Ohio’s Health Deteriorates Under Democrat Charge Democrat Mandates of 2009 Hinder Healthcare in Ohio

COLUMBUS— One year to the day the House Democrats took the majority, State Representatives Barbara Sears (R-Sylvania) and Ron Maag (R-Lebanon) have maintained a staunch commitment to keeping Ohio’s health care sector strong, successful and affordable.

However, the state operating budget touted by House Democrats fails to reduce waste or improve the effectiveness of Ohio’s Medicaid system. It allows for the continued expansion of Medicaid spending without providing any cost-containment measures. Ohio’s Medicaid expenditures are 40 percent higher than the national average, and House Republicans initiated a measure to rein in the cost of Medicaid by eliminating waste and making the system leaner and more effective.

“Throughout 2009 Ohio witnessed many short-sighted liberal policies through the Statehouse such as a costly expansion to Medicaid,” said Sears. “My Republican colleagues and I remain committed to protecting the individual freedom of people to make their own health care decisions and ability to make lawful decisions about their own health care shall not be infringed.”

In addition, House Republicans watched closely the federal health care reforms during the 2009 legislative year. To protect Ohio’s health care industry from universal mandates that would hurt businesses, health care providers and Ohio residents, the Republican caucus sponsored the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Act to uphold the freedom of each individual to make their own health-related decisions.

The caucus also urged Governor Strickland to opt out of the federal health care mandates in order for Ohio to continue time-tested best practices for patients, hospitals and providers alike. They believe that keeping control of Ohio’s health care here in the state, rather than blindly accepting mandates from Washington, is of the upmost importance.

“Democrats across the country are addressing the health care crisis with a government power grab,” Maag said. “I believe we must protect the fundamental rights of citizens by ensuring that they are not subject to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ bureaucratic government takeover. Our citizens deserve to have the options available to make appropriate assessments as it relates to their own doctors, treatments, and health care.”

Although House Democrats have silenced and ignored many viable Republican ideas, House Republicans remain hopeful that 2010 will bring bipartisan discussions about Ohio’s future and how to responsibly make health care more affordable and accessible.

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I find this fascinating! After having almost exclusive control of Ohio's government -- all three branches -- for 16 years, Republicans act as if they have no culpability in this situation. The main reason why Ohio's Medicaid costs are so high is the abject failure of Ohio's Republican's economic policies under George Voinovich and Bob Taft, with the full complicity of Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly, and the terrible national economic policies under George W. Bush and the Republicans in Congress! Ohioans are suffering, and all Ms. Sears and Mr. Maag can do is try to make political points from that suffering. Medicaid costs are high because so many Ohoans have lost jobs and lost income! Duh!

And all of us naive little people are supposed to believe that the current members of the political party that opposed Social Security, and opposed Medicare, and opposed Medicaid, are suddenly worried about the health and well-being of us little folks! I'm not buying the "snake oil" today! No thank you!

Dale, get over yourself. Health-care costs have skyrocketed nationwide and without regard to region or politics. That's because regardless of which party is in power, the insurance companies have ultimate control of national policy.

As for your implied assertion that the Republicans opposed SS and Medicare ... really? So they did away with those things when they had complete control of the Congress and Presidency for six straight years? (2001-2006)

No, of course they didn't. They didn't dare get rid of those things since too many of their supporters are old farts like you, who are dependent upon those programs. So the Republicans are not against those things. Neither party is. Do us as favor and stop spreading such lies.

Ultimately, what will "fix" the health-care system in the USA is more tens of millions of Americans tossed into the uninsured category from the ever-rising costs of insurance. Obamacare will make it worse, since it just tries to FORCE people to buy insurance ... which will only cause premiums to rise, which will either bankrupt people or force them to become uninsured.

A single-payer system -- socialized medicine -- is our only hope now. Our out-of-control profit motive has completely obliterated serving Americans with the basic care that over 30 other nations in the world manage to serve their own citizens with, at greater quality and at lesser per-capita cost.

For those of you wacknuts who think that socialized medicine is a tool of the devil, then consider that the nation in the world with the best-rated health care -- FRANCE -- doesn't have socialized medicine. It has universal access ... where everyone must be covered with insurance, and for those who can't get it from the private sector, there is ... WAIT FOR IT ... public option insurance.

Sound familiar? I'm sure you wacknuts don't want that either, for the same racist reasons.

Of course, Republicans no longer oppose Social Security or Medicare. They work too well! They help too many! That's what Republicans do. They oppose anything progressive. Then, if it fails, they say, "I told you so!" If it succeeds, they act as if they were for it all along, and they feign to be defenders of the program they opposed!

Look at the record. You'll find few, if any, Republicans voted for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or the 2009-10 health care reform bill. Trust me! If this reform works well, the Republicans will claim it was really their idea and the Democrats stole it. My post was aimed at a very partisan news release on the part of two Republicans. I answered in a partisan way. Although, this is my true belief about ...not all Republicans... but about knee-jerk, conservative Republicans.

I am an "old fart', but I'm not old enough for Medicare...yet...(2 years, 3 months to go), or Social Security (4 years, 3 months to go for that).

GZ...I, too, favor a single-payer government system. We just can't get it in this country currently. France, Germany, all of the Scandinavian nations, and many more, have excellent national health care systems. All health care systems ration care. In the United States, we ration care based upon the ability to pay. It's a terrible way to run the health care system.

We also spend a huge amount of our health care dollars on the last few years of our lives. Us old farts had better enjoy our lives as relatively younger senior citizens, and then refuse costly medical treatments that extend our lives just so we can watch another night of reruns of the TV shows we watched when we were young! There is a time to be born and a time to die. One of my wife's uncles and one of my best friend's fathers both refused treatment as older people. They shared one thing in common. They were both doctors. They knew when it was their time to die, and they didn't want to prolong the ending. Good for them!! I hope I make the same decision.

The point is twofold:

1. Republicans didn't drive up medical and insurance costs. They merely allowed them to rise ... just like the Democrats do. This is not a partisan issue. It's more an issue of Americans continuing to vote Democrat and Republican when both parties are trying to destroy the middle class.

2. Republicans just don't want the current system to change, since it greatly benefits the rich -- their "base". With the current rates of rising costs of care and insurance, the number of Americans who will have health insurance by 2030 will be in a simple minority.

We two understand all the basics of how the U.S. system is completely screwed up. But if you want me to ally with you on this issue, then you need to drop the partisan nonsense. You won't find a solution in the Democratic Party. The bills posted before the Congress in late 2009 well proved that. Obamacare is just another gift to the insurance companies. We didn't even have the guts to invoke the public option ... one of the bills (the passed Senate version, I believe) even specified a "public option" that will be wholly administered by the private insurance industry!

Democrats just aren't interested in solving the crisis in health care in the USA. So we cannot ally with them. I'm hoping that a loss of one of their Congressional majorities in 2010 results in sufficient pressure. Handing the Congress to just one party turns out to be a losing idea for the American people.

Oh, they'll always go after social security. Just check into what Pete Peterson and David Walker are up to. Or Kent Conrad, for that matter. Corporatists will always use war and the Fed to feed us debt until we are forced to cut social programs.

Pink Slip

Why don't the Dems in Ohio try to enact some type of health plan like Mass?

Because they know if that catches on it will never be nationalized and they won't be able to enact federal laws to try their social engineering projects.


Do you know about SCHIP? Did you know that of Jan 1, 2010 a family, regardless of number of children who make $83,000/year (this figure was just doubled by B.O.,) Have totally free medical care thru the SCHIP program?!!! ALL of their costs:pharmacy, doctor, hospital, inpatient EVERY DAM THING is paid for by the Ohio and US TAXPAYERS!!! DID YOU KNOW THAT 15-25% OF THESE PEOPLE HAVE NEVER EVEN SIGNED UP. Probably the same D. ones whining about "where's my" free" govt healthcare". and the "children" are fully covered until age 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

If all of these ludicrous statements are true, quote the law, and/or post the link.

Try googling Ohio SCHIP program Dale. HINT Ohio.gov might be agood place for you to start...The Department of Job and Family Services...BTW..in the equation is the family income as percentage of income over the "poverty level"...you'll need a calculator as well. GOOD LUCK!!

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

During the 8 years that Clinton was president, we had the lowest increases in health care costs that we had since the 1970s. The Clintons were threatening to get the insurance companies out of the health care business.

As soon as Bush was sworn in, the health care industry was turned loose. Health care costs went up like a roman candle. One senator "carried water" for the insurance companies on this one, more than any other. It was Joe Liberman. Liberman represents a state where insurance companies dominate. He held the balance in the senate. It the people of Connecticut had not been seduced by the idea of electing a so-called "Independent", they would have elected a true progressive who would have told the insurance companies where to go! Instead this "Independent", Joe Liberman, sold out the American people for many many "pieces of silver".

Democrats aren't perfect. Not all Democrats are alike. But far more Republicans do the bidding of the giant corporations. Again...look at the record...Social Security passed against Republican wishes. Medicare, too, and Medicaid. And now, the 2009-10 health care reforms.

The truth is that neither you nor I can accurately predict what the changes in the health care system will be. We don't even know what the bill will look like when it emerges from the conference committee. If virtually all of the Republicans oppose it, it must be good. Sorry if I'm too partisan for you. The voting records speak for themselves!

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