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Everyone else had their say, now it is time for you to say who/what you endorse. Post it here or as another topic on the main page.

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change from years of Democrat leadership . School board- Drogmiller, Fischer

Bell-and if nothing other than the current occupant of the Dog Catchers' office is removed, I'll be happy.

It was a toss up for me, but with WSPD and so many unions backing Bell, I'm voting for Keith.

The last time the unions and WSPD agreed on a candidate so strongly, we got Carty.

people voting for or against someone based on how OTHER people are voting.

Vote for the best man for the job - screw what any media outlet or special interest groups say.

That being said - neither candidate is worth a damn

Wasn’t that the point of the endorsements? To persuade someone to vote a certain way? I don’t think either of these guys are bad guys and I’m not overly impressed with either of them as well. They both certainly fall into the category of “can’t do any worse than the last guy”.

That said, the last time WSPD and all those unions agreed on the same candidate it was Carty. Now WSPD and the unions are backing Bell. That’s enough of a difference for me to vote for Keith.

Keith has his fair share of unions endorsing him as well.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Wilkowski was re-elected to the Board of Education in 1987.
He didn't finish that term, leaving in 1988 when he successfully ran for County Commissioner, a four year term.
In 1990, he left that office to become City Law Director.
Sounds like he likes to start things but not finish them.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

You’re right JM. If he can't finish a term then maybe he should be running for the governor of Alaska. :)

FISHER ***********JONES ************* HORNIK

No one is mentioning city council. That concerns me. Last time I heard so little about a race we got more of the same.

I do not endorse but do predict names like Ludeman, Gerken, McNamara, Copeland, and Sarantou will win and thus continue Toledo's downward slide.


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