Kaptur a Dodgers fan?

Marcy did not support the Yankee's resolution because she is a Dodgers fan.
As a diehard fan of "The Boys of Summer" - the Brooklyn Dodgers - and more generally, of the underdog, Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur said she had no choice but to oppose the amendment.

"The Brooklyn Dodgers - that's when baseball was a sport and not a business," said the Democrat from Toledo.

My favorite, the obligatory lack of civility comment:

Randy Roberts, a history professor at Purdue University who writes about modern sports, chalked up the vote, in part, to the nature of politics today.

"There is such a lack of civility," he said.


One Blogger is taking Marcy to task:

I guess Kaptur forgot that it was a business decision that sent to Dodgers packing to Los Angeles. Nevermind that Kaptur's own state has TWO Major League teams she could support, and yet the Toledo native picked neither -- opting instead for an overly romanticized vision of baseball from a century ago, in a state far from her own.


Your thoughts?

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If they can win a World Series when MLB institutes a hard salary cap, then they deserve a pat on the back.

BTW, the Dodgers didn't leave New York because of a "business decision", they moved to LA because Robert Moses refused to use eminent domain to seize land for a new Dodgers stadium below market rates. Moses reportedly told Brooklyn Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley, "If you want the land so badly, buy it with your own money."

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Wow Chris,

You're so bitter and petty toward Marcy, you care what ball team she roots for? All that hate may keep you warm, but it will burn up some day.

now even the 'all sensitive' SensorG picks up on the hatred that is destroyinging you, Chris Myers.

You are a very sore loser that is having a hard time accepting the reality that Toledo voters do not think YOU are qualified.

Get over it.

I don't think Marcy Kaptur does anything that doesn't spell HYPOCRITE. Of course the blind minions who vote year after year in 2's for someone who pulls the wool over their sheepy eyes, assures MK she is loved and can do no REAL wrong.

I thank Chris for this article and pointing out her hypocrisy which is one thing I do hate.

From ask.com:
Hypocrisy is the act of pretending to have beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards that one does not actually have. Hypocrisy is thus a kind of lie. Hypocrisy may come from a desire to hide from others actual motives or feelings.

How exactly is Kaptur a "hypocrite" on this issue, Something Local?

Pink Slip

so you admit she is a hypocrite this issue aside?

Really Pink Slip, without the support of those who do the 'Pink Slip' and their devotional 'right or wrong' we vote for Kaptur mantra, she would have far fewer votes to enslave Toledoans.

FYI - I am a registered Democrat - I'm on your side here,
BUT my vote always goes to someone other than Marcy Kaptur for Congress.

Something Local, Literally.

Could you please answer the question?

Pink Slip

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