Recent "Severe" Winter Weather

The past few days has presented to any, and all, that follow real news in depth with something antitethical when it comes to the weather here, or, there.
1) Excessive snowfall in Valdez, AK...68" in 3 days...(18 Dec)
2)Trains stuck in "Chunnel" due to cold temperatures on the continent. Other services cancelled...(18 Dec)
3) US East Coast experiences heavy snow, near blizzard conditions. (18-19 Dec)
4) Snowfall in Nice, Fr this past week.
5) Snow to near blizzard conditions and cold in Copenhagen, Dk this week.
6) London: Week of heavy snow and cold cancels "football" and Ascots National Hunt Horse Race.
7) Florida's flooding and severe weather (18 Dec). (This is more typical for Febr in an El Nino year from my experience of ~20yrs in E Central Fl.)
8) Australia getting snow this past week as far south as Melbourne VIC.
9) Hadley/CRU's climate assessment questioned a 2nd time this past week for allegedly having "cherry-picked" data from Siberian sites, using temperature data from only 121 sites out of ~476 monitoring sites...(17 Dec)
Where, and when will the nonsense end? 10-20yrs from now when the next ice age is pronounced like it was in the mid 1970's???

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Meanwhile, for those of us that understand the difference between weather and climate:

NASA reports the hottest November on record. And this last decade was the hottest on record. And there's currently more CO2 in the atmosphere than in the last 15 million years, due to man's burning of fossil fuels.

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I am a moderate skeptic on climate policy issues(mostly with regard to: a) the extent to which human activity is associated with climate change; b) whether humans can significantly affect a reversal of global mean temperatures; and c) whether humans even SHOULD attempt such a scheme), but Mutt P is engaging in the exact form of cherry-picking of data that he accuses climate scientists of doing.

The worst arguments against the Kyoto Protocols or any other climate policies are those that cite the past week's weather and say: "See? No global warming - there's a foot of snow on the ground!"

I read somewhere that Carl Sagan said, "if you made a movie, on year long, of the life of the earth from it's beginning to the present day, known history would make up the last 20 or 30 seconds of the film."

I believe that the earth may have many cycles of heating/cooling, but as far as we know the cycle may be a million years long.
It's obviously a smart thing to keep your planet as clean as possible, but I think man is too insignificant to to any lasting harm to the earth.

It's sad, but I think $$ is behind much of the "global climate change" hysteria.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Actually jeepmaker the last 5 seconds represent modern man. With the last tenth of one second being the "industrial age".

Did you ever wonder why the climate debate always involves cuts and economic changes? Did you ever notice that while europe has less CO2 emissions due to nuclear power we haven't built a new nuclear facility since the 1970's? Why do summit's like in Copenhagen have people who speak of the evils of capitalism?

Maybe if we had these answers we'd be more inclined to believe the "science that's been settled" that hasn't been settled.

More and more people are wary of AGW and that is because the more we learn the less and less it passes the smell test.


"Why do summit's like in Copenhagen have people who speak of the evils of capitalism?"

Loosely speaking, free-market capitalism offers little in the way of dealing with the negative externality of pollution. This is where regulation is vital.

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free market capitalism is the easiest to change. Unfortunately for most it can only be changed by the consumer. That means if you try to make a change and you don't have the consumer on your side you will get nowhere. Hence why they always kneejerk to government intervention.

Now don't get me wrong I have no problem with regulation but when I see a SoS trying to buy off smaller countries while holding aid over their heads like a string and a kitten is when I get concerned and realize there's much more under the surface and become skeptical.


"It's sad, but I think $$ is behind much of the "global climate change" hysteria."

Very true. But that money is coming from polluters eager to confuse the issue. In fact, these are the same folks that kept telling us that smoking cigarettes was safe. Pollution=$$
The talk of Earth's natural heating/cooling cycles is a red herring. No one denies these cycles occur. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. We are adding CO2 to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. This addition of CO2 is not natural, in that it wouldn't have been added unless we added it. We have added additional greenhouse gases by our actions. Greenhouse gases produce a greenhouse effect (warming)

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More "severe" weather:

China makes it snow.

But of course snow is can't possibly affect the environment like this...I'm sure it's just cycles

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China couldn't have made it snow if the moisture laden clouds weren't already present.
Cloud seeding is hardly new technology.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Yeah, and we couldn't have released all of that CO2 if fossil fuels weren't already present

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Like I said before, if you tree hugging liberals care that much, cut down on CO2 emissions by NOT exhaling.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

And I've said that if you like CO2 so much why not put yourself into a room with a 50,000 ppm (5%) concentration.

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