State Representative Barbara Sears on House Bill 25

Columbus – State Representative Barbara Sears (R-Sylvania) today spoke in support of the hearing that House Bill 25, a plan to restructure state government, will receive today in the House State Government Committee. House Republicans introduced the proposal to explore innovative cost-saving measures that make state government run more efficiently and responsibly.

“Most of us do this every year, whether it’s a closet or a garage, we reorganize things, we illuminate, we clean house,” Sears said. “Yes it’s a chore. Yes it’s hard work. But we get the job done. Isn’t it time our state government puts forth the time to tackle this chore?...The federal government has 15 cabinet level agencies. We’ve allowed Ohio to grow to 24—adding new without cleaning out the old. It’s kind of like that old jacket from high school, it’s really just time to go.”

The measure aims to restructure Ohio’s state government through consolidation and reorganization. This plan would eliminate duplicative services that cause wasteful spending while making essential services operate more effectively. By reducing the size of government and eliminating wasteful spending, House Bill 25 would save Ohio’s taxpayers approximately $1 billion annually.

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