Another reason to hate Microsoft

If you didn't already hate Microsoft, this may push you over the edge: "Security experts raised privacy concerns after a US National Security Agency official revealed that the Agency collaborated with Microsoft during the development stage of Windows 7. The revelation was made in a prepared statement by NSA information assurance director Richard Schaeffer, before the US Senate’s Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security, which operates under the Judiciary panel."

"Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronics Privacy Information Center (EPIC), said “the obvious concern is [that the NSA has built] in back doors that enable tracking users and intercepting user communications”. This is the third time in recent years that the NSA is found to have collaborated with Microsoft in developing operating systems. The secretive Agency worked with the US-owned vendor on Windows 9X, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Vista."

I get mad every time I hear about stuff like this. AT&T, Verizion, and other communications companies also opened their doors to the cloak & dagger guys with no regard for the public's right to privacy or constitutional safeguards. It won't be long before NSA's files will begin to rival those of the Stasi's. Welcome to Heimlandishe Sicherheit - oops, I mean Homeland Security.

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Microsoft did respond to this news once it was released. They deny giving the NSA any "backdoors" or ability to invade the privacy of consumers through Windows.

Just an FYI.

Article here:

Would hacked versions of 7 possibly not include the back doors - the serious computer hackers ( the bad guys) probably don't even use windows, much less 7. Thus, this is even more suspect. I could be extending my generalization too far, but the serious computer nerds I know are all about Linux.

I dont buy the denial.

If it's a standard key-crack hack, then it would contain the same back doors that legitimate copies have. In order to remove such a thing, you would have to go through the OS's code and basically remove it line by line. Not that there is any proof that said back door actually exists. If there is one, now that this news of MS's work with the NSA has been released, nerds everywhere will likely be looking for it and it will be exposed soon enough. I'm unwilling to panic about anything until I see some actual proof of its existance. Personally, I don't think MS is dumb enough to allow "gov't back doors", as it would decimate the already downtrodden name of Microsoft by violating their users' privacy in such a way.

Sidenote: Yes, use Linux, it is much better. I prefer Ubuntu.

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