DBA substitute post - Jesus Christ saw "Satan as Barack Obama"

I havent seen DBA post on here in a while, and when I a friend of mine was describing Luke 10:18 to me, I thought it was intriguing and thought of DBA. In Luke 10:18, Jesus is talking to his disciples and the passage says, "And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven." (KJV)

Translated into the Hebrew, lightning is translated as Barack (with different spelling) and, you guessed it, the Hebrew translation for the last part of the phrase is Obama (with different spelling).

In the Hebrew, Satan is the same as the english, but with different pronouncement.

So a to read Christ's quote in hebrew, it would literally be "Satan [word for as] Barack Obama.

Satan = Barack Obama.

I think this is funny, I don't take t seriously.

Here is the World Net Daily Link:


One thing to point out is that the New Testament was written in Greek. When Christ walked the earth, most of the world spoke Greek. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew, but the in 400 years of space between the Testaments, a lot of conquering took place, and Greek ended up being the language used by the world.

ALso, I believe Luke who wrote the book of Luke was a Greek. The book of Luke was directed at the Greeks as well.

Merely a funny coincidence that I think DBA might have passed up.

Now back to the books.

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Why would you waste your time trying to be like DBA, or even acknowledge him?


This whole rumor is BS. Puts WAAAAAY too much tribute to Barry Sorento. He's just a man with a huge ego and little capability. No Antichrist.

B/c this is amusing.

I'm not saying he is the Antichrist, but nobody knows who the Antichrist is, therefore no one can really be ruled out according to the Original Source that talks about the Antichrist.

Christians believe that the Antichrist is not a Christian and the only people who know they are Christians are themselves and God.

'I thought it was intriguing and thought of DBA'.

If you're even 'thinking' about DBA, you should seek treatment.

The antichrist is going to be born in the Middle East according to prophecy.

Last I checked, Kenya is in Africa, and Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean, so he's clear on both fronts. haha

You must have missed my Nostradamus connection.

Nostradamus predicted that end of times would be ushered in with the rise of Mabus, the third anti-christ. What's the name of the new Secretary of the Navy? Mabus. I just think it funny and don't take it seriously though.

You can find anything if you look hard enough.


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