Kaptur speaks some more to Columbus Dispatch (well spokesperson)

According to Columbus Dispatch, Marcy's spokesperson says "Kaptur was attempting to help Toledo-area companies"

Hmm, then why do you need donations?

Note Xunlight came up again in this article. If you investigate the times of the donations, who they donated to, then when they get federal money, the timing is quite interesting.

But let's not forget, this "helping them" reasoning has been used more than once.
Read the rest at:
Rep. Kaptur's Earmarks Part of Ethics Probe

Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Toledo is under scrutiny by House ethics officials for her ties to a Washington-area lobbying firm that is being investigated by the Justice Department.

The lobbying firm, PMA Group of Virginia, has donated $26,500 to Kaptur's campaigns since 2006. In the past year, the congresswoman has helped steer $8.4 million in federal contracts to its clients.....



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According to a database compiled by Taxpayers for Common Sense, Kaptur directed her $8.4 million in earmarks in 2009 to three companies with offices in the Toledo area.

She earmarked nearly $4 million for Xunlight Corp., a Toledo-based company that manufactures solar cells, and $2.8 million to Imaging Systems Technology, an electronics company in Toledo.

In addition, she earmarked $1.6 million to Teledyne Technologies, a defense electronics company in California that has a plant in Toledo making turbine engines for cruise missiles. In 2008, she also earmarked $1.6 million for Teledyne.

Teledyne officials in California and Ohio have donated $4,000 to Kaptur's campaigns since 2000.

Fought pointed out that Kaptur was attempting to help Toledo-area companies, saying that "all these earmarks are geared toward helping pull this city out of the economic rut that it's in."

$2, 800,000 to a company that has a contract with the military and Flat Panel manufactures in Japan, Korea, Tiawan, And China will REALLY pull this old Black Swamp out of the economic slump!

When I asked her for help she couldn't she said. I'm a Legislator, said she. I probably should have asked for Hush money.

I was told the same thing by Ms Kaptur in 97 that she could not help. The interesting twist is that one month after telling me that, she does the same thing and there was a news story on it. I have known she was a hypocrite for 12 years. Maybe I should have hired the PMA to get her to do the right thing.

The story on Rep. Kaptur does appear on the CREW website as a credited piece to Jonathan Riskind of the Columbus Dispatch. CREW did not speak with anyone at her office, including her spokesperson.


Naomi Seligman
Deputy Director

for the clarification.

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