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This week I released a revised copy of my platform, which outlines the specific steps I will take as mayor to make Toledo a high-functioning city again.

But good, practical ideas are only the start. We also need experience and an emphasis on teamwork at the top - and outstanding new faces throughout the government to change the way the city operates.

Insider dealings and politics as usual have prevented Toledo from reaching its potential for 16 years under strong mayor rule. My opponent is the ultimate insider politician. He has surrounded himself with the same faces that have been in charge for years. And the same people will give Toledo the same results.

Our city's best days are ahead - but only if we bring new leadership, a fresh approach, and energy to solve the problems facing us ... Not the same old politics.

There is still time to be a part of the campaign for strong, non-partisan leadership. Please consider making a financial contribution or volunteering.

With just 32 days to go every person can make an impact. Together we
can eliminate politics and make Toledo a city that functions for everyone.

Mike Bell

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