Wilkowski fires back at Bell by saying, "There is a Good Old Boys Club in Toledo that has had too much power for too long. It’s called the Mike Bell for Mayor campaign and it is
run by Tom Noe Republicans like Bob Reichert and disgraced Finkbeiner Democrats like John Irish. That’s not what I call independence."

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So a democrat who's been in the Toledo political scene for two decades, is calling his opponent part of the good old boy's club in toledo?

Problem is, he's right - but it's still the pot and the kettle.

Now we need someone to toss the race card about the use of the word 'boys' in the description?

As a city, we're screwed, but at least we can sit back and laugh at the antics...

When I think about Toledo's future I get the mental image of Burgess Meredith standing over his broken glasses screaming "It's not fair! It's not fair!"


One of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes...which reminds me that while my city continues to decay, I can at least enjoy some fantastic television!

@MikeyA - well stated

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