any halloween stories ? were there many trick or treaters out? houses decorated ?

It amazes me , even in this economy, folk like this day alot. They go all out for the kids .
The Arlington neighborhood had many houses decorated up , with many kids out door to door . A couple house were very scary, fog machine on, life like costumes as I walked with g'daughter . Post report from your neighborhood.

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did not have as many people giving out candy and the # of children were down in our neighborhood. I did give the children who stopped by a bit more candy this year.

the children (eight of them) trick and treating by going to Family Dollar and getting $20 worth of candy then taking them to abandoned houses in my neighborhood, then making them walk up to the houses and knock on the boarded up doors. I first told them that a person was in the neighborhood with an ax. Scared them.
Thought it was too dangerous out this year because of the swine flu scare.
We then came back home and decorated Michael Jackson gloves and watched Thriller. Children had a great time!

Quiet night out here in Curtice. After getting slammed last Halloween we did not have one trick-r-treater. No "tricks" happened that I saw in the neighborhood either.

turnout in my S.Toledo neighborhood. S.Detroit/Byrne Rd. area. Enough so that we just barely made it on candy! It was great seeing the kids dressed up. We had Ghouls and Goblins a plenty, Superhero's and Fairies, Gangsters and Insects. Plenty of Michael Jacksons but interesting enough I did not see one politician! Made for a pleasant evening. :)

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