One Of The What Ifs....Bullfrogs Cancel Season

WSPD has learned that the Toledo Bullfrogs has cancelled it's inaugural season. This is one of the "what if's " that we asked about when the arena was first being built. The 16 game season leaves a hole in the dates the arena will be used and the monies that would have been brought in for the 8 home games. Who makes up the financial shortfall from the loss of planned revenue? Mike Beazley, county administrator, is on with me today maybe he can answer that question.

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I heard some of the discussion on WSPD this morning about the cancellation of the season. It seems like they did the right thing by cancelling the season because of the operational costs that would have been incurred due to the required travel of the team for the season. People seemed to want to tie it to the cancellation of other arena leagues, but it seems as if this league is still going to operate, we just chose to back out of a franchize because it would not have been viable. I think that was the right choice.

Granted, there will be a revenue loss from the tickets/concessions that they would have had. However, you also have to balance that with the planned costs to operate the team and the facility for those events which will no longer be there. All the expenses for the filed, game setups, salaries, area staff, etc that would be incurred from each game will not happen.

Additionally now, there is an opportunity to attract other events to fill in the open days now.

Although I am disappointed that the Bullfrogs won't be in operation, I don't know that it will take a huge financial impact on the arena and/or county.

That's too bad, my sons were looking forward to spending lots of my money down there!

I guess their Bullfrog t-shirts are now collectors items!!

This is pathetic and it's exactly the sort of standard Toledo collapse that we dissenters had warned you people about.

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