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Oust Webb, take back Point Place

As a former Point Place resident, I watched with amusement as the "Take Back Toledo" campaign worked to get a recall petition on the ballet to oust Carty Finkbeiner as mayor of Toledo. I think it's time for the residents of Point Place to start a new recall campaign to "Take Back Point Place," and oust Lindsay Webb.
Let's examine her first term so far. Her first action was to sell out to Carty on the election of council president, and then she said she was misled. She lets hundreds of thousands of dollars put aside for Ottawa River dredging evaporate. She allows Point Place to be blindsided by FEMA, saying our Lake Erie bikes have been compromised, and many property owners must now buy high-dollar flood insurance. She does a legal end run to get the "Nine is Fine" issue on the ballot, and then spends thousands of dollars of her own money to finance the ill-fated campaign.
What was she thinking?
She justifies her lack of attendance at council meetings, saying her job takes her away from town. I know for a fact that she looks the other way on neighborhood blight issues, and turns a blind eye on commercial properties abusing city trash pickup.
Exactly what is her idea of representation? Does she have an agenda? More photo ops?
As far as I'm concerned, it's time to clean house in the 6th District and start a petition drive to remove Ms. Webb and replace her with someone who will represent the people of Point Place as they deserve to be represented. Maybe Jeanine Perry would come back?
Gary Spear

Erie, Mich.

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