Owner of Burnsys Burgers & Brew in Oregon, Ohio Charged with Grand Theft.

Owner of Burnsys Burgers & Brew in Oregon, Ohio Charged with Grand Theft.
An Indictment was filed by the Lucas County Grand Jury on November 12, 2009.

The Indictment states a Charge of Grand Theft a Felony of the 4th Degree.

Patrick L. Burns of 434 Cambridge Dr. Oregon, Ohio 43616 is named in the Indictment.
His past address is listed as 6029 Grisell Rd. Oregon, Ohio.

Patrick L. Burns and his wife Sandra I. Burns were the Owners of the former GameTime Sports Pub at 506 S. Lallendorf Rd. in Oregon, Ohio. Which went out of business and the property was sold at sheriff sale.

GameTime Sports Pub was an LLC with the name of Iris Property Management.

Burnsys Burgers & Brew has an LLC listing with the state of Triple A Property Management. The filing certificate on the states web site shows Patrick and Sandra as second and third signing members of the LLC.

Burnsys Burgers & Brew shows an address of 2450 Woodville Rd. Oregon, Ohio.

The Lucas County Clerk of Courts web site shows multiple civil law suits and judgments for both Patrick and Sandra Burns as well as for Iris Property Management.

Also, the Lucas County Recorders website shows several filings against the Burns as well as Iris Property Management.

Wow the list go’s on and on. So just how does one run an old business into the ground, and not pay the bills. Have all this happen and yet open a new business ?

Something was/is going on? Grand Theft etc….. More to come as it unfolds!

See Court Filing here:


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Real American: You forgot to blame Mayor Brown for this!

How nice of you to defame others Mike. Maybe everyone on here should be brought up to speed about your involvement or your own court history. You seem so hateful. Dude.......karma is coming your way.

What is Mikes last name?

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