Ohioans Demand Real Reforms and Accountability

House Policy Committee seeks to diminish government waste, increase accountability

COLUMBUS—The Ohio House Policy Committee today unveiled a package of ten proposals to spur government reform, streamline efficiency, strengthen accountability and transparency in state government while working to reducing the economic turmoil suffered by families across Ohio.

“We are facing real problems in Ohio today, and ‘The Future of Ohio - Government Reform’ package represents a real solution,” Morgan said. “This is about an effective, sustained effort to streamline government, reduce waste, and improve services for a brighter future for Ohio.”

House Policy Committee Chairman Seth Morgan (R-Huber Heights) was joined by Representatives John Adams (R-Sidney), Ron Amstutz (R-Wooster), Peter Beck (R-Mason), Jim Zehringer (R- Fort Recovery), and Terry Blair (R-Washington Township) in a media exclusive interview held this morning. The event follows last night’s discussion with a group of Southwest Ohioans at a town hall forum in the Blue Ash Library. Among their strategies, the House Policy Committee seeks to restore efficiency and accountability to state spending through government reform. By scrutinizing every tax dollar and reducing waste, the committee will ensure that government is operating as transparently, effectively and economically as possible. To fill Ohio’s nearly $900 million budget deficit, the committee discussed long-term, sustainable solutions to Ohio’s urgent economic needs.

“Tough fiscal times present opportunities,” Amstutz said. “Our citizens are very supportive of making government more efficient as a cost savings tool.”

Frustrated with 11 months of inaction and partisanship from House Democrats, the Republican Caucus established the Ohio House Policy Committee to explore sustainable solutions to the economic crisis. They believe that Ohio’s families should be the focus of the Legislature, not political games. To circumvent House partisanship, the Republicans took their ideas from the House floor and to the streets. The committee seeks feedback from the public to find lasting improvements for Ohio’s families and small businesses.

“The House Democrats like to call us the ‘party of no,’ when they are actually describing themselves,” Adams said. “They refuse to discuss the viable alternatives Republicans have offered and we are not content by returning to our residents, the taxpayer without ensuring state government is operating as efficiently as possible. Instead of focusing on partisan games, it is time for the Ohio House to start a cooperative conversation that will get the economy moving again.”

In light of the recent imbalance of education funding, House Republicans assembled the Policy Committee to have open discussions with the people of Ohio regarding the state’s future. Among the proposals discussed by the House Policy Committee are plans that would restructure state government by streamlining of the executive branch; examine Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse; require conference committee reports to be publically available for 48 hours prior to being considered by the House or Senate; reestablish the Legislative Budget Office to provide nonpartisan financial oversight; and identify other areas of wasteful, inefficient spending. Republicans have offered these proposals as bills in the Ohio House as well as amendments to the budget, but many ideas have been silenced or ignored.

House Republicans hope that by discussing their long-term plans with the public, the Democrat controlled House will finally hear the conservative ideas through legislation they have introduced to create jobs and grow Ohio’s economy.

“Our residents want less government and lower taxes,” Beck said. “It is time for us to look at and act on ways to not only spend less taxpayer money, but make government more effective, efficient and leaner. We need to do more with less!"

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