Brookings Institute report labels Toledo's economy as dismal

Brookings Institute labeled Toledo's economy as "dismal" in the Great Lakes Monitor which was released last week.

The recession has had highly varied impacts across metropolitan areas in the Great Lakes region, with 11 metros falling in the bottom tiers of metros based on their performance, and seven standing toward the top. The overall performance of over half of Great Lakes metros has been fairly dismal: Five of the 21 large metros in the region—Dayton, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Toledo, and Youngstown—rank among the 20 weakest in the country, and an additional six rank among the second 20 weakest. At the other end of the spectrum, Des Moines, Pittsburgh, and Rochester are among the nation’s top 20 highest performers, while Buffalo, Indianapolis, Madison, and Syracuse are in the next highest quintile; the remaining three Great Lakes metros fall in the middle of the pack.

In the overall ranking, Toledo is next to last out of all the Great Lake metro areas. Quite sobering.

Read the full report at:

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Then we should be downsizing our government instead of letting it TAX US TO DEATH.

like the vote we just took to go from 12 to 9 councilmen?

Truth be told tho, I place the blame for most of our situation squarely on Carelton S. Finkbeiner.

What's our current budget deficit?

Now add up:
What was the cost overrun for the repair of the MLK bridge?
How much money have we dumped into the Hillcrest and various other hotels?
How much money have we spent on the ESM?

Once you hammer out those numbers you'll find that the deficit and the mayor's wastful spending tend to equal out.

It took some fancy high brow "institute" to tell us the economy of Toledo sucks? I'll bet everybody here knew that. :-)

We'll put that into the "no duh" file.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

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