YES on Issue 3

I look forward to the day when all gambling is legal in this no-fun state. Though this is a limited approval, I feel it's the best way so move forward. Next poker rooms will be allowed, then slots in taverns.

My friends and I gamble all the time. We choose to bet on Football, Baseball, Basketball, Nascar, golf and bowling. Hell, I bet $50 that the national anthem of the 2009 superbowl would be over 2 minutes and 3 seconds - and won. Oh how she warbled! It would be nice to be able to get firm lines on these events - we need a local sport book.

I just got back from Vegas and am going out again in April. If a local casino opens, I'll gamble locally.

It looks like others agree with my approval of Issue 3.

By the way - - what's up with the local rag? ? ? I remember when we rolled-back the smoking ban and they never reported that polls showed that we were winning that issue. They are still anti-gambling, but are reporting that polls indicate that the pro-gambling issue is going to be approved. How unlike them. Have they embraced journalistic integrity ? ? ?

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I am for the gambling. But this is a constutitional amendment. NO, that is not what our state constutition is for. The state elected officals can vote for it and then we can have it. But not this way. Not like this. And it sounds like a BS back door deal and a monopoly.

No on 3!

If this Issue passes Ohio will be put on a fast track to HELL!

Right...cuz people should only be allowed to gamble with the state lottery...


“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

Because Sarge is against it.

I live farther from Vegas than Detroit is to Toledo. I will be in Vegas this weekend. I will be there twice in Nov.

Yet, I'm doing well financially. I have more disposable income this year than last and I will have even more next year. I must have a gambling problem.


Detroit has legal gambling and its the poorest city in the nation. Don't come looking for a bailout on your mortgage when you lose all your money and can't pay your bills. Oh I know...Barak Obama will just bail you out from his stash.

I'm all for gambling, but this is the shitiest bill ever. I can’t believe people would consider voting for changing the Ohio constitution to grant a monopoly to a single company to pay below market taxes.

Issue 3 - vote no!
Sarge - still an idiot!

but I agree with every single word Sensor just posted up there! for the same reasons!!

the final 4 words I may have even said myself once or twice!

Why would you need to change the Ohio Constitution if your State Legislature could do the exact same thing?

Except if the Legislature would legalize casino gambling, they could REQUEST BIDS from competing companies.

Man I am so glad I moved out of Ohio and Toledo. Now if only Michigan could get rid of the inept Democratic Governor we have.

Send her back to Canada or back to the Dating Game.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Not if this passes. And that's why I'll vote no on 3.

If you want poker rooms and slots in taverns, you'll need to amend the constitution again. And if you think the supporters of Issue 3 will be willing to give up their monopoly, you are sadly mistaken.

That's the problem with every gambling issue that has come up in this state. Each one has been designed to give a small group a constitutional monopoly. When a group proposes opening the entire state up, using Nevada rules, and allowing local jurisdictions to opt out, I'll be in support. But Issue 3 is just as wrong as the previous issues we've voted down. I predict a surprise fail, because there's nothing on the ballot to bring out the undereducated and minority votes, unlike last year. They'll stay home, and the dedicated voters, who see how wrong this is, will once again kill it.

to pass because of the inherent unfairness of Issue 3.

No group will ever spend the $ necessary to open up gambling in Ohio unless they are rewarded with some degree of exclusivity for the investment. I sure wouldn't be willing to gamble 10 million of my money into such a project if my benefit was identical to those who invested 0.00.

I maintain that the best way to open Ohio to gambling is any thing that gets it open and, the more unfair it is, the less likely it will remain unmodified by fair minded people in the future. This is unfair and that's exactly why I like it.

No doubt Penn Gaming will not want to give up their share of the monopoly, but think about it . . . how will the ads against opening-up gambling sound: "Don't let gaming spread through the state, vote NO to keep our monopoly." There is no way to do that and make it sound sincere.

Yes on 3.

Big Jim

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