Bizjournals and's report on Toledo jobs: "dismal"

As referenced in the previous post, Toledo did not fare well in the recent Bizjournal/'s job analysis. From 2008-2009 Toledo dropped from 97th to 99th place. What city was 100? Detroit.

The sobering facts which you won't see on Toledo letterhead:
Private Sector Job Growth 04-09: -6.7%
Private Sector Job Growth 08-09: -8.5%
Raw growth in private sector jobs (04-09): -31,900
Raw growth in private sector jobs (08-09): -23,400
Unemployment rate: 14.2%

Congratulations leaders of Toledo, who happen to be almost all Democratic, this ranking is for you. You know it is bad when the Dems say they need change and then campaign on it-what an indictment of their own leadership style. But watch, they say they want change, then continue to do the same idiotic stuff. This will eventually catch up with them and for Toledo's sake, let's hope soon. So think about this the next rain garden that is created, the next flower planted, and what ever else these "leaders" say to distract you from there own accountability and lousy performance.

As you may recall a couple of weeks ago, Bizjournals noted Toledo had a -33.5% income growth index which put Toledo in the bottom 4.

You can see the interactive feature at:
Brother, Can You Spare a Job?

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As you may recall a couple of weeks ago, Bizjournals noted Toledo had a -33.5% income growth.

Bizjournals gave us a -33.52 income growth index score. Per capita income growth has been positive for the last 25 years.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

“Republicans create jobs while Democrats work in them.” Mike Bell

Good job!

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