Latta on HR 3962

WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) made the following statement after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrat Leadership unveiled H.R. 3962.

“After weeks of discussion behind closed doors with no Republican input, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrat Leadership have finally unveiled their health care reform bill to the American people.

Of course, it is no surprise that this trillion dollar legislation will ration health care, add to our $12 trillion national deficit, and force millions of Americans out of their current health insurance plans. Similar to the Speaker Pelosi’s last attempt at a health care bill, this plan only adds further government intrusion into the health care decisions for both doctors and patients, funded with tax hikes and fees which will force many small businesses across the country to either lay off employees or close.

From the beginning of this year's health care debate, House Republicans have introduced multiple pieces of meaningful health care reform legislation, including H.R. 3400 of which I am a co-sponsor.

I read the first health care bill the Speaker Pelosi produced from the Energy and Commerce Committee and now look forward to reading and studying H.R. 3962. I believe it is incumbent upon Congress to have comprehensive hearings on this bill and to hold further hearings across the country so that the American people are permitted to testify and express their views on this bill.”

Full text of H.R. 3962 can be found on Congressman Latta's blog.

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