Changes Caused By Continuing Financial Pressure, Property
Tax Receipts And State And Federal Tax Revenues Will Be Lower

Sweeping changes become effective Sunday, December 27, for Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority’s (TARTA) regularly scheduled service, including elimination of some routes, and changes in frequency for Call-A-Ride and Toledo Area Regional Paratransit Service (TARPS).

The changes impact all of TARTA’s nine service areas and involve the majority of its fixed-line service routes.

TARTA’s services include fixed-line service providing scheduled service along specific routes, seven days a week. TARPS is TARTA’s transit service for persons with disabilities, and Call-A-Ride picks riders up at their doors in six suburban areas. Both TARPS and Call-A-Ride are call-in-advance services to arrange pickup times.

System-wide service changes
Changes affecting virtually all TARTA fixed-line, Call-A-Ride and TARPS services include the following:
o The time interval between buses leaving the downtown line up on evenings, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays has been extended from 70 minutes to 80 minutes
o During nonpeak weekday hours, the frequency between buses on fixed-line routes has been extended from 60 minutes to 80/90 minutes
o Holiday and weekend service will be reduced – but continued – to allow people to attend church and visit with family
o Sunday service will be provided from 7:15 a.m. to 8:45 p.m.
o Holiday service will operate from 7:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. for fixed-line, TARPS and Call-A-Ride services

Fixed-line service changes
· Routes to be eliminated are the following:
o 22 Bancroft/Westgate. Replaced by Route 22F
o 34K Key/Southwyck. Replaced by Route 34H
o 43X O-I Campus/Southland Express
o 45X Sylvania/Maumee – Arrowhead Express
o 46X Sylvania/Perrysburg – Levis – O-I Express
o 47X Perrysburg/Maumee – Arrowhead Express

· Routes with changes, listed in numerical order, include the following:
2C 2H, 2M, 5, 5R,
11-12-13-14 East Toledo, 15A, 15B,
15E, 16C, 16K, 17B, 17E,
19D, 19F, 19S, 19T, 20M,
20T, 20/24, 22F, 22M, 26B,
26D, 26L, 27, 27B, 27H,
27N, 28-30 31G, 31H, 32,
32H, 32R, 34, 34H

Call-A-Ride service changes
· Routes 1 (Sylvania), 8 (Maumee), and 9 (Perrysburg). No changes Monday – Saturday. New hours Sunday and holidays
· Route 4 (Spencer Township). Weekday hours end with last outbound trip at 4 p.m. New hours Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
· Route 10 (Rossford). New times evenings, Saturday, Sunday and holidays

TARPS (Toledo Area Regional Paratransit Service) service changes
Individually dispatched TARPS buses serving the disabled will operate the same hours as fixed-line service throughout the week, weekends and holidays

Sporting-event shuttle service changes
No change in schedule for the Muddy™ and Walleye shuttles to sporting events in downtown Toledo

TARTA General Manager Jim Gee cited the following reasons for the service cuts. “TARTA is experiencing declining government revenues, declining ridership, inflationary pressures and increasing costs for its part of local capital projects.” These service changes will help TARTA meet a projected $900,000 reduction in property tax collections in the coming year.

Gee further stated TARTA would wait to see the impact of the planned changes along with actual revenues received before making any decision on whether to increase fares.

Changes by Area
A listing of changes _ broken down into five geographical service areas ‑ is attached.

The changes are grouped into the following geographic areas:
· Toledo-Ottawa Hills
· Maumee
· East Toledo-Rossford-Perrysburg
· Sylvania-Sylvania Township-Spencer Township
· Waterville
Please refer to the area or areas that impact on your coverage. If you have trouble opening the attachments, please contact Jim Calhoun for additional information.


The Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority was formed in 1971 and is a political subdivision under Ohio law, similar to a park district or a school district. TARTA carries nearly 5 million passengers annually and provides interconnected, regional service to seven communities in Lucas County – Toledo, Maumee, Waterville, Ottawa Hills, Sylvania and Spencer and Sylvania townships ‑ and two Wood County communities – Perrysburg and Rossford.

TARTA can be contacted by calling 419-243-RIDE (7433) or visiting its Web site, www.tarta.com.

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