House Dems Tax & Spend Policies Cost Jobs 200,000 Ohio jobs lost in 2009

COLUMBUS— One year to the day House Democrats took the majority, State Representatives Todd Snitchler (R-Uniontown) Lynn Wachtmann and characterized 2009 as a year of devastating job loss and industry deterioration. With Democrat control, true economic reforms have failed to be established to further benefit Ohio’s national competitiveness and job climate.

“My legislative colleagues need to usher in 2010 with what Ohioans care about the most—jobs,” said Wachtmann. “House Democrats, led by Governor Strickland, have only authored job-killing policies. It is my hope that my fellow lawmakers on the other side of the aisle have resolved this year to focus on jobs.”

In the past 12 months, 200,000 Ohio jobs have been lost and unemployment numbers remain in the double digits. Despite the urgency of the state’s economic crisis, the House Economic Development Committee met only a handful of times throughout 2009 and failed to propose any measures to promote economic growth.

“Ohio families and businesses - large and small - deserve better than they are getting from Governor Strickland and the House Democratic leadership that simply failed to lead after regaining control,” said Snitchler. “Their legislative priorities, as reflected in the few bills passed this year, confirm that jobs and economic recovery are not a priority.”

Recognizing that fixing the state budget requires fiscal discipline and a long-term vision, House Republicans proposed numerous bills to create jobs, encourage business investment and propel Ohio’s economy forward. Although many Republican initiatives have been silenced since the beginning of the General Assembly, House Republicans remain hopeful that 2010 will bring bipartisan discussions about Ohio’s economic future.

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