More local names come up in the Burns (former TPS leader) embezzlement scandal

Another local name name is now involved in the Burns scandal, Steve Cotner who performed background investigations. In Cleveland he performed 20k of services which were not rendered. One has to wonder if he was related to another Sander's employee Craig Cotner who was one time district academic officer.

I wonder if those who were supportive of Sanders before are still saying the same thing. He is not the fiscal steward that he claimed he was and everyone, including the Blade, stood up for this activity. Larry Sykes and the rest of the board all said he could do no wrong when things were going on under his nose which could not be ignored. No wonder at the hint of board members who demanded accountability he wanted to bail and run to Cleveland. The Blade looks especially bad. They pride them selves on rooting out scandals and this literally happened under their nose. The reason it occurred is the Blade editorially refuses to hold any accountability standard with the Toledo Public Schools they print and do whatever the superintendent says and the real problems are always exposed by non-Blade people/organizations. Maybe the egg on the Blade's face will start to stink and they will change their stance-we can always hope.

REMEMBER if this was not caught in Cleveland it would have gone unreported. We owe a debt of gratitude for the people in Cleveland to show how ignorant those who say they know really are here in Toledo. Still waiting for the two TPS shoes to fall. By all accounts they will make big noises.

WTAM in Cleveland has more details and was one of the first to report on the Ohio Auditor findings.


Burns is also responsible for an additional $20,819 paid to Corporate Intelligence Consultants for background checks and workers compensation investigations that were never provided.

John Briggle, owner of Superior Offset Supplies, and Steve Cotner, owner of Corporate Intelligence Consultants, are also named in Taylor’s report as sharing responsibility for the amounts each business received.

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wondering if they were related also. Didn't Cotner go to Cleveland with Sanders?

and Craig Cotner is now assistant super in Fostoria:

Sounds like whoever is supposed to "keep an eye on the till" dropped the ball big time.
How often do school systems audit themselves?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

the two Cotners are not related.

looking into it.

Detroit teachers' union approves new contract

The Detroit News
The Detroit Federation of Teachers approved a new 3-year contract early this morning that calls for salaried teachers to loan $10,000 to the district over a period of 40 paychecks, no pay increases until 2011, and nearly $28 million in savings on health care costs'.

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Investigations such as the one at TPS is why we called for a Scott Oversight Committee. With $41million dollars at stake for the last large TPS building project, one would have thought that we would have gained the support of those aware of the need for oversight at TPS. We would have preferred members with accounting, legal and construction experiences, but yet TPS allowed one board member to select those that had neither the experience, expertise or concern for Scott. Had TPS school board members allowed the members of the Scott Alumni Association, that had been selected to serve on that committee, these members had drafted plans to have those qualified in those fields to serve as consultants to the Scott project. But yet we end up with another TPS handpicked group that is guaranteed to go the way of all other handpicked oversight committees. After attending the last TPS/OSFC Oversight Committee on Monday Dec.14th, there was not one handpicked member of the Sobecki selected Scott Oversight Committee present. It was already business as usual with the $41 Million dollar project. If we are not again going to lock the barn after the horse has been led away, I would hope that the Scott Oversight Committee can gain some public and legal scrutiny. I also notice that the media has thus far not shown any interest in following the money at Scott High School.

I believe, I will check my calendar, I attended an IEP meeting with a student at Scott and his mother. I called later to get a copy of the IEP from Mr. Black, the person in charge of the IEP meeting. After not getting a response, I eventually hounded them into attempting to getting me a copy of the IEP. I was told that because Scott did not have a working copy machine that they had to go to Kinko's to make copies and they just didn't have time. I was asounded that Mr. Black would attempt to keep me from getting the IEP copy by saying that there was no copy machine at Scott. Now I am thinking........was that one of the copy machines bought and never materialized????

Why would a high school in the 21st century not have a copy machine?

"No working copy machine at Scott High School"

Maybe the conscience of those that allowed the illegal auction at Scott would contact those inside the private auction network and ask them if they had any copy machines that were sold at the Scott auction. If they did not buy any of them that brings up a larger question. Where are the copy machines that were bought for Scott?

Maybe this lack of a working copy machine at Scott is a project that the TPS handpicked oversight committee can address. How many copy machines can you get for $41 million dollars?

I also wonder what it takes to get the authorities to look into the financial dealings of a local institution before it becomes bad news or is scandalous behavior a better sell than trying to stop the abuse before to becomes headline news. I hope and pray that all is well with the Scott renovation plans and funds and that there will be some way to monitor that progress other than through the handpicked Scott Oversight Committee who would be a terrific fall guy and girl in the event that there was a problem. .

I was talking to some parents who told me that when the move took place from Collingwood to Upton that many student's transcripts were lost and students did not have the right classes. It is my understanding that the principal at Scott/Devilbiss is in way over her head.

The oversight committee is doing what? Have they been contacted individually? Maybe we can set up a meeting with them. What do you think?

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