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For too many years questions have not been asked, answered or acted upon here in Toledo.. It is long past due for the people to express themselves and ask the questions that they want answers too. The MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS FORUM will at least allow the public to ask the questions at an OPEN MIKE FORUM. Getting the answers or action on these questions will be a little bit harder. But the mike will be in your hands as you ask the questions that you and your family desperately need to have asked.

Are you concerned about Scott High School; Libby High School: schools and feeder schools in general: school board candidates: city council and mayoral candidates: politics: military solicitation in schools: higher education: jobs: minority contracts for schools, city and state projects: home security: health insurance: crime: violence and molestation of women and children: the increase in gun violence: gang violence: the increasing numbers of incarceration for young males and females: the homeless: neighborhood complaints: urban financial assistance: unfair harassment of youth: youth culture: medical assistance: home and family services in the urban areas: where does the money destined for the urban areas go: leadership or the lack of: and the perceived disrespect shown for some communities and their concerns and more.

If you are really concerned, then the __ MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS FORUM is where you should be on Friday October 23rd from 6 Pm to 8:30 PM at Genesis on Reynolds Rd. as you will be given the opportunity to step up to the mike and address some of the issues that affect you, your family and your future. Those of you that are content with the leaders that you have chosen or the leaders that have been chosen for you by the powers that be are welcome to come, as maybe you can convince those that are not pleased with some leadership in the city that hopes to continue business as usual. The panel will consist of Phyllis Flowers, Twila Page, Bishop Stephen Ward and Warren Woodberry.

Many of you are undecided as to who you will vote for in the school board election and in the race for city council. Much damage control is now being done by some politicians in order to convince the urban community that they are the salvation, when in reality we all are. It is hoped that the public will turnout for this forum as it is one of the few that I know that are really concerned for the urban community. No politicians; no perspective candidates or elected candidates; no special interest groups; no backroom king makers, AND ITS FREE! Just you and your questions and advice on where some of these questions should be directed. With no hidden political agenda, all social and political questions can contend. PLEASE BRING YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS AS IT IS THEIR FUTURE

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I am sorry that I missed it I have bronchitis. I would like some feedback if thats possible Thanks

be very informative and the panelists realized that during the discussion that we all share the same vision for making Toledo a safe place for children and other living things. There will be a write up in the Midwest Urban newspaper this week. Thanks for your support.

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