Toledo you have another Holiday

Don't forget to move up your trash day and attend a garbage placement class near you.
Your trash won't be picked up if you don't follow the rules. Also, remember the trash cops will fine you if you put your trash out early or leave the containers out late. There are cameras on the trucks watching what you throw out so don't mix your trash with recyclables
or you will get a fine.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Toledo, you have a lot to be thankful for!

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Why don't you join a Michigan blog site and talk with fellow M'ganders about all of the wonderful things happening in Monroe County? I hear it's absolutely thriving up there, everyone is gainfully employed and happy, and that local government services are second to none. Be thankful on this Thanksgiving that you live in Paradise.

Patience is a great virtue.

Wow – I’m amazed how complicated this is for conservatives and radio show hosts to figure out. It’s really simple. One holiday adds another day to your pick up. Monday + one day = Tuesday.

If you want I can have my kindergartner make chart for you.

They are all vegans so they are in a bad mood not being able to eat turkeys tomorrow.

...where I can burn papers that I cannot recycle. I usually cut out all addresses or other information and recycle the rest. I don't really give a crap about global warming (especially since it will be a problem after I'm dead). I went out there to help them rake the leaves and burn them. It reminded me of when I was a kid, and used to do that on Alexis Road where I grew up.

I've quit recycling the leaves here in Toledo. We just bag them up, and put them out with the trash. It will not be my problem once the landfill is full. Again, I will be dead by that time. It is much easier thinking like a conservative. "I've got mine, f--k you".

As for the next generation that has to deal with this: let them move somewhere else if they have any brains, or money. Let those without stay here, and deal with the results. "I've got mine, fu-k you". Maybe they can move to Monroe County, Mich. "I've got mine, f_ck you".

Old South End Broadway

Hey, man, I've got a big load of leaves over here. You've got a big load, too, you said. Let's load them up in my Dodge Ram and drive them up to Temperance, dump 'em, pour a bit of gasoline and toss a match. Life is great in Monroe County, one of the few places where open burning is not only accepted but welcomed. I have the address for Temperance Tom. Let's drop them off there and scorch his front lawn.

Patience is a great virtue.

but if moving the trash days all over the calendar is saving the city money, I'm all for it.

I begrudgingly agree with something Carty is doing.

To be honest, I just wait to see when everybody else puts their garbage out. It's not like I have marked down in Outlook.

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