Careful Reference and more selectivity

From Tim Higgins' Just Blowing Smoke:
I usually try these days to avoid commenting on Blade editorials, as their voice becomes increasing more irrelevant over time. In spite of the fact that I have no ties to the Republican Party, I could not however, let pass without comment the editorial today "Dissension in GOP".

It is right and proper that the local daily newspaper should comment on the current internal struggles of the GOP in its responsibilities to inform and educate the public. This local conflict of leadership will have a great effect on the local Republican party for the coming years, in spite of the fact that the GOP has had little effect on local politics. I was taken however, as someone who often tries to use words to advantage, to read this quote however:

"Images of Hitler's Brown Shirts breaking up Communist political meetings in pre-World War II Germany dance in our heads."

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From Glass City Jungle:

2010 will probably bring more selectivity…Today’s daily proves it…

The Blade is still focusing on cases from 1989 and evidently now traffic incidents and other municipal court cases, ironically when I pointed out similar things on the Stainbrook faction in the past, I was told “wasn’t relevant” by a Blade reporter.

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