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Larry Sykes, most likely the dumbest person to have ever held elected office in the area as well as one of the biggest racists in Lucas County, has ticked off a lot of people. He has ticked off so many people that one person took his/her time to create a sign highlighting Larry's comments using one of Ben Konop's large signs, and then nailed it up on at least one telephone pole (in the Broadway/Segur area to be specific). A user on this site had the opportunity to see it and grabbed it for me. I really wish I knew about this before the election because I would be happy to have posted this before. The poster, which you can see a larger version of by clicking on the attachment below, details Larry's wonderful remarks about Anita Lopez, calling her a Mexican and only able to get jobs because she was a Mexican and a female (again those are Larry's words not mine). Anyway, now that he is back on the school board, for the next 4 years he will be sure to cause much embarrassment and humiliation to the board and the district given his past antics. Everyone have your cameras ready because Larry Sykes is a viral video waiting to happen.

You can get some more background on his contentious tenure on the board here:

Be sure to also read the Toledo Talk archive on Larry Sykes given his coverage started there.

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out there in the media- Media types , where were you on this ?!

Why is being a Mexican something to be ashamed of? I wouldn't mind if someone referred to me as an Ohioan or an American with a law degree at all, although the law degree bit might cost me some votes.

calling mz lopez a mexican is a misnomer - if she's a citizen then she's just as american as Psykes is. Her heritage is something she can be proud of, but just because she is of mexican heritage, that doesnt make her a mexican.

She's an AMERICAN Larry! Just like YOU!

Did he really say any of this or is someone just saying he said all of this.

did say that. I remember the article.

I hope chrismyers never runs for school board again. I could never vote for someone that made remarks like he has.



Can we recall Larry S before he takes office, and put Darlene in his place. Having him back in the public eye is like a rerun of four more years of Carty " UGH"

an accident waiting to happen. The last words he spoke to me which I reported on here and was given short shrift were.......Let me set up the situation first. I was walking into Braden Methodist Church when Rev. Rose was here trying to garner attention for the SCLC. Mr. Sykes walked up to me and without any provocation said, "Miss Page if you say anything else to me in public, I will sue yo ass." Mind you this was said in a church.

Remember when he filed charges against Claudia Cooper? When we went to court Lisa Sobecki lied for him in court. She also was waiting for him when court was over and handed him his sun glasses. What kind of cozy situation will that be on the board of education?

His was a well orchestrated campaign from the first inkling from Jack Ford that he was going to run, to the "pimp" ad, to the Blade Ads, to Ford calling him a liar, to his being on Bridges with Donnie Miller.

The bottom line is someone started a whisper campaign against Darlene in the black community. We don't know who backed Sykes but we do know his history and unless he has gotten his mental health issues taken care of he has not and will not change.

We need to start connecting the dots of the organized criminals in this city.

We have to attend the TPS board meetings and keep the pressure on the" Power's " that be, publicly. You need more people speaking up and getting involved. We have to keep the spot light on the "BackRoom-Front Office" gang.

Maybe some people should be on MEDS. to help them control those confrontational issues!!!!

we need to be as organized as they are. But people get afraid in Toledo because of intimidation, afraid of losing their jobs, their housing , their children.......

We need to get someone in here from outside to do a through investigation.....................

I don't follow the fear of losing stuff like jobs, housing and the like. You're speaking of government employees, surely? If so, the best thing to do is downsize the government so that you don't have so many people in such conflicts of interest.

Who would that be? What 's the proper procedure?

Larry Sykes...bad apple. Don't doubt it, based on various experiences of individuals who have dealt with him that have been addressed here and elsewhere.

But what is the point right now of posting a picture of a sign containing remarks he alledgedly made over four years ago?

Give a racist and sexist Democrat a pass just because it was 4 years ago? Nah. They don't change.

I do appreciate the person who went out of their way and took their own time to make those sign(s). It may be a method that is 100 years old, but still, it means a lot someone took time to do it.

I am giving it a 21 Century refresh. I would have posted it earlier if I knew about it. The person who got it, only saw it yesterday.

'Give a racist and sexist Democrat a pass just because it was 4 years ago'

thorough investigation.

I did not vote for Sykes, but Fisher was worse.


Not quite understanding what you are saying. You didn't vote for Sykes but Fisher was worse than Sykes to vote for or it was worse for you to vote for Fisher than Sykes, who you didn't vote for?

I went back to 2007 on this site and read some of the articles that have been posted about Larry's behavior, like I said before it sounds like 4 more years of "carty."[with his  behavior, being a bully, and uses his size to intimidate. ] Very Imature. I hope that 2 years out of the spotlight has helped him see the error of his behavior.  I hope so, but time will tell. I LOL it is really comical ,this guy was President of a Bank?

I see why he had that article in the Blade the day after the election, he wants to get the jump on his situation that he created for himself. those points that he made were telling of where his head is at, or thats what he wants the masses that he has duped to think

What about him and Jack Ford , I thought that they were friends? Did Jack not want him to run again? Why did Larry run an old add from 2003, or something like that, where Ford was endorsing him don't you have to get permission to use adds like that ?

Well I hope that he knows that all eyes will be on him. I'm watching.

I hope WSPD, WTOD and TFP start making a bigger presence at the TPS board meetings.

That's the only way people like Sykes behavior will be spotlighted.


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