Carty hires relative at $25/hr to plant flowers

I believe the relative is his son-in-law. Carty said his relative won a landscape award but no one has any record or can confirm it. Believe it or Not!

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From WSPD news-Even as the city of Toledo wrangles with an estimated $8-million budget defecit, WSPD has learned the Mayor's son in law, Tim Burns, is put on the city payroll, making 25-dollars per hour as a seasonal parks supervisor working through a temp service. Mayor Carty Finkbeiner is defending the hire, saying his son in law is qualified for the job. As for experience, the administration tells us Burns has worked with the city through a temporary service throughout the summer. And the mayor adds, he is very good with his hands.

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I'd be interested to know how many other people were interviewed for the job, and were there any people who had been laid off or let go out of that department who werent called back?

Hopefully the next Mayor will remove this guy as one of this first acts.
They leap frogged this guy over a lot of people.

Who does Carty think he is? The president of the YMCA?

Who does Carty think he is? The president of the YMCA?

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