Vote Yes on 8 To Keep Springfield Safe

You have probably seen on tonight's news quite a bit on Issue 8 and may have wondered what the levy is about.

The Lucas County Commissioners decided to charge each township in Lucas County, which receives service from the Sheriff’s Department, for police services based on population. (Springfield Township is the largest of the townships that is being impacted by this decision.) These charges take effect January 1, 2010 and the Sheriff has determined that the cost to Springfield Township would be approx 2.4 million the first year which is 65% of the Sheriff’s budgeted amount to be charged to the Township

Sheriff’s fees to the Township projected over the next three years (figures as of 10/15/09)
2010 - 2.4 million
2011 - 2.7 million
2012 - 2.9 million

What if the township elects not to pay the fees? According to their official response there would be greatly reduced police patrols in the Township and investigative follow-up on criminal incidents. Sheriff’s Deputies could respond to 9-1-1 calls from downtown (or where ever they may be). The Fire Department would have to wait for Deputies for any situation requiring securing a dangerous scene (such as domestic violence with injuries) prior to them being able to render aid.

Another question that has been asked is since we pay county taxes, why isn’t the Sheriff's department obligated to patrol township streets? The official response has been that according to the Ohio Revised Code they are obligated to “Keep the Peace.” The Sheriff's department doesn’t believe that it mandates them to patrol or provide detective services. They interpret it as: ‘they must respond to 9-1-1 calls if an immediate threat still exists.’

The township trustees unanimously passed a resolution to place a three year, 4.5 mil levy on the November ballot. The total amount that Issue 8 is projected to raise is approximately 2.4 million dollars per year. This will amount to an increase in township residents’ property taxes of about 137 dollars per year, based on a home value of approximately 100,000 dollars. Residents can visit the AEREIS website to find the amount of the levy based on value of their home.

I don’t know anyone who enjoys a property tax increase. But I do honestly believe that this levy is necessary to keep the Township residents and businesses safe, to keep property values from decreasing and home insurance rates from increasing.

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and it is refreshing to see her move away from those wackjobs that were on 'Three for Change'.

Chris Myers was the most unqualified of those
three. He just does not see himself as the unqualified person that he is !

"wackjobs" been elected in 2005 the Toledo Public Schools would be in a much better position than they are today. Chris Myers was and is better qualified than Ford, Sobecki, Steel, Vasquez, Sykes, Hill and Barnett all rolled into one., .

I agree with purnhrt 100%

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)

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