Mayor Appoints Finance Director - McLean brings 20 years finance and budgeting experience to the job.

Mayor Appoints Finance Director
McLean brings 20 years finance and budgeting experience to the job.

Mayor Michael P. Bell today announced his appointment for City Finance Director at his first press conference since taking office.

The Mayor has tapped Patrick McLean to lead the department. Mr. McLean comes to the job with more then 20 years of experience in finance, budgeting and legislative affairs. He is currently Associate Vice Chancellor for Affordability and Efficiency for the Ohio Board of Regents. McLean was previously the Chief Financial Officer in the Office of the Ohio Attorney General and has served as Chief of Staff to the Ohio Senate Minority Caucus. He has also taught and designed courses in political science, philanthropy and global issues.

McLean takes the post at a challenging time. The previous administration has predicted a deficit of $40 million. Mr. McLean will be responsible for taking the lead in the budgeting process, working with the Administration, City Council and the Mayor’s Citizens Special Investigation team.

“I’m glad to have Patrick coming on board to join us, though I wish it were under more fruitful circumstances. We face a great challenge in putting together a balanced budget that will preserve the city services our residents value,” the Mayor said. “Patrick understands the need for a transparent process that accounts for citizen input and collaboration with our partners on City Council.”

Clarence Coleman is currently serving as Acting Director of Finance until Mr. McLean comes on board. The Mayor thanked Mr. Coleman for stepping in to fill the role until a permanent appointment was made to the position. Mr. Coleman will remain Commissioner of Taxation once Mr. McLean joins the City.

Earlier in the day, Coleman and McLean toured the Finance Department to greet employees. McLean also had the opportunity to meet with Deputy Mayor for Operations, Steve Herwat, to review the most recent financial information based on December income tax revenues to date. The City is expecting to close out 2009 in February.

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