That makes no sense Keith Wilkowski

From today's Blade, from yesterday's candidate forum:
“The reason that I believe raising taxes in this environment would be the absolutely wrong thing to do is that we’re going to drive people out and make our budget deficit worse,” he said.

Keith is saying raising the taxes now would be devastating, and they were not devastating before? Maybe his tax increases have caused the devastation we see today. Someone should ask this of Keith. Effects that raising taxes have on a community are not overnight but slow and steady. The biggest failure by the "leaders" in office make quick decisions implementing their pet project or tax/fee and never admit to the problems they cause and are never held accountable. Given he voted to raise taxes in 89, we could be seeing the effects of his poor decision making, because Keith is quite sure they would be devastating now..... Maybe if Keith will publicly admit that he was wrong in raising taxes in 89, then maybe he is different, but he had the chance and the admission is nowhere to be seen. If he had principles, and knew that taxes are a negative effect on a population, then he would know it was damaging in 89. Heck get a copy of Sim City, raise the taxes and watch the population dwindle to nothing and your city be in the red, sounds familiar huh? It is not rocket science.. While there are a ton of reasons populations dwindle, you cannot ignore "leaders" who regulate, fee and tax the population as some of the main causes. He will stay quiet on this. I won't.

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