I drove by Scott High School today and it felt like the lights went out.

Two days after the election, I drove by Scott high school, which I do a few times a day, but this time it was different. It felt like the lights had gone out. With the election of Bob Vasquez, Virginia Hill and Larry Sykes, to the school board, who will advocate for the neighborhood's high school, Jack Ford, Lisa Sobecki?

Because the people have spoken and Darlene Fisher's voice will be silenced at the table, who is going to keep the lines of communication open in the last part of the building program? Who is going to continue the issues of transparency and continued community involvement? Who is going to represent the children at the table during the upcoming contract negotiations?

Who is going to be the voice of reason when it comes time to either pick a new superintendent or keep the one that we have? I see or will hear a lot of yes votes in unison for whatever comes down the pike. Too bad for the students.

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The TPS BOE has finally returned to being packed with union and administration cronies. So the lights did go out. Expect to see administration bonuses become (internally) popular again. Nobody's watching the checkbook anymore, so why not just steal outright?

2009 was a major adjustment year for property taxes. The trend is DOWN. So the TPS will get a lot less cash to play with. So we should expect to be hit year after year with additional levies as these jerks try to keep their gravy train running. Can you see Sykes or Hill questioning a new levy? Hell no!

I have been waiting for some response to this post on TPS-BOE.
In that article in the Blade {11/05/09} "Newly elected Sykes vows cooperation on TPS Board". This was the day after the election. Larry Sykes stated " We need to sign a commitment that we will not bail out--that we will finish our term and not go seek election somewhere else. You owe that to the people that elect you." The article went on to say that Mr. Sykes, who had a reputation as an outspoken board member during his previous terms, called the other board members yesterday to express his interests in working together. He also said the school district can benefit from new programs to make education exciting, serve better food, and preventing students from dropping out. IS HE SERIOUS?!!!!!!

Mr. Bob Vasquez, who was the top vote-getter, said he wants to create a labor-management committee to team the unions and administration to make decisions with the board. He said "I beleive the people on the front lines, our teachers and principals, have a lot to offer to help us make rhe best decisions,"


Miss DJ, vowing cooperation is easy for Sykes now ... after all, dissenters like Darlene Fisher will be off the BOE entirely when he arrives. What arguments will be possible then?

And ... "front lines"? Aren't those the PARENTS? After all, the teachers love to point out that the poor performance of the students in the TPS is not their fault ... it's up to the PARENTS. Right?

You know in a perfect world [not this one] that is true ,that the parents should be a large part of the equation but it seems to me that in the inner city schools, there is a large percentage of non-participation on the parents part. I see where the Supt. is asking parents to get involved.I know that this is not true of every parent.

I know parents in the central city that are up on it, but they run into obstacles with the administration because they seem to have a flawed mindset against all students and parents. They lump all students and parents in the same pot instead of on a individual basis.There is enough blame to go around.
A large percentage of these parents were educated in the TPS, maybe that is part of the problem too. I don"t pretend to have the answers.
So what about that percentage of children that don't have a strong family life, that teaches discipline and respect. It seems that the school system is getting them ready for incarceration by kicking them out for most anything. This is just MHO. I know that it goes deeper than this and I am just concerned about where they, the kids will end up.

I have one grandchild left in the TPS,and he tells me about how the kids fight, talk in class and really disrupt order. He is self-directed and on the honor role, but I know that he could have gotten a better education in a better school, but his parents can't afford it.

Well, Miss DJ, I do have the answers.

The range of the answer is controlled by privatization. The NCLB Act showed us the way. When the public system cannot educate and in fact refuses to fix itself, it should be dismantled, and public education should become a biddable asset that the private sector should get a chance at. The TPS blows through $11000 per student each year. Surely there's a set of private contractors that can compete for that. And if they fail, the contract would specify cancellation and a re-bidding.

Remember ... if we end up with the same results for less cost, then we need that to happen. Or if we end up with better (i.e. minimum) results for the same money, then we also need that to happen. But it should NOT be an option to let the same, failed, unionized school system continue to be highly paid to fail so damnably each year.

Guest Zero
I think that part of the answer is also contained in the dismal turnout at the polls. Voting is a right that is not exercised by enough people. When we are dissatisfied with services we absolutely must take the time to make our choices/voices heard. Too many people do not participate in basic processes such as voting. I would be curious to know the statistics concerning people who are unhappy with the school systems and their voting records? It's very easy to not participate, it does take time and initiative to become part of the process. You are correct that privatization could be the answer, but that would require people to research and implement their findings in the best interests of their opinions.

If he is in a failing school he qualifies for an Ed Choice scholarship. You can go on the ODE website and see the schools that are failing. Also Horizon Academy seems to be doing well as does the School for the Arts.

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