Automated Trash Pick up


I wasn't able to make it to the info meetings about this new trash pick up so I was wondering if anyone here might know the answer to this question.

I can sit a bag of trash on top of a snow drift but I'm a little unclear about balancing a 96 gallon trash bin on one. I'm thinking of just leaving them sit where they get dropped off instead of trying to drag them around my car through the snow.

I know people who've been using cans all along do this every winter but with the automated trucks it seems like they have to be sat in just the right way and channel 13 is saying we're supposed to put them where they are dropped off at, so this seems to be different then just dragging your can out and putting it where ever.


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...and most of the people on my street left them either in front of the driveway (where they'd shovelled for car access) or in the street - just on the other side of the snow piles.

We even had some people who left them on the sidewalks that had been shovelled, though they told us not to do that...

It wasn't much of a problem for the collection - the arms on the automated machines can reach further than I expected.

Of course, the 'official' answer may be much different than the practical one that people came up with.

It will be interesting I guess. I don't always shovel the driveway approach, or I should say that I don't shovel the approach if I do the walk. If its the kid I pay to do it then it gets cleared.
Of course then the plow just comes and blocks the end of it in again anyways.

I suppose it would be easier if my drive was actually paved but its not.

Is there going to be a penalty for leaving them in the pick up area all of the time? If they are allowed to stay in the pick-up spot it is really going to be a mess in some areas . I saw some on the sidewalk in front of some homes, and there is really going to be a problem where cars have nowhere else to park except on the street.
They are delivering them in District 4, and it looks a mess already, and there is no garbage in them yet. With no where to put them when it snows because of the snow plows pushing the snow back , it is just going to look like a garbage dump in some neighborhoods. Elm street looks like those cities where they have row-houses and no place to put the garbage can except in the front of the house, Rodent problems will now be in your face TOO. [UGGH] IS THIS WHAT PROGRESS LOOKS LIKE? IT"S TOO UGLY IN OLD NEIGHBORHOODS

in the pilot.

We placed our can in the snow or in the driveway depending on how much snow there is. We were told to put it in the street, but stopped doing it after a neighbor's can got hit. The truck can reach and pick up the can as long as it is fairly close to the street.

from me

until we get ours. I am so looking forward to keeping recyclables in one can.

I'm curious to see how well the containers hold up when they get nice and brittle in below zero cold.
They say to flatten cardboard boxes and tape them together. What if you only have one at the time? Do I have to let the cardboard pile up in the house until I have a sufficient quantity?

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We got ours last year as part of the initial test. They work great and are made of weather resilient materials.

As for cardboard, if you don't have much just toss it in.

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