Vote For Bell-Send Marcy A Message.

I see voting for Mike Bell as a win-win situation. First, he is by far the most qualified person for the job. Period. Second, by doing so, I can also send Marcy a clear message as to how I, and I'm sure many others on this site agree, feel about her support of business as usual in Washington. Think about the following: trillions given to bankers, stock brokers, various other bailouts, Bushs' rich friends, more troops being sent to the Middle East, and oh yes-->jail time for those who don't want to be covered by health insurance that she can opt out of. And that's for starters.

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I dont really see us getting more of the same ol' same ol' no matter who we pull the lever for.

But really, In this town it's all about the letter behind your name. Saves having to actually think about stuff....

Ford, Carty, now Bell? He has no plan, and no ideas other than a Kumbaya strategy that won't work.

He has no plan, and no ideas other than a Kumbaya strategy that won't work.

And the other choice is someone who's been connected with the same ol' gang that's got us to where we are. A connection that's been in place for the past 20 years.


Marcy voted against the bank bailout.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I like Mike Bell as a person. But he's made his career as a democrat. He might be running as an independent, but if elected, he's a democrat.

The only way you were going to send Mousy a message was to overwhelmingly support Jim Moody in the primary. That didn't happen. She'll be re-elected in '10. If we are able to return the statehouse to the republicans in '10, we might be able to redistrict her out of office in '12. We'll be losing at least one seat, and since Mousy has no clout, they'll be looking for a district or two to split up. The western suburbs can move into Bob Latta's district. Mousy and Dennis Kucinich can have a celebrity death match for a district that stretches from downtown Toledo to downtown Cleveland.

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