Sylvania Twp may have high taxes, but its not $5,500 on a home valued at $165K

I live in Sylvania Twp. I do agree that we have a high tax rate. (Though we get a higher level of services for what we pay too.)

However, there is an individual here who continually misrepresents the extent of that. Others have asked if he's not just confusing the purchase price of the home he looked at with the auditor's value. Of course, there's no response.

So, here is some REAL information for you. (And again, the taxes are high...just not as high as that individual is trying to purport.) Source for all of this information is AERIS. The addresses were picked at random based on homes that are currently listed as for sale on Zillow.

Homes in Sylvania Twp that pay approximately $5,500 per year in taxes

5210 Fairmeadow.
Current taxes: $5,405.78
Those taxes were assessed on a value of approximately $250,000.
Auditor's newly updated 100% value (updated 10/09, per AERIS): $217,500.
(Home is currently listed for sale at $237,500, according to Zillow.)

7657 Pope Run.
Current taxes: $5,595.68
Those taxes were assessed on a value of approximately $262,000
Auditor's newly updated 100% value (updated 10/09, per AERIS): $228,200
(Home is currently listed for sale at $239,900, according to Zillow)

2782 Porsha Drive
Current taxes: $5,575.84
Those taxes were assessed on a value of approximately $226,000
Auditor's newly updated 100% value (updated 10/09, per AERIS): $201,400
(Home is currently listed for sale at $239,900, according to Zillow)

Up next...what the taxes run on homes that are valued at $165K per the auditor, and also what the taxes are on homes that are currently selling at $165K...

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First of all...there has been no response because I don't live on the computer like most people.

Now, your going to sit here and tell me that I don't know how much taxes I'm going to pay on a house in Sylvania?
We work with our realtor, the home owner, and title company and figure out what our monthly payment will be on a house before we make an offer on it. The home owners themselves (in sylvania) tell us what they pay a year...the city tells us what we will pay...this is how we figure out if we can afford a house.

Obviously, you have not been looking to buy a home in Sylvania lately. By the way...Zillow says my last house is worth $180k and it was worth $ much for Zillow.

Why don't you go to or other local realtor sites and type in houses in sylvania to buy. Almost everyone tells you what the annual taxes are. And, the average sylvania tax on a $165k home is $5500.

If you want....I can have my realtor, banker and even the home owners call you to verify this.

By the values and market values are totally different things. Apparently you don't know what you're talking about.

Just looked at a home in Sylvania today. Asking price was $179k. Annual taxes were $5200 annually....home owner told me himself....I can get that notorized for you if you like.

I find it interesting that you were looking at homes now, considering that you just moved.

Your words from October 5th:

We just moved from Toledo paying $2800 annually in taxes. That was on a home with a tax value of $180K. We just moved to Sylvania...every single home we looked at had much higher taxes. We looked at (and bought) homes in the mid $160's and taxes ranged anywhere from $4800-5500 annually.

For someone who supposedly just bought a house here, I find it interesting that you're still out looking at homes. And also that you're talking about the quality of "your" services, "your" police, etc. (Most people would say "our" when talking about a place they actually live.)

Toledo garbage has unlimited pick-up. Sylvania does not. Your roads are just as bad as Toledo's....Your police are just as slow...
...Most of the people I meet from Sylvania all say the same thing to me, "yeah, we have high taxes, but we don't have all the blacks." So, if by higher quality mean a whiter neighborhood. Then I guess that's one way of looking at it. And please, don't respond with a naive statement saying people don't think that way...because I've talked to way to many of them to know they do.

Oh...absolutely. Services are comparable in both cities. I mean, look at Toledo Public Schools and Sylvania Public Schools. Both districts are of essentially equal quality.

The largest chunk of Sylvania's property tax assessments goes towards schools. According to the auditor's breakdown, which can be found on AERIS, 52.91% of my property tax assessment goes towards Sylvania Schools.

And to think we could get away with paying Toledo property tax levels, because the school districts give an educational experience of the same quality!

If you are so concerned about Sylvania Township why would you even consider moving there? I would not move anywhere that bothered me that much.

Kooz; why did you include the statement "yeah,we have high taxes, but we don't have all the blacks". So if by higher quality mean a whiter neighborhood. Are you trying to do some "race baiting" here? If you want to have an inteligent discourse "bring it on". If not, I'll understand that maybe you just " wasn't thinking" and I will overlook it.

So, if by higher quality mean a whiter neighborhood.

That's exactly what's going on. People shouldered huge mortgages just to get away from Blacks, Hispanics and poor Whites like myself. It's not precisely a racial issue ... people with credit and very little intelligence listened to too much TV and found themselves holding we poor or minorities in a very deep contempt.

And those who moved out of the TPS claiming it was "poor" for education were also reacting to a school system that's half Black.

Racism is alive and well, along with many other aspects of sociopaths, but the bankers enabled these ashholes to monetize their hate and that's the sad reality of America today.

Hence ... when I see one of these forkers get foreclosed, I laugh with joy.


Speaking as a "minority" I feel 'that I have at least average intelligence, for a retired autoworker, I agree with your statement. I just don't feel that strongly about their demise? Do you think that they have been sold a "bill of goods TOO"?

I met an worked with "white" people who moved to Slyvania, when I asked them about why Sylvania they said that it was because they had a better school system and that it would be better for their kids. They had nothing good to say about TPS. Of course that was their nice way of telling me that they didn't want their children being exposed to black children etc.

They aspire to be in a "better "Class than we are. I think that most people strive to live a better life, really. It's about perception, my opinion. People are so caught up in their own lives they don't have time to worry about other people.

I would like to know more about these "sociopaths" and their "racists" ways. Of course I have my own ideas and observations too. I learned by living.

It's too bad that we as a nation of so-called civilized human beings can't conquer this destructive behavior. Lets not leave out Greed, thats what got our nation into this mess.
Thank God that everyone is not like this. I guess that old saying is true, WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!

SO what are we going to do about the school system in Toledo and around this nation? Thats one of my main concerns. We can look around at other countries and see what lack of education has produced, eventually it has to touch everyone. I think that the US is to smart in so many ways not to see this.


missdeejay it does seem odd that right wing conservatives would voluntarily move to a place that has a huge real estate tax increase. I thought this was a major point of conservatism: "if you tax something more you get less of something"...go figure!

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

and yet you continue to look at houses in Sylvania. Go figure.

And by 'higher quality services' my educated assumption is they're referring to the school system and recreational facilities such as Pacesetter and Tam O'Shanter.

I've lived in Sylvania 16 years and have never heard anyone else in the community say it's got anything to do with 'blacks'.

I live in Sylvania. My home's tax valuation is $180,000,
and I pay slightly less than $4000 in property taxes.
Use the Lucas County auditor's tax website. No home
in Sylvania valued at $165,000 pays over $5000 in property taxes.

I know that tax values and sale price are different things.

However, you have previously insisted that you were talking about the "value" of the house. Every time you bring up this topic, people have asked you to clarify whether you were talking about sale price or taxable value, yet you have never once stated that you were talking about "sale price."

Now you're changing your tune and saying that you're talking about "sale price." And yet you're talking about comparing the current sale price of a home in Sylvania to the taxable value of homes in other cities. Why not compare apples-to-apples?

Anyhow, its far more reliable to compare the taxable values when discussing the relative property tax rates in any given city, because that's what the tax rates are actually determined upon. There can be many factors that play into the sale price (foreclosures, short-sales, etc.), but the property taxes are still going to be based on the taxable value.

I know that we have a relatively high tax rate in this area - I just think you've been very misleading by comparing sale values on one end to taxable values in other areas.

We moved into Sylvania Twp in the summer of '05.
Our taxes are roughly $5600/year. How was assessed in the fall of 05 for $251K which was more than we paid for it.

Since then, the value has been lowered to $191K through my petition, and further lowering based on the county assessment.

I am still currenly paying the higher taxes on a house "worth" $191. We will see how the tax bill adjusts for 2010, as that is when the new value will take more into consideration. Depending upon the levy/assessment, it will likely still be based on the old value until the new levies are passed.

As far as services:
- yes, I pay for garbage now, and I did not before. But my wife and I are also no longer paying the City of Toledo income tax. What is that up to now? 1.75%? That more than covers the cost of garbage.
- the area roads are much nicer than in Toledo... take a drive on Laskey, Telegraph, Alexis, Lewis around where I used to live. It is like night and day.
- Snow removal is more prompt than when we were in Toledo
- Leaf pickup is more reliable
- Police? Well the Toledo police issues are pretty well documented.
- Schools are better (although we were in Washington Local before)

Much happier in the Township than in the City of Toledo. Remember the old addage, you get what you pay for.

You wanted proof. Here are two houses we looked at this week. The taxes are $5,000 a sue me...I was off by 500 bucks.

You aren't proving anything by showing the current sale price of a home and listing the current taxes (which are based on the previous year auditor's valuation).

If you can't comprehend why its not valid to list the taxes you paid on the auditor's value of your home in Toledo as evidence in an argument about the current sales price/tax ratio of a suburban home, then there's no point in anyone attempting to have a rational conversation with you about the topic.

But thanks for the chuckles.

Hey Kooz...

You conveniently avoided the topic above...

If you purchased a home in Sylvania and had already moved in prior to the beginning of October (according to your own words that you posted on 10/5), why are you still shopping for a home?

In your previous version of the story, it was your "new neighbors" who enlightened you about why Sylvania's taxes were so high. Now in this version (where you haven't actually purchased a home yet), its just the vague "people you've met from Sylvania."

Just trying to keep your story straight.

Sarah, I see you conveniently avoided commenting on the proof I sent you which you so vehemently denied existed. So now, you want to try and play timeline games and word games to discredit me. O.K. Let's play...My wife and I made an offer on a home in Sylvania...which the people accepted. Hence, I thought it was safe to say I bought a home in Sylvania....then two things, we were second guessing if it was the right home for us but were going to go through with it anyway....then, the owners had second thoughts about the husband moving for a new job.....they wanted to back out...and we agreed because we were having doubts as well. All ended well and I was glad the home owners got to stay in a house they loved and we didn't buy one we didn't love all that much.

So, your typical liberal tactic of avoiding the main point and diverting the issue to some petty word game has failed as badly as your naive assumption that I could not produce evidence of $165k homes in Sylvania surpassing the $5k tax mark.

Good journalism there Cronkite! Enjoy your over tax paying!!


Here you claim you allready MOVED?

"We just moved from Toledo paying $2800 annually in taxes. That was on a home with a tax value of $180K. We just moved to Sylvania"

Looks like she plain old busted you telling tall tales...

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

on earlier comments you swerved way out of your lane to point out how over-taxed, over-priced Sylvania was in regards to it's 'services' compared to Toledo, yet you came within a whisker of actually buying a house and moving there.

You're either not smart enough to follow your own advice or simply not credible in what you post here.

I'd say Sarah, with her 'typical liberal tactic' (lol, whatever that means in relation to this topic) has you dead to rights.

You people are freaking amazing! As I said, we assumed we had purchased a home in Sylvania when we made an offer that was accepted...and then the owners asked to back out...which we ok'd. We had already sold our house in Toledo. Yes, we live in Sylvania currently with my wife's parents until we find a house. Would you also like to see my tax returns? Maybe verify what I eat for breakfast everyday? Now follow closely. Step 1. Sold and moved out of house in Toledo. Step 2. Moved in with in-laws until we find a house. Step 3. Made offer that was accepted on Sylvania home (which is when I said we purchased one) that fell through. Step 4. Still living at in-laws until we find house. And finally...Step 5. Never buy a house in Sylvania which is apparently filled with nit-pickers who refuse to admit their taxes are to high even when given proof.

So, the only one busted here are those of you who spend way to much time looking back at "details" and past comments and try to manipulate them to fit your arguement...while still not addressing the issue at hand after I gave links of the actual homes we looked at with the high taxes you claim are not that high.

McCaskey, Sarah and Zeitgeist...I truly hope you never intend on becoming private investigators. Have fun in your high taxed, racially intolerant, beloved Sylvania.

If you wish...I can post my daily calorie intake as well or perhaps my favorite color...maybe it will help you guys in your quest to find this "conspiracy" I have declared on Sylvania.



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