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Allowing gambling casinos in Ohio would be a mistake for which Ohioans would pay dearly. Gambling can become an addiction as deadly as drugs or alcohol. When people first start to use drugs or alcohol they assume they can "control" their usage. Some people can control the use of alcohol and never become alcoholics but sadly many peoples lives are ruined by it. I have seen firsthand friends, family members and neighbors who have destroyed their life and the life of those around them by drug, alcohol AND gambling addictions. I know of a woman who was so consumed by gambling she would stoop to any level to get the money to feed her addiction. She had her children out stealing and robbing to bring money home to her so she could rush to Detroit to gamble. She started taking her daughters with her to Detroit so when she would run out of money at Greektown she would force them to go and prostitute themselves on the streets to bring more money to feed the beast. Her daughters were 12 to 14 years old when this started. They are both grown now and they are two mixed up young women thanks to their mother's addiction. Gambling can become a horrible addiction and the people of Ohio should not vote to let the state feed off this evil curse. Bring real jobs to Ohio NOT gambling!!! Vote NO on Issue 3!!!!

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With the relatively close proximity of casinos in all the states surrounding Ohio, what difference would it make?
If someone has a problem, they'll just go to a neighboring state for their "fix".

Using your line of thinking then smoking and drinking should be outlawed.
It's time to drop the "nanny" state thinking. People need to be responsible for themselves.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Being sold by their sick mothers on the doorstep to Rossford then I urge you to vote YES on Issue 3. I saw firsthand what happened to those girls due to the fact they lived next door to me. It was sad. They were two beautiful young girls who were not allowed to have a normal life due to their mothers disease.

Did the teen prostitutes live next door when you posted the below?

You were all in favor of prostitution less than 6months ago.

Your words Harley. Pretty sick, considering you also said you are an ordained minister. Did the ordination come before or after you posted the need for a red light district here in town?

Or was it just an imagination ordination?

Knucklehead. The post I put on TT concerned the legalization of a red light district for ADULT females who are able to CONSENT to working in a red light district, NOT innocent children who are being forced into it by their sick minded mothers. If Issue 3 passes it will cause more problems in society far worse than a legal red light district. You Billy are the one who is SICK. If you would like to seek spiritual counseling to help you deal with your problems I can suggest a good church for you to attend: Mountain Of Praise in Delta, OH. God bless you and may He help you to find the wisdom and peace in your life which you need.

You shame the person you're named after.

Tell me what ordained minister advocates prostitution of any kind?

Do howard and betty fuller advocate a red light district in toledo? Dont bother to answer, I will call them up and ask them. I'll ask them if they know anyone named harley or Sarge and point them to where you are recommending such activities.

You want to do. It does not matter to me or Pastors Howard and Betty Fuller. They know me and they know I am a believer in the Lord. I will ask them to join me in praying for you to be blessed with wisdom. You need it.

before you pray, read the verses in the bible that warn against prostitution, and maybe you'll have a change of heart and mind about being in favor of it. You need it.

What your saying is Sarge is pro-prostitution and anti-gambling.

Hmmm now we're just arguing which part of Vegas we like or don't like. I wonder what he thinks of off strip themed restaurants


What your saying is Sarge is pro-prostitution and anti-gambling.

I pasted HIS words from TT where he wants a redlight district in toledo, so I guess that'd make him pro prostitution, but that's just my speculation.

as far as him being anti-gambling, this is his thread, I do believe.

It says in the Bible that Jesus said tax collectors and prostitutes will get into heaven before people who don't believe in His word. Obviously the tax collectors and prostitutes will be in line ahead of you. Get used to it. I will pray for YOU.

Now now do you come to the conclusion that Im not a believer??

Do me the favor that I do for you EVERY TIME YOU ARE WRONG. Cut and paste MY words that lead you to believe that I do not believe??

While you're at it - I did ask you to help us all understand how an ordained christian minister can publicly advocate prostitution when the bible specifically says that it's a sin?

Sarge;Brother, What did you do to try and get these girls away from the environment that you said they were in? Didn't you say that they were your neighbors? I read your post about this situation, I was just wondering.

To help the one girl by taking her to church with me. For some reason she started coming to me right out of the blue telling me that she wanted to change her life. She did not tell me exactly what was going on that she wanted to change. I found out about her situation from others who knew her. She said she had been raised in church and had a grandfather who was a minister. Her mother finally stopped her from attending church when she was about ten years old she told me. The more I talked to her I realized that deep in her heart she has love for the Lord but it had been buried under all of the sin that had been brought into her life by her mother. When I saw I could not get her away from her mother and the things her mother was causing her to do I resorted to something I did not like to do: I told a police officer I know what was going on. It did no good. Today I very seldom see her but I do pray for her all of the time. She is 21 now and still a prostitute.

The post I put on TT concerned the legalization of a red light district for ADULT females who are able to CONSENT to working in a red light district

So now that this poor girl's 21, considering what Ive quoted you above, she should be fine, is that what you think? do you think that she's an isolated case, or maybe other ADULT females who are able to CONSENT to working in a red light district might be victims as well??

Are you out to help people or continue victimizing them?

Sarge, if you knew this was going on, why didnt you call childrens services? And keep calling and keep calling, etc etc etc.!

TPD and every possible place I could think of. I tried my best to put a stop to these girls being used by their mother to pay for her gambling addiction. They just did not care it seems. When the FBI cracked down with the Innocence Lost project I called them as well. I tried everything I could think of short of pulling out a gun and shooting their mother. Believe me the thought ran through my mind.

Sorry Sarge, the scenario you tell of is a lot like the ones that make the misguided scream for more gun laws every time there is a crime committed with a gun.

What the parent, (and I use that term loosely) was doing was already illegal. She needs to be jailed.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

I don't believe Sarge's story.

If I believed that allowing gambling caused gambling additions in Ohio then following that line of logic I can reasonably assume that no gambling in Ohio as it currently stands mean no one is addicted to gambling in Ohio.


I could back up everything I have written by providing you with the names of the Toledo police officers I know personally that I told about this situation.

Read the following link and then tell me this is not happening at casinos:

Your post also mentions truck stops. Where is your constitutional amendment banning the Flying J in Rossford?


How exactly will a company based in Pennsylvania "keep gambling money in Ohio"?

Penn National Gaming, Inc.
825 Berkshire Blvd. Suite 200
Wyomissing, PA 19610
(610) 373-2400
Fax: (610) 373-4966

The profits from Gambling in a Penn National Casino will go to the corporation based out of state.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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