transition continues to move along. Based on the emails I've been getting, there are some glitches. If you are experiencing a problem, please contact my office or respond to this email.

Even taking into account some of the bumps in implementing this schedule, I want to commend Commissioner Dave Welch who has taken over this task under the new administration of Mayor Bell. This is not an easy transition, but I know the department is doing its best to make this work.

If you find you need a different size container than what was delivered, adjustments will be made sometime around June of this year. I ask for your patience in this regard. Meantime, if you would like a copy of the 2010 "leap forward" refuse calendar, click here.

Leaf Pickup Redux
The new commissioner of Streets, Bridges and Harbors tells me if the snow melts even just a bit, they will come by to pick up piles of leaves that did not get a second pass. Please understand that the city is in "competition" with Mother Nature and if the snow flies before the leaves fall, Mother Nature wins. But the city is working to try to solve this. The phone number to the streets department is 245-1526. If you would like to learn more about the duties of this department, please click here.

Important Senior Citizen Numbers

Parenting Smarts (more grandparents and aunts are now parents again): Call Kinship Navigator for help - 419-382-7060.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP): 800-282-0880
Medicare Part B: 800-282-0530
Legal Hot-line: 800-488-6070
Veterans Administration: 800-827-1000

Muni Court Clears Bench Warrants
Toledo Municipal Court recently cleared some 10,000 bench warrant cases dating back to the 1970's. Using social security numbers and cross referencing data, the courts were able to purge warrants of people who were either deceased or already in prison. Clerk of Courts Vallie Bowman English and Municipal Court Presiding Judge Tim Kuhlman made this happen.

Business Grants
A REMINDER - If you own a business along Sylvania Avenue from Lewis to Secor, you may qualify for a grant to improve the appearance of your business. Please contact the Economic Development office of the city and reference the First Energy Sylvania Ave. Facade Grant Program.

Additionally, your business may qualify for tax breaks in other parts of town. Please click here to find our more details.
Run for the Ohio Senate
For those of you who have been receiving my electronic newsletters for the past two years (one per month uninterrupted), you know I take great care in not making this political. But I wanted to let you know that I am running for the Ohio Senate in District 11. This district is comprised of all of Toledo plus Oregon, Jerusalem Township, Oak Harbor and a small, eastern slice of Sylvania.

I want to offer my public services to more people. And more importantly, I want to show tax payers that government needs to do things differently. When was the last time you had informational newsletters sent to your inbox by an elected official, for example? A business must always work to re-invent itself in order to survive. It must always think of innovated ways to provide services at the greatest cost value. Government has not done that, and I want to start turning t he ship on that attitude before it's too late.

In the meantime, I will work everyday to look out for the interests of District 5 and to be responsive to your questions and concerns. The election for State Senate is not until November of this year.

Welcome Sherrie Brown
In the last two years, many of you who have called my office have talked with JoAnne. She was my legislative aid. In order to mix things up a bit and to keep things fresh, I've changed aids. Sherrie Brown is my new aid, and I look forward to working with her. If you have questions and would like to call my office, please ask for me or Sherrie and we will take your call and treat you with the professional respect you deserve. My number is 419-245-1050. I wish JoAnne the best in 2010.

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I wonder if we can expect the same type of newsletter if Mr. Waniewski is successful in his run for State Senate?

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