Sylvania Township Election

The next election for Sylvania Township Trustees is getting closer, and I haven't heard much about the candidates. Here's a list of Sylvania Township Trustee candidates and a few comments and questions for each one:

Royal Barber
4033 Mockingbird Ln
Toledo, OH 43623-3212

Mr. Barber is basing his campaign on support of the Sylvania Township police department. The Sylvania Township police do an excellent job, and I see no reason to have the local government start 'supporting' them any more or less than they already do.

Pamela Hanley (incumbent)
4548 Dovewood Ln.
Sylvania, OH 43560

Ms. Hanley was slow to react to the proposed Sylvania merger between the city and the township. I suspect she wanted to see which way the wind was blowing before she made any kind of commitment. Like the other trustees, Ms. Hanley hasn't opposed uncontrolled development within the township or expansion of the city of Sylvania by means of coercion. To give her credit, Ms. Hanley has managed to balance the budget pretty well, and in this day and age that's saying something.

Dennis Boyle
3745 Wild Pheasant Ln.
Sylvania, OH 43560

Boyle supports the city of Sylvania at the expense of township residents. I've written about this before;

John Jennewine
6206 W. Sylvania Ave.
Toledo, OH 43623

I couldn't find much on Mr. Jennewine. He doesn't even have a 'vote for me' web site, which is too bad. What I did manage to find was that Mr. Jennewine was a candidate for the merger commission of Sylvania and Sylvania Township.

Kevin R. Eff
5747 Roberts Rd.
Sylvania, OH 43560

Here's a poor choice. I've emailed Kevin several times over the years, and my email always went unanswered. He's got a web site that goes back to May of 2007. Eff was in favor of merging Sylvania and Sylvania township, and is basing his campaign on trying to barbecue the two incumbents, Pamela Hanley and Dee Dee Liedel, for not raising taxes and not spending more money than Sylvania township takes in.

So let me get this straight Kevin, and you just jump right in and tell me where I'm sadly mistaken. If you are elected you promise to raise taxes and run the township into debt, but you promise to spend that money on township and city projects. Right?

Kevin is on the Sylvania city council right now, which makes him one of the worst choices possible for township trustee. Add to that his government spending philosophy and township residents could have their very own financial train wreck. If Eff were elected, that is.

Penny J. Levine
3753 Herr Rd.
Sylvania, OH 43560

Levine supported the merger of Sylvania and Sylvania Township. 'nuff said, but here's a link:

Penny Levine will not represent the best interests of Sylvania Township residents.

Kevin Haddad
4136 Shamley Green Dr.
Toledo, OH 43623

Any relation to Keith Haddad of the city of Sylvania? You know, the same Keith Haddad that tried to railroad the township residents with the merger idea? I'd be interested to know if this was a relative.

Dee Dee Liedel (incumbent)
9710 W. Bancroft St.
Holland, OH 43528

I don't even like Dee Liedel all that much. She's garrulous and opportunistic. She's also failed to raise taxes, failed to spend more money than the township has in its bank account and failed to succumb to the pressure of Mayor Craig Corpulence of Sylvania and his cadre of elite sycophants in their attempt to annex the entire township while simultaneously ruining the fire and police departments. Why not give Dee Dee another chance at failing to run us into bankruptcy?

The challengers are Royal Barber, Dennis Boyle, John Jennewine, Kevin R. Eff, Penny J. Levine and Kevin Haddad. All these people have one thing in common; they have to convince the voters exactly why they would serve the township residents better than the incumbents, and outline just how they plan to do that. They must also keep in mind the adversarial relationship between the city of Sylvania and the Township, and explain in great detail just what they plan to do to prevent the city from annexing more Township land, how they will lower taxes instead of raising them, and just how they will spend less than the township takes in.

I don't think any of them can do that, but I'm willing to listen while they try. Meantime, I'm voting for Dee Dee Liedel and Pamela Hanley.

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Thanks for the update madjack.

I live in the township, and don't know too much about any of the challengers. (yet - I'll start nosing around once more info starts getting publicized)

I would be vehemently opposed to anyone who planned to raise taxes. We pay plenty of taxes out here - let the powers that be figure out how to make do with less. Just like most of the rest of us are having to do in our own households!

Thanks Sarah.

Out of all the candidates, only the two incumbents are against higher taxes. In particular, Kevin Eff seems to be basing his entire campaign on championing and passing a tax levy to fund the fire department - a levy that failed to pass in years gone by.

At least, that's what I've seen so far.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Better check those facts again, MadJack.

Neither Penny Levine or Kevin Eff are trying to raise taxes. Only voters can raise taxes by passing a levy,
and neither candidate has proposed any levies.

As to the fire department, while some levies did fail, a 1.25 mill levy was passed by a 3000 vote majority in March of 2008. Collection of the tax revenue began in February of 2009. That tax millage is paying for the badly needed new fire stations and fire engines. The fire department had been underfunded for many years. The levy also provides for 5 new fire fighters, which have yet to be hired. Our fire department is seriously understaffed by national standards.

A grassroots citizens group worked to provide facts to the voters. Levine, Eff, and myself are members of that
non-partisian group, whose goal is to provide our fire fighters with the manpower and equipment to do their job safely and effectively.

Having attended every township trustee meeting for the past 3 years, I've found that the info put out by the township officials is not always the whole story. Those few of us who regularly attend township meetings always wonder why so few take the time to
come to the meetings and actually get the facts at the source. Only by observing and actually listening at the meetings can one get a clear picture of wha's really
going on in township government.

While the present trustees may be against new taxes, they've certainly been very generous with raises to the administrative staff. Last year they approved a $20,000 per year increase for the township administrator (he is now the highest paid in the state for that position) and a $10,000 per year increase for the zoning manager who had only been hired 6 months previously. Except for AIG and Wall Street, I've never heard of raises in that stratosphere. Just a little something to think about when you over complement the current trustees on their fiscal responsibility.

CatLady said - "Present trustees may be against new taxes, they've certainly been very generous with raises to the administrative staff."

CatLady is right. The Township Administrator, Hugh Thomas (hailing from past history in Ashtabula, Ohio) and Police Chief Robert Metzger (from Adrian, Michigan and Huron Township) both received raises twice over within the 2008 to 2009 years, both provided with generous benefit packages and car allowances. In contrast, the Trustees have raked their police officers and fireman over the coals calling these men and women "selfish." Both Hugh Thomas and Chief Metzger were teamed up with the Trustees in a heavy anti-Union crusade - all come from anti-Union backgrounds.

Mind you - your police and fire - according to the Trustees, have been "selfish," what with collective bargaining attempts at holding onto a cost of living balanced against heavy health care premium increases (obviously not something Mr. Thomas or Chief Metzger need concern themselves over).

I hardly think wanting a raise when you are making $50,000 to $55,000/year as you watch your health care premiums going up to $400+/month is selfish. And, God knows, there is little hope of supplementing income with a police officer's version of a "bonus" - overtime. These officers, according to the Trustees, were also "selfishly" objecting to the minimum staffing, to their admistration's disregard for their safety and, ultimately, the community's safety. Pam Hanley (in one of Kevin Eff's blogs) was known to reply, "Well, you can't save everyone," when the fire levy issue was in full swing.

These women may say they have kept a tight squeeze on tax payers' money but they have done it at the expense of people. A vote for these women is a vote to continue valuing money ahead of people.

With this team of Trustees, Township Administrator, Police Chief, Fire Chief - believe me - they ARE the TEAM and your police officers and your firemen - they are just the EQUIPMENT.

These women have got to go. Vote for someone who CARES. Please!

From Good Will: I hardly think wanting a raise when you are making $50,000 to $55,000/year

Fifty grand a year? Oh, times is hard. Times is hard!

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Family of 4 (dependent on location/cost of living) - roughtly $25,000 a year is poverty level, MadJack. Family of 6 - roughly $35,000. I am not saying $50,000 is poverty level - but salary does not have to be befitting poverty level these days to have a great deal of difficulty stretching to live comfortably. There are a lot of other complicated lifestyle issues that play into this.

$50,000 a year with sky-high health insurance premiums (not to mention co-pays) with a family to feed, cloth, school and all that goes with that and, unfortunately, sometimes even additional families (child support, alimony, etc.) - that money is not a lot. Personally, I wish there was another way to pay police and fire services rather than tax money - when times are tough - they will ALWAYS be short-changed. And - who cares??

I was simply expressing the contrast - scrapping and fighting with the officers' contract over little money, diminished staffing, higher health premiums versus taking money from the coffers and handing it over to the highers-that-be (raises twice over in 1 year, etc.), to the Hugh Thomases, the Chief Metzgers - essentially the CEOs who, again, get richer and fatter while the little guy has to scrap and grovel and pay back and pay forward.

I was simply expressing the contrast in the meaning and value of men - Liedel's and Hanley's meaning - the meaning that adminstration heads have much more value to them than the lowly officer. I stated it because The Blade ran away with articles over collective bargaining contracting disputes (per, again, the Liedel and Hanley perspective), never truthfully delving into the officers' perspective, never being fair to the working man.

Personal question - do you do better salary-wise?

I will tell you MadJack - sometimes your commentary comes across in a reckless manner. Readable, yes. You have imagination and wit. Quit blogging and write a novel. BUT - sometimes you appear to state things that lack a gut-level insight into the other person's world - there is real truth lying in that gut-level story - stuff we could all learn from and, maybe, just maybe, from which we could all gain real empathy, thus understanding.

Simply said - until you've lead the life of law enforcement work - until you are a family in that life - again - it does not affect you personally and directly - so until it does or has - you are not affected. Sadly - you are not affected so it is status quo to be apathetic and nonempathic.

Why is it that every t.v. show, every movie is about law enforcement/detectives - the general public is fascinated - yet the whole institution of law enforcement is soo underappreciated.

From Good Will:Personal question - do you do better salary-wise?

I do not. I'm out of work and have no labor union to protect me.

From Good Will:Simply said - until you've lead the life of law enforcement work - until you are a family in that life - again - it does not affect you personally and directly - so until it does or has - you are not affected. Sadly - you are not affected so it is status quo to be apathetic and nonempathic.

I'm very likely not well suited to law enforcement, particularly the everyday tasks. For one thing my physical condition is terrible. That said, not being employed by the police department nor having family that are police does not prevent me from learning about the police department and what they have to do on a regular basis.

I am not without empathy for the police. However, each individual policeman made a choice to work in law enforcement. I presume they did some investigation before they completed training and put on their badge and gun. They knew up front how much they'd make in a year. It is not my fault if these people started living above their means. They are the people who decided to get married and have kids, not me. They decide how they would spend their money. I didn't make those decisions for them. Now they, the police, are stating that they need more money and trying to justify this need with the decisions they made. That's the sticking point.

From Good Will:Why is it that every t.v. show, every movie is about law enforcement/detectives - the general public is fascinated - yet the whole institution of law enforcement is soo underappreciated.

Because it's TV, that's why. Do not confuse TV with real life.

As for the perceived under-appreciation of law enforcement, consider the best case scenario. Recently there was a home invasion shooting on Williamsburg in Sylvania. The police show up and immediately string up six miles of yellow "do not cross" tape. When people who live in the neighborhood ask what's going on they get rebuffed by a surly man in a uniform who informs them that there's nothing going on and nothing to see here.

Clearly there is something going on and there's plenty to see, but the police don't want to be bothered with mere civilians. Granted that this is the city of Sylvania, and the PD is not nearly as good as Sylvania Township, but that is the typical reaction, and while the reaction may be justifiable it is not conducive to great public relations.

And, by the way, does the Sylvania Township PD have a ride along program? How about the city of Sylvania?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

... an inaccurate statement. Actually, there are a lot of inaccurate statements and beliefs in this thread, and it would take too long to hit all of them. But, I will start with the insurance premiums:

I do not consider health insurance premiums for a family of $115 per month 'sky-high'. For full disclosure, there is a higher premium for a 'premium' plan of about $385/month (not positive, I don't take this plan) if the employee wants the added perks of the premium plan; it is their choice and there are several who chose to pay the higher amount. Co-pays on both plans for basic services are:

Doctor/specialist visit: $10
Prescriptions: $5/$15/$25
It also covers dental and has a vision benefit as well.

I've personally paid over $800 per month for family coverage, and premiums in the range of $200 to $400 are probably not uncommon for residents of our community. To ask our employees to pay $115 a month for a family plan is not outrageous.

At the same time, the same contract that fixed the health care premiums gave the police department employees a 3% raise for 3 years(including 1 year retroactive, but the insurance premiums were not retroactive), plus a $1,000 signing bonus - which I'll note, we paid out but the unions refuse to sign the contracts. Their attorney won't propose language that they would sign they just refuse to sign what our attorneys drafted, (and the fact finder and conciliator awarded).

We pay our fire and police personal market wages as confirmed by the fact finder/conciliator. Different careers pay different amounts.

As far as the raises for the chief and administrator - the Chief was not on the annual cycle, he was on a July salary review cycle. We got him on the same cycle as other administration staff by giving two half raises in one year. And Mr. Thomas - he has not received a raise since 2008, and was not given two raises in a year that I remember.

I value our police and fire department, but we have to have a department that our community can afford not only this year but next year and five years from now. A union contract that is too generous only creates huge budget problems (just look at Toledo and the trouble they are having with decreased revenues). We can't pay more than we can afford and market wages are only so much, especially in this down economy. We are not laying off, we are not reducing services, we are not digging in to our reserves to provide services.

In defense - I will have to further question the premiums - those I spoke with did have the higher premium at almost $400 per month. When people speak numbers in terms of wage and health care premiums - they are only numbers - they not do go very far in telling the true story of how most families are living and struggling on those wages.

The chief hardly deserves a raise - at all - ever. I will stand firmly on my belief in that. These men - both Mr. Thomas and Chief Metzger are both being paid far more than their worth. We've gone down that road before Dee Dee - and you have gloriously defended your stance on why they should be paid so much in order that they do not be disenfranchised and enticed away by other cities/other departments. I could only wish that might happen.

Dee Dee - the real problem is that you entered into conversation with your public employees, both police and fire, in a highly defensive manner from the very beginning. There was never any development of respect and regard for who they are, what they do, the kind of work and unique stress they are subjected and loyally commit their careers to every day. Respectfully, they should have been AT THE VERY LEAST, no matter a contract, supported ALWAYS, ALWAYS in a non-threatening work environment. That is the very least these people deserved from all of YOU. Rather, instead, YOU have turned them into a bunch of equipment - replaceable and highly devalued. You did that when you allowed Chief Metzger free rein to devalue everyone's worth in that department. You have placed someone in a role of leadership who has been continually allowed to treat people with very little regard. You and those who condone and sanction what he is doing have destroyed immense trust which has lead to an unsafe and unprotected department and, ultimately, may trickle down to an unsafe community. This kind of thing will catch up with you.

Sometimes we all need to own up to our mistakes - this one - it was a big one - and the further you distance yourself and your decision of Chief Metzger as this Sylvania Township Police Department's leader the more intact your own reputation will be in the end.

I am on the side of truth too. Thank you for once again straightening out a few "numbers" when it is and always will be people who have the greater value. In your treatment of this police department, you have shown us which you value more.

Dee Dee: "I do not consider health insurance premiums for a family of $115 per month 'sky-high'."

You get what you pay for Dee Dee. You are either going to pay it at the front end or the back end - one way or the other - $115 premium for a family plan is no doubt NOT the PREMIUM plan. You can honestly see why others would choose the higher $385/month. Honestly. We all know how the insurance game works. And - I've worked it - copays can be hard on people with tight budgets - no matter. That is the reality. I think we all know the standard breakdown on copays.

The comparison to a city administrator and police chief with the lowly police officer was being made. You side-stepped that - but then again - maybe you didn't - because that is where you place-value them. We get that.

I can see that this was the topic you picked on as you watched the progression of this thread.

You'd better check a few of your facts before making
such vehement statements against some of the candidates.

First of all, Kevin Eff is not on Sylvania City Council. He does not live in the City of Sylvania, and therefore is not elgible for city council. He is a resident of the township and will make a fine township trustee. He worked tirerlessly to put a cititizens initiative levy on the ballot in 2007 to properly fund the fire department which had been underfunded and ignored by previous trustees.

Penny Levine went door to door for weeks to get signatures for the citizens initiative fire levy. She has also worked with the County Commissioners and Lucas County Engineer to put pressure on the present trustees to finally clean up the log jams in 10 mile Creek that had caused major flooding and property loss in the Central Avenue & Herr Road area. The trustee's excuse was always that it was someone else's problem until Penny got involved and organized meetings with each of the county commissioners.

Both Penny Levine and Kevin Eff truly have the best interest of the taxpayers in mind. That is why they are running for trustee.

Please do your homework better, MadJack, and find out the real facts. And no, I am not related to either one of them. I just know them to be real public servants who only want to work in the best interests of the taxpayers and suppor our fire department.

I stand corrected. Kevin Eff is not on the Sylvania City Council.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

You'd better check a few of your facts before making such vehement statements against some of the candidates.

Oh, no problem CatLady.

First of all, Kevin Eff is not on Sylvania City Council. He does not live in the City of Sylvania, and therefore is not eligible for city council. He is a resident of the township and will make a fine township trustee. He worked tirelessly to put a cititizens initiative levy on the ballot in 2007 to properly fund the fire department which had been underfunded and ignored by previous trustees.

Here's what I've been able to find on Kevin Eff, which is precious little. He and Amanda may have applied for a marriage license on Apr 24, 2008, where they are listed as Kevin Roy Eff at 5002 Maryhill sylvania, OH 43560 and Amanda Louise Hunsinger at 4312 Nantucket Tol, OH 43623. My congratulations to you both.

During the attempted mass annexation of Sylvania Township by the city of Sylvania, Kevin Eff spoke at a special meeting on October 1, stating that:
he was not in favor nor opposed, but questioned the Trustees interpretation of R.C. 705.45(A). Here's the link:

This is a fairly important issue for the people of Sylvania Township who don't live in the city under the restrictive laws and onerous city taxes. Since Kevin can't seem to make up his mind, I think it would be best for the residents of the township if Kevin thought his position over for another ten years or so before trying to inflict his political ambitions on the voters again.

Kevin Eff supports higher taxes for everyone. The tax levy he supports was voted down last year, but he wants to try again. Moreover, Kevin wants the voters to put him in charge so that when the levy fails again, he can weasel his way out of the will of the people and find a way to bankrupt the Township by spending more than the Township takes in.

No thanks, Kevin.

Penny Levine supports the annexation of the Township by the city. That alone should disqualify her from holding the office of Township Trustee. If that isn't enough, Levine 'cleaned up' the creek over the objections of private landowners who didn't want the government tearing up their property with a lot of heavy equipment in order to protect buildings constructed on a flood plain. Now maybe it's just my own warped thinking, but if someone builds on a known flood plain and then gets flooded out, shouldn't they bear some tiny smidgen of responsibility for their actions? Not according to Levine, who is a first class moonbat.

No thanks, Penny.

Our trustees have done what they were supposed to do; cut services to fit the current tax dollar budget. I see nothing wrong with this, and in fact I applaud their efforts. If you don't like this, move to the city where you can pay higher taxes to support larger government that provides poorer services that you don't need - but you and Eff and Levine will feel safer over there, and your feelings is what this is all about. Right?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Mad Jack
Thanks for the update. Keep them coming. I am a longtime Township resident and am firmly opposed to becoming part of the City. I want to make sure that my vote suports my point of view. I am very content with the services and lifestyle we presently have, and am appreciative of our elected offcials keeping the Townships finances healthy. One of the choices I value is the one I exercised when I decided to live in the Township as opposed to the City of Slyvania, or heaven forbid, Toledo. There are differences and they are important to those of us who made that choice deliberately.

Thanks Allin. I've noticed that the candidates are somewhat reluctant to post their views on various topics, save for a select few.

You know, one thing that's important about City vs. Township was pointed out by Dock Treece during the debate over the merger. If the City of Sylvania was so wonderful and the city government did such a fantastic job, people would be clamoring to leave the Township and move to the city. That isn't the case. It wasn't then, and it isn't now. For an example of Sylvania City government in action, just look at the listings in the yellow pages and then ask yourself if you really want to pay for those services. I know I don't.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Mad Jack...

I'm not sure where you're getting your info on me (or why you seem to harbor such animosity towards me), but I'd appreciate you talking to me first and then making up your mind. You mentioned that you'd tried to contact me previously - I apologize, but I was never aware of any such attempts. On Saturday, I sent you a message through SwampBubbles after your initial post above, but maybe you didn't get it: I'm more than happy to speak directly to you - please give me a call at (419) 265-2091. I have no problem with you sharing your views on me after we've actually communicated. Please, call me. Also, that goes for anyone else who'd like to contact me - part of my campaign is based on (sorely-needed) accessibility, openness, and being accountable to the community, and in the still-early stages of my campaign I've promulgated my contact info as much as possible.

For all readers, I'll address Mad Jack's charge that "Kevin Eff supports higher taxes for everyone. The tax levy he supports was voted down last year, but he wants to try again. Moreover, Kevin wants the voters to put him in charge so that when the levy fails again, he can weasel his way out of the will of the people and find a way to bankrupt the Township by spending more than the Township takes in."

From the statement above, one might get the mistaken impression that I get my jollies from taxation. Whatever I do get my jollies from, higher taxation is not one them. Yes, I supported a 1.5 mil levy (along with 5,895 fellow Sylvania citizens -, pages 623 and 624) in 2007 that would have provided for Sylvania Fire Department operations (as Co-Chair of a non-partisan - though majority REPUBLICAN - group). Though that effort failed, the TRUSTEES (yes, the beloved Liedel and Hanley) put a 1.25 mil levy on the March 2008 ballot that was passed by THE VOTERS (not just me). The Trustees - not me - tried again and I have never stated nor do I have any intention of "trying again."

If I had to guess, my wife and I (by the way Mad Jack, I find it odd that you posted our marriage license stats) are the least-wealthiest of the candidates for Trustee. We don't like to pay more for a gallon of milk, let alone unnecessary taxes. But, we made a choice to settle in Sylvania Township - where we both were raised - to raise a family, and we balance our need to live cost-effectively with a desire to live in a community that provides a high quality of life.

I supported the 2007 1.5 mil levy because I saw a need and I stood up for what I felt needed to be done to keep the community safe. I won't apologize for that - I've seen firsthand the importance of having a quality first responder force and I did what was needed to be done to ensure that such an insurance policy was in place. The Township deserves an elected leader who will stand up for what is right – not what is merely convenient on its face.

Since I’m not insane and delusional, I have no desire to raise taxes arbitrarily. I do have a desire to provide much-needed effective leadership to the Board of Trustees and to make the Township government run more efficiently by operating within existing tax revenue streams. For instance, all of the taxpayer-funded lunches that members of the Liedel/Hanley administration like to take with other members of the administration (the receipts are public records) will stop if I am elected Trustee. The majority of Sylvania's workers pay for their own lunches, and there is no reason that Township public servants can't do the same.

It may seem that I'm one of those candidates who is "somewhat reluctant to post their views on various topics," however campaigns don't exist in vacuums: while trying to build this campaign, I am tending to work, my last semester in law school, and family responsibilities. Is all my info and all of my views currently posted? No. But, they will be soon (at, so that the voters can take a hard look and make an educated and informed decision.

In the meantime, making outrageous and patently false statements furthers neither the formation of an informed electorate nor the goals of democracy. Since your initial post on Saturday, Mad Jack, I've been reading your prior blog posts. I like your style and I like that you are engaged in local affairs as not many are; thus, I'm surprised with your allegations thus far. So... please call me. I'm more than happy to sit down with you over coffee or a beer, and have a reasonable discussion with you.

From Kevin Eff: On Saturday, I sent you a message through SwampBubbles after your initial post above, but maybe you didn't get it:

My fault. I haven't updated my profile in a long time. Try again and I should get the email.

I listened to the MP3 file of the town meeting regarding the Sylvania merger for the first time this morning. I've deliberately refused to listen to it because I felt it was likely to raise my blood pressure. I was right.

Q: Why didn't someone pepper spray Doug Haynam?

I also listened to Kevin Eff speak, and Kevin did not speak against the merger. That means that Kevin is giving tacit approval to the merger.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

The question on the ballot was not merger, but a merger commission to study the issue and report the facts back to the voters. Then and only then, would there be a vote, at a later date, for or against the actual merger. Mr. Eff probably didn't speak against the merger, because the merger question wasn't on the ballot. He probably wanted to hear all the facts and then make a reasoned decision. Personally, I like to have real facts before making decisions. The folks in the township made up their minds without even knowing the facts. That is their right, but it doesn't seem to me like a good way to make such an important decision.

The question on the ballot was not merger, but a merger commission to study the issue and report the facts back to the voters.

Stable dressing. Top quality, too.

By your moniker I'm going to assume that you are a feline fancier of some note. Suppose that I and a few like minded friends state that there are too many feral cats in Sylvania, and we'd like to control the population with terriers and twenty-twos. Reacting to howls of protest over a proposed feral feline field sport event, we state that we'll undertake a study to see just how the feline population should be controlled. You can pay for the study. At the end of the study, we'll have everyone vote on the hunting regulations, approved gear and dog type, trapping requirements and so forth.

This is okay because it's only a study, right? We're not actually doing anything but studying the problem. Right? What, you don't believe me?

The truth is different. You know it, I know it, and the residents of Sylvania knew it just as soon as the word 'merger' was mentioned. The petition circulated to begin the process was falsely represented.

In my example above, I imagine you would oppose the study, because it isn't just a study. It's a first step. Stop it before it gets to the second step.

Levine knew it too. Being a law and order person, Levine hates freedom and the things freedom represents, as does Haynam and the rest of the crew. The very last thing we need in Sylvania Township is a Sylvania City Council bootlicker elected as a trustee.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Mad Jack,

Please - I know you're smarter than that. So because I didn't speak - at THAT public meeting - against the issue I was giving tacit approval? Ok, but by your logic, since YOU also didn't speak AT THAT MEETING you also gave your tacit approval.

That lapse in logic is so gapingly glaring that Louis Braille would be blinded by it.

I think we're both reasonable individuals (I know I am at least) and I think we can have a reasonable discussion without such ridiculous assertions.

Because I chose to exercise my First Amendment rights at a public meeting (payed for with my tax dollars) on a subject of my choosing indicates nothing more than what was facially apparent. Because you chose not to attend that circus (and trust me, there were a number of people on both sides of the issue whose fingers were poised on their pepper spray triggers when Haynam was ranting) gives no indication of your position, and likewise what I chose to speak about or chose not to speak about doesn’t indicate anything more than my actual words and message.

Both groups (pro and con) organized in response to the merger issue were disingenuous in many of their assertions. Thus, I did a very reasonable thing: I educated myself and I read (several times) the pertinent sections of the Ohio Revised Code. I then applied the facts, and in the context of the pertinent legal framework I concluded that the 2008 merger issue was a bad thing for Sylvania Township.

Just as Joe Wilson felt that the President was lying about the true meaning of a piece of legislation, I too thought that the truth regarding the pertinent statute at issue was being muddled and so I pointed that out. I have a healthy respect for the law (a quality that is sorely needed on Sylvania’s Board of Trustees) and like any American has a right to do, I chose to speak on what I wanted to say – nothing more, nothing less. An assertion that my silence indicated something so specific is a notion more at home in Stalinesque Russia than in the USA.

As to my message I sent to you on Saturday, here it is in its entirety:

Hi Mad Jack,

Someone just let me know that you had posted some info on the Sylvania Twp. election. After reading it, I was surprised to read your comments about me. I don't frequently read SwampBubbles (and I just signed up so that I could contact you), but I'd like to set the record straight - please call me at (419) 265-2091 or email me at


Kevin R. Eff

I have some free time tonight Mad Jack – why don’t you and I sit down over a beer or two and have a genuine, intellectually-driven discussion (and that offer goes for anyone else, too) free from such hyperbole. I think you may find we have more in common than meets the eye.

By the way, for saying (in your initial post) that you “haven't heard much about the candidates” you seem to have prematurely made up your mind about me to some extent.

One more thing Mad Jack...

At the merger discussion you reference above, there were two groups permitted to speak - one for people making comments in opposition to the issue, and one for those speaking in favor of the merger issue. My COMMENTS were neutral - that is, they pertained to the section of Ohio Revised Code covering merger - and there was no pre-arranged group for those with neutral comments. The meager meeting minutes you reference - - are highly censored and not in context. Listen to the actual recording to see what really went on - it's supposed to be a public record.

For the record, I was opposed to the merger issue in 2008 and I voted against it for numerous reasons. Hopefully, Mad Jack, we can sit down and discuss it further.

I'll give you credit for responding. You seem to be the only candidate that's willing to do so, and even if I don't agree with you I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

I can understand Kevin Haddad not wanting to get involved. Kevin is Keith Haddad's brother - Keith sits on the Sylvania City Council. If we ever get around to breaking out the tar and feathers, I want to see both of these charlatans riding the same rail out of town.

I listened to most of the MP3 recording of the meeting, and I note that just as soon as legal questions were raised the Sylvania Trustees objected to the question (I think) on the grounds that the question was being raised in the wrong venue.

I am competing with a jealous clock today. Here's a question:

You are running against two incumbents. Give me three reasons why you'd be a better trustee than either one of them and cite a few examples of things you would do. In particular, keep in mind that the city of Sylvania continues to annex land from the Township by holding residents hostage to water. How would you correct that situation?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Three quick reasons why Kevin Eff would make an infinitely better Trustee than the two incumbents:

1. Currently, at the public Trustee meetings, Sylvania citizens (who, by the way, pay for those meetings via tax money) cannot ask simple questions of the Trustees or administrators nor can the taxpaying public offer any meaningful input on issues before the Board. In addition, the Board members are often rude to those who take the time to come to the meetings (just listen to the recordings), and the standard response is "contact us outside the meeting" (which, by the way, in my own experience and that of many others I've spoken to, the incumbents rarely do get back to people). There is one exception though - if you happened to give money to their campaigns four years ago, they are much more willing to hear from you (that's right - "Pay-to-Play" is alive and well in Sylvania Township!) If elected Trustee, myself and my fellow Board members WILL be held accountable to the public. I swear to God, if I ever sit behind that dais and refuse to answer a question regarding public information to a member of the public (and thus do not RESPECT the taxpaying citizen before me), that'll be the day I'll resign. Good government is government that is accountable and answerable to THE PEOPLE, and Sylvania desperately needs good government. If elected, I will provide that.

2. The Trustees over the last four years have gone into executive session more than all other NW Ohio Townships combined (throw in some Cities too - same result). The executive session allows them to meet behind closed doors out of the view of press and public, though by law they are only permitted to discuss certain narrowly-defined topics. I have been told firsthand, by some of those who have at times been in those sessions, that discussions are not limited, by any means, to the topics stated to enter executive session. That is abuse of power, plain and simple. Also, they have entered THREE "Emergency Sessions" (I haven't been able to find ANY example of another Board or body doing this) - that require no prior notice to the press or public. The case law in Ohio is scarce (because it so rarely happens), but pretty much there should be a terrorist attack happening or the only fire station just burnt down before such an Emergency session is called. When I complained and questioned these sessions, I was told that "the Trustees couldn't find another convenient time to meet. Don't pee down my back and tell me it's raining - that's an abuse of power, plain and simple. If elected Trustee, closed- door sessions will be held only when absolutely necessary, and will conform to the letter and spirit of the law. The people of Sylvania deserve a transparent government, and I will provide that.

3. Tensions between the Trustees and City are at an all time high. The reason: because the incumbents won't allow the City Council to have input (notice I didn't say "an absolute say") on shared issues. Because of that, the City has not had a problem with enforcing annexation through water covenants. For instance, the City Council once requested that Fred Welsh - the fire chief - give them a monthly report. The Trustees refused. When a group of people also represent 40% of your own constituency, I have no problem with them having access to information - public information at that. The Trustees have created this adversarial environment, and unfortunately the City leaders have not always let it slide and done the grown-up thing. If elected Trustee, I will work with all neighbors on issues of mutual interest. And, I will respect those that my own constituents have also elected to represent them. Now Mad Jack, I can just see you salivating, thinking I'll capitulate to the City Council and Mayor. That is NOT what I said. I will give them the respect they deserve, and I foresee them giving me such respect back. When water/annexation issues then come up, I'll be in a much better position to fight back (and I WILL fight them) - I try to always keep in mind the maxim that "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar."

I don't have time now, but I could go on and on - there are well over a hundred reasons just off the top of my head why ANYONE would be a better Trustee than Hanley and Liedel, let alone me in particular. If elected, I will provide sorely-needed effective leadership and a much more efficient, transparent, and accountable government.

From Kevin R. Eff: 3. Tensions between the Trustees and City are at an all time high. The reason: because the incumbents won't allow the City Council to have input (notice I didn't say "an absolute say") on shared issues. Because of that, the City has not had a problem with enforcing annexation through water covenants.

So if the Township Trustees allowed Sylvania City Council regular and uncensored input during public meetings and the like, somehow the annexation would cease? Come on, Kevin. That's ridiculous. The city of Sylvania annexes land from the Township because:

1. They can, and more land is always better.
2. Annexing land means more tax dollars.

My question to you is simple: How will you stop the annexation by the city of Sylvania? Just lie down and ask politely for them to stop? They won't.

Another item that should have been addressed four years ago concerns the voting for Township Trustees. Given the clear conflict of interest between the city and the township over taxes and services, residents of the city should not be allowed to vote for Township trustees, yet the only way to get elected is to initially pander to the whim of city residents (those who aren't too apathetic to vote, anyway). Would you be willing to work to get this changed?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Sorry I've taken awhile to respond - this is the first time I've had to sit down lately, let alone sit down and write something meaningful.

As to annexation, I agree with you Mad Jack - it is way too easy for a city to annex chunks of a township, and it is Ohio law that makes it that way. One of the essential functions of any local elected official is to serve as an intermediary between citizen-constituents and elected officials holding higher offices. Practically, politicians listen to other politicians, and if elected Trustee I will have a duty not just to serve locally, but to try to push issues up the food chain to the state level that would benefit Sylvania Township. One such issue: changing Ohio law in regard to annexation.

The current state laws regarding annexation are outdated and remnants of a bygone era. I believe that when a person chooses to live in a certain place or open a business there, that choice should not be torn away from her or him by being annexed into a neighboring community. Suddenly, that individual is not afforded any elected representation - when citizens of Sylvania Township find themselves annexed into the City of Sylvania, they are suddenly represented by a mayor and council that they had no part or voice in electing. I don't agree with that - it's not fair (not that I'm under any delusion that life is fair) and it's not democratic.

My point is, until the law is changed by the Ohio legislature, we in townships are forced to swallow the situation whole. Aside from armed rebellion, there is no (or very little) legal recourse. In Sylvania, we have two very fine leaders at the state level - Barbara Sears and Mark Wagoner - and if elected I will work with them and others to level the playing field for Sylvania Township's citizens. If I didn't, I simply wouldn't be doing my duty.

My point in the previous post is this: with our hands tied legally, there is little we can do but try to build good will and decrease feelings of animosity. It's been my experience that good personal relationships open doors on professional levels. If I treat Mayor Stough and the City Council with respect and allow them to voice their opinions on issues of mutual interest, I will be in a much better position to urge them not to go forward with annexation the next time it comes up.

As to City residents voting for Township Trustee, the reason is simple: the City never removed itself from the Township. Officially, the City of Sylvania comprises the incorporated portion of Sylvania Township. From everything I’ve learned, it is a rather unique situation, and I don’t know what would need to be done to change it, though fundamentally it should be left to the citizens. It would be a major change, and I don’t think that elected officials should make the decision – if it were to happen, the people should decide via the ballot box.

As to “pander[ing] to the whim of city residents…” I disagree. Like it or not, the current situation is this: the City residents vote for Trustee and are thus full constituents of the Board of Trustees. If the City were no longer part of the Township that would change, but until that time a Sylvania Trustee has a full and indivisible duty to all her or his constituents. To say that a City of Sylvania resident deserves less representation by a Trustee simply because that person is also represented by City Council is baseless: utilizing that logic, Marcy Kaptur would owe less of a duty to us simply because Barbara Sears also represents us. A fact of American life is that we are represented at different levels (and even the same levels) by different people, and sometimes interests overlap. Like it or not, Sylvania Trustees currently have a duty to represent and treat with respect all Sylvania citizens – because they are all constituents.

Kevin - I look forward to seeing more information about the campaign. Will watch for your website.

Thanks for taking the time to post some of your thoughts here. The blogs can be a tough forum for local politicians, but I always appreciate the ones who do address our concerns on forums like this.


Thank you too... in walking door-to-door and speaking to many Sylvania residents, it's discouraging the number of people who don't want to take the time to educate themselves on local issues and candidates and the choices they'll be presented with if they actually go to vote on November 3rd. It's refreshing to see someone who is making that effort.

I agree that it can be tough for local politicians on here (am I technically a politicican?), but what makes it tougher is when someone throws about accusations and facts with absolutely no truth to them. In addition, it's frustrating that when such are replied to with logic and common sense even more baseless and ludicrous assertions are made.

Oh well, just another day in the Swamp...

So... have you stopped beating your wife?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Get your facts straight – you have it backwards. She opens up a Can ‘O Whup-Ass on me at least three times a week.

Absolutely ANYONE would be a better Trustee than Hanley and/or Liedel. All of the above statements of Kevin Eff are true - except one - which he could not have known - that being - "if you happened to give money to their campaigns four years ago, they are much more willing to hear from you." Ain't necessarily so. Just ask the FOP, the police officers who supported them in the last election. I have never seen such a disingenuous display of politicians getting elected through the support of a group of people and then turning their backs on them fully. I for one remember going to Pam Hanley's home post election night - as I recall she was walking around in bare feet - we unwittingly toasted her campaign success only to have her completely turn her back on the men and women of STPD throughout the years of her term. These women fully misrepresented themselves and their political intentions to the Sylvania Township Police Department.

You're right, Good Will, anyone would be better, but since there are 8 (including Hanley & Liedel) running
for 2 trustee positions, if the vote isn't concentrated
on the same 2 candidates, it will be diluted and Hanley & Liedel could be re-elected with a very small percentage of the vote.

In the 2005 election the total vote for the 2 of them was only 35%. It's very important to concentrate the anti-Liedel/Hanley vote on the same 2 candidates.

I am a supporter of Penny Levine & Kevin Eff. They
both put in innumerable hours going door-to-door getting signatures to put the 1.5 mill levy on the ballot. Even though it was defeated by a small margin, that effort brought enough pressure to bear on the trustees, that they finally put the 1.25 mill levy on in March, 2008. That passed by a 3000 vote margin.
Without Levine and Eff's hard work, the fire department would still be underfunded; no new stations or fire engines; and even more understaffed than they are today.

I urge you to inform every voter you come across to educate themselves and talk with Levine and Eff.
They will support the police and fire departments and
really return fiscal responsibility to township government.

Penny Levine is having a coffee & chat at Chandler's
Cafe this Thursday, Sept. 24 at 7:00 PM. Please urge
your co-workers, friends, and neighbors to come and talk with her. She'll be glad to answer your questions and concerns. Kevin Eff has published his phone number (419-265-2091). He will be glad to take calls & address voters' concerns. Give them a chance, and they will return township government to what it should be.

From CatLady: I am a supporter of Penny Levine

You are also dumber than a box of rocks. Or you're being paid to tout Levine - which is likely.

Look genius. Levine supported the merger in a major fashion. Having failed once, she now wants to be the little candidate that could and work on converting as much of the Township into city property as possible in four years.

I'd vote for Eff before I'd vote for Levine. For that matter the more I learn about the other candidates, the better Eff is starting to look.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Mad Jack, what a pleasant fellow you must be.
Penny Levine did not support the merger. She supported the merger commission, which is a separate question. It is a study to bring out the facts so people could intelligently decide to vote yes or no on a merger. Personally, I am neither for or against such a merger, but I did want to know the facts. The voters said no, so that's it. End of story. I live in the city
and I'm perfectly content for the township to remain the township. If you'd ever spoken with Mrs. Levine, you'd know her real position on the merger question.

Do wish you'd take time to get your facts straight.

And I wish you'd start telling the truth, CatLady. Levine supported the merger with enthusiasm. I'm not surprised you support Levine, you being a city resident. Can't get enough tax money, can you?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Mad Jack,

Have you ever actually spoken with Mrs. Levine?
Where were you last night. She was at Chandler's
Cafe ready to talk and answer questions. Where were you?

And as to income taxes, I don't pay any to the city. I'm retired and the city doesn't tax social secruity, etc.
I pay property taxes and am content to do so as long as the services received are comensurate with the taxes paid. Where the city is concered, we get excellent services and a very responsible and responsive government.

And no, Levine did not support the merger.

From Catlady: And no, Levine did not support the merger.

That's a blatant lie. Levine fervently supported the merger and still does.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

To CatLady - I get where you are coming from. I do believe the concentration and effort zeroing on two honest candidates is essential in beating out the Liedel/Hanley tickets.

I have spoken with Penny Levine, and I believe her concern and care is sincere - for the township, its people, and its employees as well. However, I think the zinger against her in a lot of township eyes may be the merger. She is going to have to speak to that. That may be the ONLY topic the voters really care about after all.

I do not know anything of Royal Barber. I will have to gather more information.

I do know that Kevin Eff appeared to be very early on active at township meetings, blogging, and really hanging in with the efforts to ensure financial support for the fire department. I was an avid reader of his blog - until it one day completely stopped. I am not sure the reasoning for that. I do know the police department at one point reached out to him for additional support, an additional voice for them, but they never heard back from him.

I just think voters need to realize it really does start with them. They do hold all the cards. They need to make people in office accountable - to their decisions, to their political agendas, to their dishonesty, to their attitudes of getting into office and then just running things as they wish with no regard to others.

Hanley/Liedel seized power and ran away with it. They had rules upon rules at how and when you could speak at a township meeting, about the content and being alerted to the content ahead of time, how much time you could take, when to stand up and when to sit down, "thank you for your impression" condescendingly and patronizingly letting the speaker know when they had heard enough. I was even told by someone who lives in the township of an intimidation experience per the police chief after she spoke at one of the township meetings. He came up to her car and told her that all the Trustees needed to do was give him the word to escort her out of the meeting and he would have done so, that she should watch what she says. That is the kind of thing the voter does not know is going on - people are living with a government of people who are all in the same political bed together and they are abusing their power.

We need two people who are accountable, above board, honest and true to their word, two people who can remember that this is a democracy. As it is right now - you have Bush & Cheney dictating politics in the backyard of Sylvania Township, and it has long gotten out of hand and will only get worse if allowed to continue. Perhaps- to stop that kind of hold on political agendas - you just need fresh blood every 4 years. Then the nonsense of power-hungry people running and abusing other's lives will stop.

So- yes - you are right - we need two strong and viable candidates to hold the percentage of the vote, relieving the people of Sylvania Township, both the people who live there and the people who work there, of these very power-hungry, very politically hungry , very power-abusing women.

Glad that you've spoken with Penny, and I'll relay your message to her about the merger.

Yes, Kevin Eff was very active at township meetings, etc. and he, along with Supporters for a Safe Sylvania, held a green rally this past spring to bring pressure on the trustees for more green energy solutions in the new fire stations. Kevin has been very busy attending law school full time for the past 3 years. He will graduate this December. That's probably why he's been at fewer meetings lately. But, he's ready now to devote all the needed time and energy to being a really
good trustee.

Your impressions of the current trustees are spot on.
They must go.

From Good Will: We need two people who are accountable, above board, honest and true to their word,

Right, that's what we all need. Who comes closest?

From Good Will: two people who can remember that this is a democracy.

It isn't a democracy, or at least it isn't supposed to be. Consider that a democracy often consists of four wolves explaining to one sheep what's for dinner. Hey, everyone had a vote, right? So that's fair, right?

That's democracy. What the Township needs is freedom, which is what it's losing. Freedom from the repressive city government. With freedom you might have the same four wolves and single sheep, but now the sheep has a .44 magnum.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Looks to me like your first example: 4 wolves and one sheep with the 4 wolves explaining what's for dinner is majority rules or essentially the larger majority preying on the helpless, which really is what we have been subjecting the "helpless" to as a whole. Preying on them. Making their lives less valued.

Democratic government or "democracy" (according to Merriam-Webster) is a government in which the supreme power is VESTED in the PEOPLE and exercised by the PEOPLE directly or indirectly through a system of REPRESENTATION.

Granted - Hanley and Liedel were chosen by the PEOPLE the last time around as their REPRESENTATIVES. Do the voters of Sylvania Township know, really know, that THEY, the PEOPLE, have been left OUT of the equation of people and representation? These 2 women do their own thing.

The Hanley and Liedel Trusteeship definition of the above is that they ARE the PEOPLE and they ARE the SUPREME POWER and they REPRESENT both entities without question or accountability. Talk about electing 2 people to office and turning them into MONSTERS.

These women have unleashed upon the police department one Chief Robert Metzger who has managed to go from police department to police department with a personality illness EVERYONE is paying for. We should not have to pay for someone else's illness - ever. We have better things to spend our hard-earned money on than to place it in the pocket of someone who has slipped through the cracks because of former departments withholding their costly trials and tribulations with one Robert Metzger just to get him out of their hair and their pocketbooks. This should never be allowed but has been fully sanctioned by these women.

THEY are the wolves and your police officers, dispatchers, and ancillary staff have all become the sheep. They need to be rescued from this NONSENSE.

Allin states: "I want to make sure that my vote suports my point of view."

Allin, I don't know if you have ever attended a township meeting, but your point of view does not count within that environment. It is ALL about the ladies. That's the problem - they have forgotten they are representatives of YOUR point of view, of YOU. They don't even want to HEAR your point of view. The sad fact is - in this world people are so disconnected that unless they are affected directly, they don't let it affect them - it's the new brand of robotic apathy. Scary world. Scary future.

Which leads me to the second portion of your statement: "I am very content with the services..." -

That, perhaps, means you are additionally content with your safety services - i.e. police and fire? I would ask you this - if that is truly the case, then please strongly consider voting and changing the present leadership because the present leadership has really negatively affected the police and fire services - the men and women who work there and FOR you - in a careless and selfish manner. Again - people nowadays have a disconnect unless they are the ones actually and directly being affected negatively - if you or one of your loved ones worked as hard as these people do and were being treated as poorly as these people have been treated since Liedel and Hanley came into being - you would get it - you would value them and you would go to the voting booths November 3 and change this leadership for the better.

So please look for a candidate who aspires to REALLY LISTEN to you, the voter, the citizen. Vote for someone who aspires to really REPRESENT YOU. And vote for those services you said you valued - vote on behalf of your police and fire services - vote for a candidate who promises to support and value not only you but the people who work to support and value you every day.

Please vote Hanley and Liedel OUT.

I'm satisfied with police and fire service as well. I've experienced absolutely no degradation in either fire or police (Township Police) service in ten years, let alone the past four.

The only problem the police had involved the length of someone's mustache, which he didn't want to trim and which he was ordered to trim. You know what? The man is in the police department, not a real estate office full of warm, sensitive closet cases. Trim the mustache, have a drink and say f*ck it.

The fire department had a few men laid off. Now the department operates within its budget. Sorry about the lay offs, but times are tough.

If you want Hanley and Liedel out, then suggest someone who:

Failed to support the merger between city and township
Will oppose annexation of Township land by the city
Will oppose new taxes as well as the renewal of tax levies
Will make sure the Township operates within its budget

I'm not opposed to voting either one out especially given that neither one will show up here and defend their position or their history. However that may be, I have to have an alternative. Who would that be?

You might also keep in mind that defeating one of these two would be just as good as defeating both, if they collude as much as people say they do.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Good Will. Thanks for the reply. Yes I have attended township meetings. Yes I will look closely at who supports my point(s) of view. I do believe in supporting those people in jobs that assure our continued safety and security. No I do not want to become part of the City, actually any city! You are correct in that it is all of our responsibility to investigate the issues and stay involved, not just when something peridoically impacts us on a personal level. I will be watching, networking, and voting.

One thing that is of primary importance (to me), is NOT merging with the City of Sylvania. Not interested at all, will not support anyone who even seems to entertain that notion.

Then you need to pull the lever for Hanley and Liedel. They are the only two who oppose the merger and support maintaining our independence. Other candidates say that they oppose the merger but feel we need to work more closely with our neighbors. That sounds to me like those other candidates would enter into a JEDD agreement (and impose an income tax on township residents) in order to "work together".

I am gathering information - thus hopefully gainly insight - toward the questions you posed.

As for the last comment- "defeating one of these two would be just as good as defeating both" -

Unfortunately, too many people have since crawled into the political bed together - no doubt to preserve one to another - to tenaciously hold onto jobs and elective placement. Therefore, they both need to go. One going will not break apart the political monopoly they have created in the 4 years that they have been there.

I promise to get back with you.

One thing that Sylvania Township citizens may find interesting about Kevin Eff, a self proclaimed "taxpayer, is that the only taxes he has paid have come from unemployment, while living in a house given to him by family> he cannot sympathize with any taxpayer!

Any truth to this?

that the only taxes he [Kevin Eff] has paid have come from unemployment

While you're at it, how about addressing the comment I made above regarding 'talks' with the city of Sylvania and annexation.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

First of all, a lesson: in Ohio, a person can only receive unemployment conpensation (UC) if she or he first worked at a job long enough and made enough money to warrant getting such unemployment compensation if laid off.

A fact: the identity of those receiving unemployment compensation is not a public record. The only way someone could obtain that info is if they called a friend who worked for the state and that person unlawfully divulged nonpublic info. Remember Joe The Plumber? My lawyer and I will certainly be making some inquiries...

A statistic: you may not be aware of this, "PamFan" but last year the economy went down the crapper and lots of people in Ohio lost their jobs. As of August, the Ohio unemployment rate was at 10.8%.

Me: I was employed as a material and logistics coordinator for a Toledo industrial contractor (it had nothing to do with my education, but it payed the bills) when I was laid off due to the economic downturn. I collected some UC before I found a part-time job and switched to studying law fulltime. To those like "PamFan," who have a silver spoon stuck so far down their throat that it sticks out of their large and ample posterior, that would disqualify a person from being a public servant. For those of us hardworking Americans (I've worked and payed taxes since I was 14, by the way, though I certainly don't miss that first job lugging a bag of golf clubs mile after mile), however, the best person to represent the masses is one who's had his own struggles and who knows the value of a dollar. I'd rather have the person with hardly any money in his bank account (who will worry about making ends meet) making taxation decisions than one with an unlimited bank account who can just write a check and forget it.

Maybe I'm mistaken and PamFan is right, but if that's the case I need to get ahold of the IRS and have the government cut me a nice fat check for all of the taxes I paid and evidently shouldn't have. Could you help me, PamFan, since you're SOOO knowledgable about all aspects of my life.

You figured me out, "Pam (Hanley or Haynam?) Fan," I'm richer than Bill Gates and more spoiled than Paris Hilton! What gave it away - the expose on the E! network? I knew I should have covered my face with my $200,000 sunglasses when I was featured on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Spoiled Who Have Never Worked A Day In Their Lives." "Tax"... what is this word? I am unfamiliar with such a phrase - perhaps I'll hop on my G5 and travel to one of the world's greatest knowledge repositories to learn the definition of such a strange word. By the way, one of my many butlers is typing this so I don't spoil my lifelong goal of never "working" - alert me to any mistakes so that I may punish him. Perhaps I'll make him wash the Rolls Royce parked in the 12-car garage of the house that Mother and Father gave me (along with my trust fund, of course) for my 3rd half-birthday.

BTW "PamFan," I forgot to mention... Remember that show "Silver Spoons"? It was about me. In fact, I'm riding my little indoor choo-choo train right now counting my trust fund money and laughing at all of the peasants who pay taxes!

In all seriousness though, I must point out something. At one point in our nation's history, one had to be a man and own land and slaves to partake in government and voting. "PamFan" obviously years for a return to those days. After all, she just slapped in the face any Sylvania resident who is a minor, or who lives in an apartment, or who lives in an assisted living community - anyone who is not of the distinguished landowner gentry. Essentially, "PamFan" asks that those individuals not vote for anyone "PamFan" is a fan of.

My address is public record, and thus anyone can drive by and see the "gigantic estate" that my "family" has "given" to me. If you do, you'll actually see a house that has been in my family for over 80 years, that my wife and I are in the process of purchasing from my father (who inherited it) and are fixing up.

If by "giving" the house you really mean "selling in exchange for money," then you're exactly right "PamFan"!

Pamfan07 stated: "One thing that Sylvania Township citizens may find interesting about Kevin Eff, a self proclaimed "taxpayer, is that the only taxes he has paid have come from unemployment..."


You - Pamfan- have just stung a lot of people - hopefully - some of the very people who feed your votes.

There are a lot of people presently and unfortunately unemployed. It's not a dirty word you know , just, again, a very unfortunate one.

Anyone who represents the PEOPLE by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE should at the very least be able to relate. From your comment to Kevin - apparently - you cannot.

I would appreciate it if Pamfan07 could please let us know WHICH Pam she supports.

Because honestly...if that Pam has the same attitude about citizens of Sylvania Township, I want to know before I go to the ballot box.

Pam Hanley and Dee Dee Liedel - running on platforms that they are getting results and saving tax dollars,.

However, they forget to tell Sylvania Twp residents that they are spending plenty of tax dollars relentlessly and recklessly trying to bury a Union, trying to bury Sylvania Twp police officers. .

These officers know that first hand. They have spent many grievious months trying to preserve their good names and their law enforcement careers at the hands of an administration bent on taking down the Union, willing to destroy these officers' good names in the process, and spending plenty of dollars in legal fees to gain those results. As you can see, it would appear the very police officers who took the bad rap and bad press a few months back have actually and finally been heard and awarded with favorable arbitration rulings:

Please read:

Furthermore: "...the State Employment Relations Board has ordered the township to cease interference with unionized employees' right to union representation during grievance meetings." (And there is another SERB hearing decision pending - curiously being held up - perhaps until after a November election?)

It appears the township administration and chief of police have perhaps been quite busy in the land of violating labor law, violating SERB law.

From The Blade article: "Township Administrator Hugh Thomas said he expects to review the rulings with the trustees when they next meet on Oct. 6." - That should be one interesting meeting.

Furthermore, the police officers named in The Blade article have, in the past, been cavilierly referred to as "bad apples" in press/media releases per these Trustees.

In reality, both of these gentlemen are long-term officers with exemplary records; both have been sound protectors and strong police officers in the Sylvania Township community;. Both of these officers have been interestingly targetted while both are interestingly union representatives. Both of them have also been subjected to a long and arduous road of protecting themselves and their longstanding careers against Trustees who have actively created and condoned a hostile work environment. .

Are these 2 incumbants, Hanley and Liedel, really representing the political agenda of the majority?

Do the residents of Sylvania Twp really want to use their tax dollars against their officers? Do they really know their tax dollars are being used in this way?

Arbitrator Backs Sylvania Twp. Police Officers
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By CatLady - Posted on September 27th, 2009
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Arbitrator has ruled in favor of 2 Sylvania Township police officers who were charged and disciplined by the Sylvania Township Trustees last year. The ruling gives the officers back pay and their records must be cleared. See The Blade article link:
I attended the full public hearing for both officers. The township was respresented by
attorneys from Cleveland (additional expense for travel as if there are no labor lawyers in Toledo). After hearing all the testimony from both sides, the charges seemed retalitory to me (both officers held positions within their respective unions). Both officers filed grievances and the arbitrator has ruled in their favor.

I'd like to know what other Sylvania taxpayers think of this situation. I think it's a huge waste of taxpayer money on attorney's fees etc., to persue what turn out to be charges with no merit.

I have been reading the comments in this thread for some time and have not replied - until now. I read with interest all of the comments and decided to check them out myself. I live in the Township and have for many years. I also do not support a merger and enjoy the services I get at the price I pay. I am also a long time union member who has had to take significant cuts in wages and benefits recently. Here are the "facts" that I have found from reviewing written material and talking to some of our officers - most of whom are not as displeased with the department as you seem to indicate here. I also did not find them to be "intimidated" at all with the command.

Recent contract gave the officers a 3 1/2, 3 and 3 percent raise along with a $1500 signing bonus for three years. This makes the officers of Sylvania Township among the highes paid in Northwest Ohio. Other police agencies in the area got less than 2% and in the city of Maumee 0%. Some departments are even laying officers off (Northwood).

The Trustees signed the police contract when a final award was given and gave the police staff their raises - even though the union has yet to sign the contract - almost a year after the award was given. Officers enjoy the benefits of having good wages and not signing the contract. But as stated here the Trustees are at fault?????

84% of the current officers and police staff do not live in the Township. About 70% of firefighters do not live in the Township. Less than half of the police staff are members of the FOP. The police union and FOP have endorsed candidates - yet most of them do not live here. Am I as a Township taxpayer supposed to pay more to those who live out of the Township????? If they care so much about this Township - why do they not live here???

Some on the Police force are upset because the current administration cut their overtime. Overtime is not a right. As a taxpayer if the Chief can cut back on overtime and maintain services - what is wrong with that??? I know I have not seen any decrease in the level of service - nor have I read any "facts" on that here.

Police are not happy with their premium pay for insurance - at least they have insurance. Their average payout for this premium is far less than what other professions - including mine - pay.

The current trustees have returned over $3,000,000 to us the taxpayers. Money that the police union would like to get back in overtime pay. They see it as a right - and they do not live in our Township.

Some in the police department are mad at the current chief and will do anything - including using Good Will here to defame him. That is why every four years they endorse different candidates and get different chief's. They are looking for the person that will give them what they want - not what we can afford. They endorsed candidates who will make us the taxpayer pay more for their insurance and give them more in overtime. All so we can support their life style outside of our community. I somehow have a problem with this.

Finally I find it very interesting reading the numerous attacks from Good Will. Good Will does not live in our community. Her husband is a retiree of the police department. He retired almost 2 years ago because he could not keep his job as a detective where he made $1400 per month in overtime. He now is collecting a pension and working in private business. He lost his grievance and unfair labor on his being taken out of the special force. It would appear to me that there is a rather large personal grudge here. If this is all there is to relieving Trustees of their post that would be a shame.

Other Facts

4 new fire stations are going up at less than half the cost of what prior trustess wanted us to pay just over 4 years ago. Instead of paying 3.5 mils - we are paying 1.25 mils and are not only getting the new stations (which are badly needed) but 4 new firefighters as well.

While we no longer have the transport unit - I have yet to hear a single problem with the private service we are getting. No lives have been lost and patient care is better than ever.

Fire inspections have improved with existing staff and not having the need to hire a "fire inspector" as had been supported in the fire department previously. Again - saving us the taxpayer money, with not only no reduction in service, but an increase in service.

Our roads are some of the best in the area. Grants have provided money for improvements that were needed.

Our zoning department has improved greatly under the new director. New rules are being put in place so that what occurred on Central avenue and the poor residents living there, will not happen again. They are also going after those who do not keep up their property so that the rest of us to not have to look at unsightly messes. The trustees have been methodically redoing the zoning ordinances so that past mistakes do not occur again.

These trustees have put financial systems in place that have allowed the Township to obtain a AA+ rating. This means again that we as taxpayers will get these new fire stations at an even more reduced cost because the borrowing costs are less. They are also going to make them "green" so that over time the savings are even more.

All in all it appears from my review that the Township has never been in better hands. If we listen to Good Will we are supposed to dump all of that so that an outsider can get revenge. Also we are to do this so that police officers and firefighters can get more overtime and pay less for insurance. I am not sure I am willing to pay for this. I pay enough in taxes and do not want to pay anymore.

I know I will vote with my pocketbook and my mind. I do not like some of the things Liedel and Hanley have done over the past 4 years. But I also do not like what has been done over the past 15 years in this township when politicans with their own agendas come in and cost me money that I cannot afford to spend. These Trustees have at least learned and over the past couple of years have grown into their positions. They take their jobs seriously and want to continue saving money while giving great services. That is a tough stand to take when some employees feel entitled to unlimited overtime and no cost insurance.

I love living in this community and have always felt bad about what has gone on in the police department. But the facts show that there is more to this than Good Will wants us to know. I do not like to follow those with agendas and vendatas that do not live in our community. Good Will - please take your concerns to your own community and leave us alone. We do not need to spend more money on those who live elsewhere.

I am sorry for this being so long - but all of the misinformation is driving me nuts and I think everyone needs to know what is going on - the facts.

There is more to my campaign than just the police. Getting a contract done with the Township police is a very important issue. I am 100% against a merger with the city of Sylvania. My real estate taxes are over $4,000 a year now and if the merger would go through, they would go up! I believe we need to create a new mindset for the way government works in the Township. There are 5 points that show my concerns for this election that can be found on my website.

Royal Barber

Mr. Barber,
It's good to hear what you stand for and I've read your website and applaud your views on police morale and what needs to be done to correct some of the issues with the STPD.

I must, however, take exception to your statement that your real estate taxes would go up with a merger. Real estate taxes are established through residents voting to levy the tax and allowing the county to collect.
The county can only collect and pass to the township what the voters have approved. The mear fact of a merger would not raise your property taxes at all.

Besides, the merger commission was voted down.
There is no possiblity of a merger commission question being put before the voters for at least another 3 years. Then there would be a merger study
and a report issued. This would take a year or more.
Bottomline, no merger is even remotely possible for at least five years. For all intents and purposes, the merger question is DEAD! We should let it R.I.P.
and stop worrying about it. Besides, the schools get the lion's share of the property taxes, next I believe is TARTTA and that portion has nothing to do with the cost to run the township.

As one who has sat through every trustee meeting for the past 3 years, I can only ask where have you been
and what have you been doing to stand up to the incumbent trustees? They certainly do need to be replaced, but I want the new trustee to be someone who has been actively working for the past 3 years to hold the trustees accountable.

Of the six people running to replace Hanley & Liedel,
only Penny Levine and Kevin Eff have regularly attended trustee meetings and put in countless hours
with our grassroots citizens' group to support the fire department and pass the fire levy. They have been on the frontlines for 3 years and deserve the voters support on November 3.

Cat Lady

I researched this more after reading follow up posts to my previous one. I talked to Sylvania city residents as well as a C.P.A. I was in error stating my real estate taxes would go up. My actual real estate taxes would go down. However, I would gain an income tax of 1.5% if I remember correctly. Each individual would experience a different amount of savings or cost increase. A person with a low home value, but a high personal income would pay more tax. On the other hand a person with a high home value and lower income could end up paying less.

I thank all of you for pointing out an issue that I was wrong on. I will take more care to research all the facts before making a statement.

Mr. Barber,
Thank you for showing that you're able to admit an error and learn from it. While you may not be my first or second choice for trustee, your display of such good character is much appreciated. You definitely differenciate yourself from the incumbent trustees.

Politics can be cold and cruel – depending on the politician – good and bad reside in all backyards, all communities, nationally and locally. I believe Tyler Howard’s (Editor – Sylvania Herald) interpretation that the majority of politicians mean well and are involved for the best of reasons. Unfortunately, there are also those who get involved with good intentions but then let the power inherent with their position go to their heads.

I believe that is what happened in Sylvania Township. I believe it happened at the Trustee level. I believe it happened at the township administration level. I most assuredly believe it happened at the police chief level.

I believe that due to the lack of concern, the lack of regard, and lack of respect for hardworking, loyal employees in the police department a lack of trust has now created a hostile work environment. This is quite frankly hard to understand. Why was that really necessary?

The men and women who work in the STPD are people with families and careers just as the Trustees and the police chief are people with families and careers. I can respect that at face value; I am not sure why they cannot. I can only blame it once again on a sense of power overtaking a sense of genuine cooperation.

Falsely, that lack of cooperation has been pointed at the police officers and their Union, yet that lack of cooperation has been cited about these particular township Trustees by leaders and people of other area suburbs around Toledo; they have noticed the contention also, the unwillingness to cooperate, the defensiveness, the willingness to go to battle over everything and nothing.

This spirit of contention walked through the door of STPD when these Trustees took office and, additionally, when they hired a police chief who has taken that same spirit of contention from department to department prior to his arrival in Sylvania Township.

Again, Nate Ford’s report suggested the employees of Sylvania Township’s police department were fine, exemplary people – hardworking and loyal to their job and community - why then approach them with contention and conflict? Why not approach them with the respect they deserved?

When my husband came up against the worst moment in his life and the worst moments in his career along with the most nonempathetic person he/or we have ever encountered, I went looking for practicality, integrity, and compassion in the Trustees. I was astonished at what I found.

My point of reference - nursing – motherhood – wife – advocacy - lead me to choose someone I thought would have a similar point of reference. Surely, this person would hear our story, would seek both sides of the truth.

Perhaps, initially, my own naiveté, that part of me that just knows, really tries to believe that there is inherent good in all people lead me to think that once practical, like-minded people heard and took consideration of human frailty and vulnerability – that they would understand – they would realize the mistake in judgment and, therefore, the terrible mistake made by their police chief in his actions against my husband. I thought surely the truth will surface, that right will rule over wrong. All I ever asked for and all my husband ever asked for was for someone to HEAR him, listen to him, listen to us.

We are good, solid, caring individuals with professions and careers and families for which we also take great pride – just like anyone else. We expected people in power to lay down their arms long enough to really listen, get the story straight, enabling practical, well-thought-out solutions.

I went looking for communication on both sides of the aisle and I received one-sided, tunnel vision with no desire for authenticity and merely a condescending “there, there” pat-of-the-hand as our world was tumbling down. I expected more. I got much less. I no longer expect more.

However, that is why I speak out against this type of leadership – this type of politics. It is narcissistic and should really have no place in anyone’s life. It is too readily accepted with a sigh of “Oh-well-what-can-you-do.” I think we should demand more from people, more from ourselves and for ourselves.

I may not presently live in the Sylvania Township community, but I lived what the Sylvania Township community via their Trustees and police chief did to us at a time when we could have used some compassion and understanding. It is not a grudge or act of vengence I carry but a cry to raise our standards of how we treat people. I can only hope for them in return that if they or a loved one is ever confronted with a like situation, they receive that compassion and understanding for which were we searching.

So – if it sounds like HOGWASH to you; if it sounds like WHINING to you – so be it. I am not going to reduce my standards to how people should be treating people because you (Trustees, police chief, township administrator, “Enough Already,” “S. Williams,” et al) don’t subscribe to that same standard. You don’t have to after all. God did give you free will to act as you choose towards others. So – carry on.

You don’t have to answer to me. You don’t even have to answer to your community. Sadly, a part of them is really too busy to care what you do to others or how you do it because it does not directly affect them – until it does, you no doubt have their vote and approval.

And – just for the record – “Good Will” does not speak for anyone else but Good Will (aka Joyce Slaman). No one has approached me nor asked me to write commentary here or anywhere else nor would I sign my name to anyone else's words. I am not deceptive about my word; I lay claim to what I write as my own, no one else's.

I believe we all have a distinct voice; therefore, "Enough Already" and "S. Williams," “pamfan,”et al., perhaps you would also like to lend some authenticity to your words and your voice by owning them?

Good Will,

I am sure you believe all that you are saying here. From what I read you are a good wife who is supporting her husband. You are also a nurse, who I am sure is good at her job. That is good as far as it goes.

I listed many things that these trustees have done and you seem, like everyone else here, to over look them.

I obtained a copy of Mr. Fords report when it was first published many years ago. You are correct that it stated the officers were good and did their jobs well. But if you read the rest of it there is much more that had to be done. Included in this was the need for policies that were not in place. In fact the study states that the entire policy system should be taken out and replaced. If I have read and listened to what the police chief is stating this has been done. There was also a need to make several changes in management that from what I have found, at least from the officers I talk to, has been done.

There has to be a reason there have been so many police chiefs in such a short period of time. If the officers are so good - why such a turnover in management? Why does the union support different candidates in each election? Who wants to run the department - the chief or the union? Is it possible that there are officers who want to run the department and run the chief - and this chief does not allow this? There can only be one boss - or at least that is the way it is at my place of employment. I have had an officer descirbe it to me as this - it is like a step father coming into a new family and wants to do things his way, but the kids are used to having it another way and find it very difficult to accept the changes that may be necessary. Now this again comes from someone on the staff, but from what I read here it makes sense.

I guess the bottom line is that you have had something happen to your husband and you are supporting him - I respect that. But again you do not live here and if your husband is retired, as I think he is, why then do you continue on against this chief? It is my understanding that your husband was not diciplined and was taken out of an uncover unit? I am not sure why, but am told that these are limited assignments for 3 years? After being returned to a patrol position your husband retired? If this is so then again why this hatred. I also understand he is working somewhere else - so he is making more money than he did before? Again I fail to see what could have gone on to make you so mad. I have had friends of mine laid off at work and some have taken early retirement and even though some wanted to work longer, I don't hear them going off on my employer for this. Many of the ones laid off still do not have jobs - unlike your husband who is gainfully employed. I can't help but wonder why you insist on doing this even though your husband has been gone for over 2 years? And again is this a reason to remove trustees, based solely on what happend to your husband? If new trustees come in does your husband want to "unretire" and come back?

The officers I have spoken to are concerned. They do not know what is going to happen if new trustees come in and they again have to work with a new boss. They only want to do the job for all of us who live here. For over 15 years, the time I have lived here, they have lived in a continuing change and turnover. They get involved in politics and try to get people elected - even though most do not live here. In the end they do not get their way and the next election they endorse different candidates. I find this distrubing and would like to see it stop. Sylvania is not that type fo place.

As a resident I will tell you what I want in a police department. Officers who come when called either for regular calls or emergencies. I believe our officers do that well. I want a department that does the best it can within a budget that saves me taxes. I want a department that does all of this and does so with the idea that they are serving the public here - not scaring them with demands for more overtime or better benefits. I want a department that is well run. As a prior military person, I know what it means to have structure and command. From what I have seen and heard this is what is being done currently in the police department. As a resident I appreciate what this department and its volunteers do and I want to see it continue. Again the officers I have spoke to do not seem to be intimidated at all. In fact as police officers I would not expect them to be intimidated since they have so much authority. If they are afraid of this chief and the trustees, perhaps they should look for a new job as maybe police work is to "intimidating" to them. That is not, however, what I hear when I talk to officers on our department.

We are fortunate to live in a low crime area that has a lot to offer. The turmoil has to stop and the time is now in my view. As I stated I may not like everything the Trustees have done, but I listed many things that they have done that have saved me money as a taxpayer. I have not once here seen those rebutted. Instead all I see and read is vindictive people who want to get their own way - no matter what the cost. I wonder if the current trustees - who were supported by the police union - figured that out after they got elected and decided to do what they thought was the right thing - even if it meant not getting support from the union? I have seen nothing here or in any of the "letters to the editor" to refute this so my assumption would be that this may be true.

Somewhere out there is the truth and the whole truth. But until I know that, and I am not sure I ever well, then I do not see much in what is going on to justify my once again voting to new trustees that in 4 years we will again be debating the same issues as we did 4 years past. This cycle has to stop and now may be the time to do this.

Mrs. Slaman - please wish your husband a safe and happy retirement - and leave us alone here in Sylvania Township. From my point of view things are going well and there should not be any changes needed. As humans we will never agree with anyone else all the time. I have not aways agreed with the current trustees, but in total they have doen a good job and deserve to continue for at least another 4 years.

Finally as to giving my name. Since I have spoken to officers on the department I do not want to give my name so that they do not get involved in whatever is going on. They really just want to do the job and not be bothered by this. These are my views and mine only. As I stated when I started writing here - I am just tired of this BS and want it to stop. Please leave well enough alone and enjoy your husbands retirement.

Thank you for giving some common sense to this forum. Also thank you for bringing out "good will". I sure hope that this kind of hypocracy does not continue in this Township.

I surely hope that the residents of Sylvania Township support the current Trustees so that we can stop this kind of foolishness.

Please vote for Hanley and Liedel in November. Do not let malcontents or outsiders run this Township.

concerned-twp and Sylvania Township - transparent collaboration, ladies - john q. public did not write the above. I can pull out pieces, phrasing that sounds like only a collaborative effort could and we all know it.

Again, I have always written only for myself. Believe me, I have done my own detective work along the way because I simply could not believe people could treat people this way. I went looking to try to understand. I have done my own footwork, ladies. NO one else.

Perhaps some of this has been for cathartic reasons, admittedly so. However, primarily, it has been to hold people accountable - no doubt - I should have brought forth other entities as my husband and I lived through this but I waited for the arbitration to play out - and - that took well over a year and more. Justice delayed is justice denied.

And - yes - even after 2 years - I want people to be accountable - if just to realize what took place and the role they played. This whole unfortunate process has been very like grieving. I am not generally someone who believes lawsuits are an answer (it's that damn money thing over people thing again), but I will tell you this - IF you have put forth a collaborative effort to dishonor my husband one more time, one more way - I will not hesitate to bring that about.

My husband nearly lost his life back when this all happened. He then lost everything he formerly took for granted as normal physiology. He carried on, though. I watched him. I watched him with nothing but the greatest admiration for a man who rose above everything life was throwing at him at the time.

I also watched him go back to work - full-throttle - perhaps too soon. I watched him continue to answer his phone 24/7 (as he has for years). I watched him crawl out of bed at all hours of the night and wee hours of the morning - in all kinds of weather - rain, snow and in between - again - going full throttle, working law enforcement, working a job he loved, doing the one thing during that horrible time that he could continue to identify with, feel human about - the one thing that hadn't let him down. (Not to mention the coaching he did for 7 years for a Sylvania Township local community high school - what other officer was doing that while working full time?) He GAVE to YOUR community and then some.

And then - out of nowhere - I watched that identity be stripped from him by someone who could have cared less, by someone who didn't even know him, didn't care to know him, didn't try to know him as a police chief should know his men before he passes judgment on them. Furthermore, what happened to my husband I know to have been contrived, planned out in advance.

My husband was held responsible for ONE lousy heckled piece of "communication" from a block away - what it was about? - he could not have known - he had much more complex things on his mind at the time (things only a human would understand), but he was held responsible for that ONE lousy heckled piece of communication anyway - he was portrayed as a liar when he was actually just humanly and understandably distracted by his own physiological vulnerability at the time. Was there ever again - ever - any clear, respectful, true communication about a barely-there knuckle-dent - EVER AGAIN? NO. Even as my husband went back to surgery once again, even after he was off work for several weeks? - NO MORE communication - NO more decent, respectable, fellow-associate communication. It was like they were all laying in wait - bait him and then wait for him - what kind of human behavior is that????

And your police chief - heart of gold that he has - KNEW about my husband's physical vulnerability - he KNEW it. NO ONE should have been treated like my husband was treated under those circumstances. Especially an officer who served your community so committedly and full-heartedly for 20 years.

So - if you do not know what you are talking about (and it is evident that you do not) then I suggest you go no further with your dishonoring my husband and the 20 years he gave to law enforcement, protecting your community or, perhaps, then THAT is when the community of Sylvania Township will really know just how much money you cost them.

I began writing because what happened to my husband was very like a death to us. Life took and took and took during that time - including Sylvania Township. A grieving process often takes years. Because I was the observer - the one who watched my husband go through what he did - my heartbreak was all the greater for him. Did he land on his feet in the end? - Absolutely - because that is the kind of man he is - he is jovial and affable and his glass is always half full; he is a man who looks down the road, who nurtures his friendships - and they were there for him as he ended his law enforcement career prematurely, something he had no choice but to do. .

You dishonored him when you let your police chief dishonor him, when you condoned it, when you did not thoroughly question anything your police chief was doing even as he was costing you more and more legal dollars.

There was even false testimony (talk about untruthfulness) presented over and over again in arbitration hearings and SERB hearings.

And for the record - my husband's arbitration was in his favor. If he had not retired (prematurely because he could no longer trust his own police chief, his own management) the arbitrator ordered that he be placed back into the detective bureau with an absolutely clean record. The arbitrator could not rule over the special task force simply because he had no jurisdiction over that - the task force was not a part of the collective bargaining - so please get those facts right. As we speak - the SERB hearing is STILL pending as it went to exception filing after a judge (partiality anyone?) allowed full out hearsay into her court of law.

After what he went through, this man should have been honored in his retirement - he was not even allowed in the Sylvania Township Hall for any such thing, after years of getting murderers, rapists, child molestors, child abusers, armed robberers, etc. off the streets of Sylvania Township, off the streets of Toledo, criminals locally and federally - instead he was discriminated against completely and fully by your police chief - your police chief who feels he needs answer to no one; no one makes him answer to his reckless treatment of your officers - THAT is what you need to be held accountable for - quit turning a blind eye. (IF so many of your officers were so satisfied with this management - then why are they not calling me personally and telling me to be quiet?)

I can back up EVERYTHING I have said. There is a heavy trail that leads back to your police chief - a heavy traceable trail. There is legal arbitration hearing and SERB hearing transcripts that can back up everything these officers have been through. There are people who will finally once and for all be forced to speak up clearly and forthrightly and truthfully in a court of law about what happened to my husband - and we will move forward on that if - again - you dishonor him one more time.

I hate being this harsh. I hate pulling this out of myself. But I could not live with myself if I did not speak up for someone who deserved much more from you for the years he served the Sylvania Township community. That is WHY I have a right to speak about this election. I may not live in Sylvania Township but I lived for Sylvania Township along with my husband for many years. Your officers may not live in your community (all of them) but they are committed to LAW ENFORCEMENT - something you all have forgotten about in all of this mess (all of this BS as you call it).

I don't know who you think I am, but I am not one of the candidates running for office. Far from it. I am what I say I am, just a concerned citizen. I hope your husband was a better detective than you.

However I will keep this brief. You again have not disproved any of my facts and instead have gone on a rant about your poor husband. If he was so right why did he retire and not fight this? It appears that this police union likes to take on challenges and gets rid of police chief's - why would your husband leave if he was so right and "won" in arbitration? He was paid well for the time he worked for the township and now enjoys a good retirement with benefits. We as residents are supposed to be feeling sorry for him and throw out all the trustees and department heads just to vindicate him????? Do you want him to ge his job back? I don't think so. You don't "hate" being harsh - you revel in it.

Until I hear or read facts or my facts that I have found and listed here are refuted by competent facts - I will not be swayed by the rants of a disgruntled person like you. I truly hope that people who read this and read you here and in the Herald know just who you are and what you are trying to do to good people. As I started off and will end now - ENOUGH!!!!!

I guess one should never make a good woman angry, especially when it comes to her loved ones. One should never make a good nurse angry, especially when it comes to her patients - her "ranting," as you call it, may actually make a difference. I call it activism. I call it advocacy. I call it my right. Therefore, we will see how things play out in the end.

It is a rather sad state of affairs when one's own police chief writes so cleverly (he thinks) and collaboratively, utilizing "cloak and dagger" anonymity, under the guise of "concerned twp; sylvania twp; p. morris; s. williams; d. johnson - and in doing so - criticises his own police department and his own officers within that anonymity and in such a "childish" manner. That's how much this police chief thinks of his own men, fine leader that he is.

And - that is exactly why Sylvania Township's police department's morale is so broken - like a very bad marriage - irreparable. You see, our present-day police chief has been known to freely use the word, "whiners" to describe his officers (at Owens Community College as he was getting his state of Ohio qualifications, within the general public, at township meetings, within the police department, etc - "whiners" has been bandied about freely by him.

I may not be as good a detective as my husband - but I think we ALL recognize Police Chief Robert Metzger's voice and ideology in the sentiments of the above mentioned. High rate of suspicion.

What is almost funny if it wasn't so sad - Check out Letters to the Editor today in the Sylvania Herald in which Ric Melchert berates P. Morris for Morris' previous Letter to the Editor talking down the Sylvania Township police department and its officers. Little does Mr. Melchert know - he is calling Sylvania Township's own police chief on the carpet!

We can only hope voters can see through you - who you really are and what you are trying to do to good people - and vote new leadership for township trustees come November 3rd.

Please - people who have been reading this thread - tell 10 people to tell 10 people to tell 10 people ... Vote Hanley and Liedel out - for they have hired, santioned, and condoned this deplorable, narcissistic leadership.


First I was a Trustee, now I am the Police Chief and all these other writers??? I am not any of these people. Do you know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried also? How about UFO's?

I was not going to comment back, but I do not want anyone who reads this to think that what you are saying has any validity - though I think from your rantings that they probably do not.

If who you think I am is as accurate as your other issues here then I have some real doubt about what you have been saying here and in the newspapers. You are obviously on a crusade and want to destry anyone who gets in your way, even in this forum.

I am what I say I am - a township resident - married with 3 kids and trying like everyone else to make ends meet. I looked here for answers and what I got were accusations. Then when I tried to make a point - what I got was this jibberish.

You are a paranoid person who sees this police chief and trustees as the cause of all your troubles. If this is the main reason to vote out people then so be it. I however think this is not and I will say here that I would vote for anyone other than who you say to vote for. If people like you run things that this is a very sad world. Fortunately I don't thnk that is what I see and hear from my neighbors - who also live in the township.

This is a great place to live and I hope that those who feel that way keep it that way and not allow a paranoid outsider like you to decide how things are done.

Yes - I said that - Thank God.

All I can think is that there really is a little thing called "Karma" in the world. What you put out into that Universe does come back to you.

And - no - I am not talking about UFOs and, unfortunately, I have a feeling Jimmy Hoffa, perhaps, had some bad Karma coming his way and, thus, his demise and - no- I don't know where he is buried, fine detective that I am.

I do believe that people who have been playing in the land of narcissism will ultimately be called on it and be held accountable. After all, when you treat people poorly with disrespect and you compromise your own integrity to meet your own needs and self-preservation - it can and will come back upon you.

I will only hope that the newly elected Trustees - Jennewine and Haddad - will be good stewards of the people who both live and work in Sylvania Township. They at least have taken the first step - that of simply listening - that willingness to listen and be affected by what they hear to take appropriate action.

Therefore, hopefully, good things will begin to happen for the Sylvania Township Police Department, as well as the fire department and the township as a whole.

This vote has renewed my faith in that there really is karma in the universe and what goes around does, in the end, come back around. Live the Golden Rule and you can't go wrong. Treat people as you would have them treat you - don't compromise and, ultimately, fight for the reset button when people have gone off track.

That is what people did collectively during this election, whether their particular candidate was elected or not, and the results speak for themselves.

People have a conscience, and they put that conscience to the vote. Thanks Sylvania Township voters!

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