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and he says that what you are saying is not correct. They have high standards and the owner eats there himself. It is possible your "friend" is not telling you the full story, which could cause problems for you. The latest health department inspection is below (you can right click on it for details). It does contradict the dishwasher claim. You should be careful and make sure what you are saying is true before you post here.

You can also view the image at:

I suggest you look it up, Sarge.

Is publicly spreading lies about an establishment cause for dismissal? Maybe ol Harley here is going to get is 'pal' fired just in time for Christmas by publicly defaming someone without the ability to back himself up...

If the place is so bad, why doesn't he just move on and get a better job?

Don't tell me there are no jobs and he is forced to work under these conditions. I have seen signs in the windows at several McDonalds, which have high cleanliness and OSHA standards, and would give him more than 5 I think he gets a free burger each shift!

I have 15 years of restaurant experience. I have been working in and for Dino's Restaurant for Four Years. I know the standards in which Dino's holds for the cleanliness of their restaurant and I assure you they are the highest that I have ever seen. To claim that food is being served after it has been dropped could not be further from the truth. I personally eat at dino's often, and so does my family. I also know the staff, and can attest to the longevity of their employment, which to me indicates a more than satisfactory working environment. As far as I am concerned the statements in the original blog are completely false!!!

So Chris spoke to the owner,
there's a health inspection (with ZERO violations) that's posted out here to click on and view for ourselves,
a 4 year employee chimes in, all pretty much pointing to the same conclusion that all Harleys' posts end in.

Beta648, click on sarge's name and read some of his past posts and you'll get the gist of things...

And...Having known the couple that owns the restaurant for quite a while, I would not want to have "Mrs Dino" catch me screwing up like that at the grill...They are sticklers and they value their clientel.

I am not a blogger. However, when I heard of the story on Swampbubbles about Dino's, a wonderfull diner here in Maumee, I had to post in defense of one of my wife's and my favorite places. Dino's is spotless, clean and friendly with great food. Yanna and Dino run a top notch place. It sounds as if someone is sitting anonomously in his pajamas, at a computer in his parent's basement, obviously with an ax to grind. Business is tough enough these days without people spreading garbage about someone else's success! Shame.

Tim Wagener, Mayor of Maumee
Karen Wagener

for stopping by Mayor and lending your feedback.

by eating there one day soon. I am going to call and check to see if they have a vegetarian offering and I will go out of my way to make a visit to support this business.

Ive gotta go downtown today, and then to the Andersons. What the heck, I think I'll go to the Maumee andersons instead - getting there will take me right past Dino's in time for a late breakfast, or for lunch.

Looking forward to it.

BTW, the original poster for this thread was an avid supporter of that nutwad Opal Covey, calls himself an ordained minister, but has also suggested we set up a red light district for legalized prostitution in Toledo. Ya gotta consider the source.

I'm gonna have to try Dino's one day soon.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

I wonder if they didn't honor Sarge's golden buckeye card because it had someone else's name on it.

Only reason I can guess for the lies.

No wait... they wouldn't accept his check.


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