Open Letter to Superintendent John Foley, TPS Board President Bob Vasquez and TPD Chief Mike Navarre

Open Letter to Superintendent John Foley, TPS Board President Bob Vasquez and Chief of Police Mike Navarre.

Who is going to stand for children?

Yesterday, October 22, 2009, while sitting in front of Libbey High School waiting for a student, I witnessed 4-5 people escorting a youth out of the school building. I recognized two of the people as being a black female security guard and one was Ms. Gail Schaber, the Principal/School leader of Libbey High School. The other three were white males who I would recognize if seen again. At first I thought the student was handcuffed but realized that he wasn’t because I could see his hands.

The first thought that went through my mind was, “what had this student done that his school day had been aborted by being escorted out of the school at the end of the day.” The scene was quite confusing because there was no conduct exhibited by the student that would make me think that he was being disorderly, the adults were rubbing his arms and his back, yet he was surrounded by people who seemed to be detaining him. He offered no resistance and began to cry.

I won’t relay the entire scene but he was eventually knocked down by the four adults and at that point he began to struggle because four people were sitting on him. I imagined that he couldn't breathe. Unable to just witness a child being brutalized in this manner, I got out of my car, went to where he was and snapped a picture with my cell phone, thinking that the TPS school officials would stop.

Eventually the police came and arrested this student. He offered no resistance, was handcuffed and taken away by the police car.

I found out his name and contacted a person in my saving children networking group, who went to the student’s house to find out why this child had been arrested. The parents had never been called by the school and had no idea that the child that they had sent to school that morning was now in the custody of the police. The person I had called went to the Juvenile Detention Center to find this child but was given no information. Shortly after that the student was brought home by the police. He had not been taken to the Juvenile Detention Center which would be normal procedure after arresting a juvenile but had been taken to the Scott Park Police Center.

I have sinced talked to the student and his family, which revealed that the student is a full junior, has passed all of his OGT’s (on the first try) and is scheduled to graduate next school year.

There are policies and procedures in place in the Toledo Public School System that establishes due process when a student is disciplined. Toledo Police Department has policies and procedures in place that establishes how a student is arrested. None of these policies or procedures were followed by TPS or TPD. When you send your child to school, they become a student, when they are arrested at school they become a criminal. Why weren’t the parents called? Parents are the first line of defense against unruly children. Maybe the aberration was that this student was not being unruly.

Toledo’s children are in danger Mr. Foley, Mr. Vasquez and Mr. Navarre, when these types of behaviors are allowed to take place in full view of the community. When schools become the pipeline to prison you need to take the name off of the door and stop calling them schools.

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Are you kidding me? I know that you are serious as a heart attack, whats the game plan to address this and so many issues . Is this a result of the 14 police being called back to work? I am so glad that they are back on the job. I will be at your meeting today.
This reminds me of Trevor Casey [You know the kid that the police beat the hell out of because they knew that they could get away with it because it was black on black crime. It's about RESPECT on both sides. They don"t treat certain students and people the same.
The residents of this city need to take their "BLINDERS " off and speak up for "the least of these"

Social justice!

A piece of the money pie!

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

You failed to mention what his crime was, or don't you want that to cloud the issue of a black youth being arrested at school?

But, but, but...He's a GOOD boy!! I'm SURE they're just hassling him because he's black!
Face it, for a minority that represents only around 15-17% of the population, blacks are guilty of a ridiculous percentage of the crime. As long as they, by and large, keep blaming that on everyone else, nothing will change.

Of course, I'll be labeled a racist, but you know what? The truth can't be racist.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

I saw. If you are really interested in the "crime" that he committed call John Foley 419-729-8200 and ask him. Then you can report what you found out.
Or call Mr. Vasquez or Chief Navarre. If you are really interested. My bet is you just want to say stupid sh**.

I am interested i just found it typical that you would leave that part out. Obviously you dont want to cloud the issue. It kind of makes me not really care, because you say an injustice happened but you dont give full details, so i will simply move on. You might actually get people to listen to you if you werent so obvioulsy one sided and dont care about the facts, all you care about is a black youth being arrested, who cares what his crimes were right? Oh well.

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