Another bad decision by former UT dean Yueh-Ting Lee

As you can see with the previous post Yueh-Ting Lee has threatened to sue Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle for linking to stories about his resignation at the University of Toledo as his role as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. As we also read, he moved to the HR department but it makes one wonder if he should be in an admin position at all.

When the story first hit, I remember glancing over the situation just thinking another drama at my alma matter. But what seemed to be just another story of university politics has turned into new insight on why the faculty had a vote of "no confidence" as a dean. To have a university professor to threaten a blogger for linking to stories is poor judgment as is playing the race card on why Lisa should not have the post up.

Why did he feel nervous about that very small blog post? Because it showed up number one in Google results when you search for his name. So he is trying to intimate a blogger because her story shows up first. Do you think that Yue Ting would try this with Inside Higher Education or with the Toledo Free Press? Probably not. For him to try to bully a blogger with baseless legal threats shows he does not have what it takes to be in a leadership position at any university.

What happened at UT happened, and on the virtual online echo in one blog post, is not going to fix this. Your issues of discrimination may or may not have validity but your poor judgment happens to give us more insight into why people did not like you. For you to do this, it makes me wonder about you-and we have never met. To go after a blogger who really did not express an opinion about the issue just because it shows up in Google is wrong. A potential administrator should also have thicker skin than this, because universities are supposed to be a place of freedom of thought and respect different opinions even if you are wrong. His reaction also demonstrates there are too many in higher education who cannot tolerate differences of opinions, unless they are the "choosen" opinion.

If you have an issue, then get your side out there. Don't create more collateral damage and make a larger footprint of what happened by your own subsequent actions. Yue Ting is repeating the same mistakes many make when they get all nervous and make a stink only to realize in the end they have done more damage to their reputation by their smell and in this case it will be deservedly so.

Your threat is without merit and you sure won't win in court even if you tried. And it really just irks me that someone uses the threat of legal action for such small things. Just like Jon Stainbrook (and a few others I have met) Yue Ting et. al. usually are the types of people who know their case is weak but try to prey on the threat of our legal system to get what they want and that is pathetic. And a former dean of the Univeristy of Toledo college doing this just irks me all the more. Good luck in your position in the HR department. You are lucky to have it.

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If Yueh Ting Lee has a legitimate gripe it's not with Mrs. Ward... it's with google.


Anyone can threaten to sue. It doesn't mean anything.

Unless the complaint has a basis in fact and also a basis in law, Lisa should just ignore it.

obviously she is ignoring it. :)

I am sure Lisa Renee is just ignoring you and your attempts to bait her into an argument, punrhrt. She is probably exercising good judgment and not providing Yueh-Ting Lee with any fodder by simply not posting about this.

Is he in his seventies? I remember him at University College in the 80s', he was a professor in the Adult Liberal Studies program as far as I can recall.

I guess her "good judgement" just passed into the sphere of "bad judgement."

You are an expert at keeping alive Internet arguments, but I think anger management might be a better course of action for you. Some of your posts border on the obsessive.

and you have moved from Historian to Psychoanalyst? Now that is a leap. :)

Thanks for illustrating my point about your Internet flaming, purnhrt, and good luck to you. You seem like a person with a great deal of resentments.

lose the integrity of this post, I will email you, if you like, so that the Kissing Match" can continue in private. Then you can post what you like from the email as Ms. Renee has done. "muah" :)

Not interested in any conversation with you, purnhrt. It is counterproductive and a waste of time. You have too many axes to grind and you carry around Internet arguments for months and years at a time.

I know her well, she doesn't lie......except about her weight. This guy is just looking for attention, dont give it to him.

Were you ever the subject of a massive head wound?


I am writing this post to state that I believe this article should be removed, or at the very least severely edited. Dr. Lee was doing nothing more than attempting to save his reputation, which was largely slandered for little reason in the beginning of his term. What happened at UT is now in the past and is also unchangeable, but it does not make the resulting consequences just. I do not feel that Dr. Lee deserved these consequences and I respect his desire to remove these statements from the internet that may very well follow him for the rest of his life. His battle is not with Google, it is with rightfully so with authors who slander against him. While Dr. Jacob's described his desire to "throw Dr. Lee under the bus", students and the press alike have done an even greater job of doing so. This article does nothing but further illustrate how little is known about Dr. Lee and the entire situation.

At the very least, this posting should be removed solely for the fact that the author is a pathetic writer, and I am ashamed that we share the same Alma mater. I hope that you are not a journalism major, because in that case, you will surely be the individual needing luck, not Dr. Lee.

With that said, I would also like to state that I viewed your facebook page and I am terribly unsurprised with your support of Sarah Palin, John McCain, Glen Beck, and your horrid taste in music. I am now regretting spending my time commenting on the postings of an individual who is clearly not capable of forming their own unique opinions.

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