Jon Stainbrook 2 months late on submitting an amended report?

What? Jon Stainbrook is over 2 months late on submitting an amended report? Can't be Jon right? Also when I read that the treasurer wrote a letter saying he is working hard on getting a few receipts, did anyone wonder if he actually wrote it? Fox Toledo has the Free Press story, which for some reason I can't find on the Free Press site. If they don't have the receipts, they will be referred to the Ohio Elections Commission.

"I am working to provide you with any required information," replied James Damas, Lucas County Republican Party treasurer, in a letter to the Board of Elections received Oct. 8.


DOWNTOWN TOLEDO - The Lucas County Republican Party is more than two months outstanding with filing its amended 2009 semi-annual campaign finance report.

Linda Howe, director of the Lucas County Board of Elections, said in the board decided to give the Republican Party more time to amend its report in a meeting on Dec. 8.

Now it is up on the Free Press Site.

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Would you know if the party's state by-laws allow for the removal of a County Chairmen?

If so what can we do since the Central Committee seems either unable or unwilling?


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