How does Dan Burns embezzle 500k+ from TPS and no one knows?

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Just like in Detroit Public schools most in the system knew but were afraid to speak up because it didn't affect them personally.

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Why the title of this blog Chris? It seems you are saying he is already convicted of stealing this money from TPS- which is not the case....

then that means all of the newspapers and the prosecutor are wrong.

Prosecutors investigate possible theft of more than $500,000 from TPS.

the Plain Dealer is saying there has been theft just the amount is up for debate.

I think the kool-aid just spilled all over the table.

People like you who refuse to acknowledge the problems TPS has, creates this environment. You are so much drinking the koolaid that you can't even admit there is a problem. There is much more if anyone actually looked.

Believe me, I know TPS just as much as you do and I know how bad it actually is and if you really cared about the district you would also want to make them fix their problems. By you staying silent you just enable the bad things to occur, such as Dan Burns pocketing money.

Why else do you think it happened in Cleveland? He started it here. Someone does not go from being an angel to devil overnight.

News stations are reporting the theft at TPS may now be over 750K.

Well, Sandy, you're right. Dan Burns has NOT been convicted of embezzlement. That's because there's still an investigation, and the investigators have released information that they have largely concluded that Dan Burns has embezzled.

So what must logically follow, is a TRIAL, on a basis of the evidence.

So perhaps Mr Myers should have said "ACCUSED OF EMBEZZLING". But if the press report is any indication, the outcome will be the same. The investigators have spoken out and are likely to have sufficient evidence to secure a conviction. If you were a betting person, you'd have to bet on GUILTY.

Mr Burns has his own recourse to the law, and to trial, and to the procedures therein. He's not being burned at the stake. He'll have every opportunity to defend himself ... and now I'm wondering if the CPS system has to fund that defense.

"the possibility"....reported the Blade.

Also, not sure if you realize "people like me" do disagree with policies within TPS. However we use constructive criticism and collaboration techniques to solve the problems and move forward. You do not know "people like me", so how can you know what "we" stand for?

You may "know" TPS and KUDOS to you for that. I care about the quality education for all children in Toledo, which happens to be in the TPS domain. Therefore, I am NOT silent! As I said, we handle things differently. So next time before you go blowing smoke out of your ass, get the facts, about "people like me"!

where all of this handholding gets you.

Real graduation rate 40% (at the most). 60%+ drops out.

Almost 1 out of 2 of schools rated D or lower.

Around 3/4 million stolen.

TPS mysteriously always running out of money and asking for more.

How long do you accept failure?

Me, me one year of failure is too much.

For you, as long as if you hold hands and everyone is happy, having failing schools for 15 years is ok apparently for you. All while these failure schools are ruining kids lives by the poor quality of preparation they provide.

Well I have higher standards and if you did too TPS would not be in the shape it is in.

BTW if there was no story it would not be anywhere and a prosecutor would not be devoted full time. Your crow pie will be here for you when everything comes down.

some people are just content with their head in the sand chris.


because people in the know (inside) knew and other entities knew (the Blade) so it was easy for TPS to get away with a lot. It wasn't until the Urban Coalition started probing that anyone paid the slight attention that they did.

I have to commend the Toledo Journal for the excellent reporting that they did, although they weren't taken seriously either.

the term that you are using is straight out of the Urban Coalition playbook.. "A quality education for all children" was a term coined by the very people that you call names.

It seems that lately the stuff we have been talking about for at least ten years is now coming out of your mouth, and the mouths of people sitting on the other side of the table, like Sobecki, Lawrence, Hill, Vasquez and Sykes, to name a few. It should be getting pretty interesting around the horseshoe.

The only reason you are in so good with the TPS powers is because your son has been given the cadillac treatment, while other children have been pushed out of the vehicle (TPS). The special ed department is in chaos, except for the cadillac children. Shame on you for not fighting for all children. You and Sobecki only care about your own.


You seriously went too far on this one! First, An appropriate (or Quality) education for all students is a federal law, so get off your soapbox Twila. You or any group you represent is not to get credit for creating this, it has been around since 1994- PL 102-119.

Now I would like to know how a Cognitive Delayed Transitional (CDT) class or student is a "Cadillac treatment"? I seriously consider that a slap in the face.....He is not given any additional services or support than any other CDT student. His IQ remains a 49 and TPS or myself cannot change this fact! With a 49 IQ, he is limited and intimidated by his peers with inclusion. After all, he has enough challenges, so I do not force him to do anything HE is not comfortable doing. Therefore, It is I who assures his involvement in Homecoming festivities, choir and Drama! It is I and the teachers working collaboratively to provide these opportunities for Tyler, not TPS. These opportunities happen because I get off my ass and provide disability awareness, in the classroom, in the schools- not TPS! It is I who encourages his involvement in High School activities, like every other student has, but it takes a lot motivation from me. How dare you say he receives any different treatment, or "Cadillac, while others are pushed out"!

I have taught him to advocate for himself! Thus, Tyler is the first disabled student to promote disabilities in our school district, by attending and speaking at monthly meetings. He sees no color or hidden agendas by anyone. He feels part of something- that something is Toledo Public Schools! It is his personality, kindness and big heart, that has been admired by TPS and it's representatives throughout our district. It is Tyler, displaying the potential for students with Down Syndrome and disabilities in our schools. Boundaries are endless, when you have an involved parent! Tell the parents you represent to get off their ass and do the same, it is amazing the doors of opportunities that await them!

TPS will work with any student and family. Am I saying TPS is perfect, NO. But they have always been willing to look on how to improve. Does it sometimes take time and advocating, YES. However, as I have said in the past, you and I both advocate for change, we just do it differently. But do not ever assume Tyler receives any benefits, because that is far from the truth!

As far as Lisa Sobecki, she does care for ALL children. I believe Special education had been overlooked until Lisa Sobecki and Bob Vasquez got on board, as well as Mr. Foley. From their passion towards educating students in Toledo- boundaries are none. With their empathy and compassion to students with disabilities- boundaries are none.
Mrs. Sobecki, Mr. Vasquez and Mr. Foley have attend the Option 4 events. They realize the many possibilities and the needs in the district. All of which, has NOTHING to do with Tyler alone, but all students with disabilities (which was at 18% last year- a big percent of TPS students).

For my involvement other than Tyler: TPS Special Olympics, which each of them and others at the Board are supportive of this program in our schools, how could they not? At any rate, I organize the funding for this in our schools. Which might I add, serves over 350 school aged students in TPS, and provides year round training in a variety of sporting events. Volunteers run the program, coach and train. This is at NO COST to families. Is this ALL about Tyler- NO WAY! So obviously I do more than just for Tyler in our district. I cannot begin to tell you all I do at Walbridge as PTO president and has absolutely no benefit to Tyler. Furthermore, I am a surrogate parent to students in the courts....a benefit to Tyler- no way. Helping students in our community- absolutely!!! My list of volunteerism could continue, but I have three boys that await me and I missed them at school today........

Just so you know, before you go judging a person's character, perhaps you need to have your story straight.

and as far as how the district deals with children with disabilities, I know first hand how it works or does not work. I am not going to get into a fight with you on SB but I will provide information to you that will show you how special education students are faring in this district, since Sobecki, Foley and Vasquez have been on the scene.

How many complaints have been filed in Columbus and Cleveland, how many due process hearings have been held and how many lawsuits have been filed in Toledo's Common Pleas court by parents who got off their "ass" and had to advocate for their special education student by using these methods, when most should have never left the local school arena, and certainly should have not gotten past Thom Billeau's office? Obstinancy from the district has resulted in many, many dollars being used to defend actions that are indefensible.

TPS is out of compliance for not providing speech therapy to special education students who have speech therapy as a service on their IEP. ABLE is currently suing TPS for being out of compliance in other areas of IDEA..

Do you get paid to be a surrogate parent?

I am not judging your character what I am saying is that your child benefits because of who you are within the system, where other children with just as involved and caring parents are kicked out of the door.

Not that it is your business, but I do not receive anything for being a surrogate. I am a volunteer through the State and appointed by the district. I do it to help children in our community.

I also agree, something needs to be done regarding speech therapy. I am just as frustrated as you. Mind you, Tyler has been withdrawn from speech for a year, per my request, and is still owed 500 minutes of compensatory services, but I still advocate for students on this issue. However, this is not an issue just in TPS. This is a issue across the State. If you remember, nearly 5 years ago, I called channel 11 "call for action" that students, including Tyler were not receiving speech. I spoke to Darlene Fisher at that time to find a solution. She called my home and we talked extensively. She nor I have solved the problem. There is no easy solution, but I understand, as a parent, how frustrating it is!

Tyler does not have any benefits. I do know he is in a district that supports him. I do know that the school is willing to work with his inclusion, because of my involvement.

For three years I have attended open house in the High School. It is all aimed for regular education students with OGT info. and meeting teachers- when most special education students have one or two teachers. While this is a great opportunity for regular education students and families, special education families see it as a waste of time. Therefore, next year I am going to collaborate with TPS High Schools and local support agencies to provide an open house for parents, like me. I want to bring in Option 4, MRDD transition specialist, Ability Center, Independent Living agencies, Job Coaches- so parents can relate to their schools and find avenues to meet the needs of their students. But I am WORKING WITH TPS on this issue to improve. I do not point the finger and run. It takes a village to raise a child, not just the schools!

My point, I get frustrated too. But I remain to have faith in our Board and administrators. I believe they have complete passion for the education of Toledo students, they want children to succeed.

By the way, I am really "nobody" in the system....I am a person who cares and works with the district for our students. Other than that, I owe no one, as no one owes me! I am just a person who cares......

Article published December 10, 2009
Districts fret as state mulls school funds
10%-15% cuts loom as legislators work to wipe out $851M deficit

COLUMBUS - A dark cloud hangs over Ohio's 613 school districts as a Statehouse showdown over how to plug an $851 million hole in education funding drags on.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

Dan Romano TPS Treasurer has just had his 4 year contract approved. Does anyone know the particulars of this contract?
TPS teachers have been told that concessions are needed for the renewal of their contract this spring.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.