Blade's Nazi reference outrageous and selectivity on steroids

As I posted yesterday, Tim Higgins was right, the reference to Nazi's in defending Jon Stainbrook is an insult to those who suffered under them and one of the weakest arguments one can use. It has to be weak when it comes to Jon. He has accomplished none and only maintains his power through fear and threats. His lack of accomplishment last election even drove other former supporters away. His closed circle decision making even makes his closest supporters wonder why he does such things. One really has to wonder what relationship he has with Jon Robinson Block to get such selective coverage, making the Noble Prize look like lipstick on a pig-only used to give a pound credibility to such bias. The fact is Jon has some serious issues which will cause great embarrassment if found guilty of them next year. Just having such clouds over his head is enough to make him go not to mention the different bi-laws he breaks with party members. Regardless of a board job or the 6 more months we had to endure of him, he has to go. The Blade can't delve too much into the other reasons to give the complete story without making Jon look bad which is why it is not reported. Thus, using Nazi references means they do not have much more to say.

Deep inside of me, I want the Stain to fall from high, but in order to have any credibility for Republican candidates he can't be around anymore. He is not very bright and has already teetered on the edge or may be on his way down. We mobilized everyone, even some of Jon's former supporters and voted in new leadership. If Jon is such a great motivator, why was his supporters all stacked in one small part of the room and was clearly outnumbered at least 2 to 1? Clearly his luster is lost. There are more than a few people who are glad to see him go, every person who hung around to finish the meeting even when Jon was saying they were going to call the police.

One has to wonder if the Blade out of self-interest loves the coverage he generates. Is it the same giddy news fever that Carty generates with his crazy acts and comments? I am the first to say the meeting last week was not a meeting for anyone to hold in high esteem, but still to go this far? That is just wrong.

Others are noticing:

Blade reference to Nazis “undermines the historical truth of the holocaust”

Criticism is being directed at a Dec. 27 Blade editorial, “Dissension in GOP,” which made reference to the “hijack” of the Dec. 21 Lucas County GOP central committee meeting and compared the event as one that makes “Images of Hitler’s Brown Shirts breaking up Communist political meetings in pre-World War II Germany dance in our heads.”

Members of national and local groups found the reference to the German Nazis disrespectful to Holocaust victims.


Selectivity on steroids…Could we just be honest?

As I sat down to write this, it was with a deep sigh that I started…I am so tired of the selectivity and the lack of transparency and honesty that’s allowed to continue in our community and the most perfect example of what can only be called “selectivity on steroids” is in the editorial pages of yesterday’s daily newspaper.

You’d never know there is any investigation going on related to the campaign finance signatures by the Lucas County Republican party from the pages of today’s daily. You’d never know additional questions have been raised about a lack of reporting of in kind donations from the pages of today’s daily. You’d never know that Jon Stainbrook wants the Lucas County BOE job and that the motivation from what’s being called “the old guard” is not Lynn Olman’s financial health.

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By extension, the editorial writer was comparing Jon Stainbrook with Weimar-era Communists. I'm just sayin'...

"One of America's Worst Newspapers"

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