After 3 years in jail Father Robinson grants exclusive interview with Columbus Dispatch

Posted today in Columbus Dispatch. You will not find this in the Toledo Blade.

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Nope- wrong as usual. The story is on the front page of section B of the Toledo Blade (behind the news).

Yep, the Blade carried the exclusive the Dispatch got, like a lot of the content they carry - it's from a non-Toledo Blade source or newspaper.

Byline: By Mike Wagner, Columbus Dispatch

The 8 largest newspapers in Ohio are cooperating in a news alliance called OHNO. The Dispatch carries many of The Blade's stories.

Here's a link with a simple explanation:

Considering The Blade offered the most timely and thorough coverage of the Robinson investigation and trial, and that our religion editor Dave Yonke wrote a book about the affair, it's obvious why Robinson's exclusive would not be in The Blade.

Of course we see this a lot with people involved in stories where we have exposed their actions to public scrutiny.

I have also seen a lot of character assassination, smears, and slanted reporting in many of The Blade's stories. How many talented people has your boss run out of town? Maybe that's why we have such a low caliber of political talent running for office in this town.

Here's a link, Pete to help you pin blame.

BTW, what do you think about Issue 3?

makes me believe any less it was Robinson who commited this crime.

What shocks me is that people are still reading the Bland.


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