WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) made the following statement in recognition of Constitution Day.

“Today we celebrate the signing of the United States Constitution and recognize its importance in our nation’s history. We were blessed as a nation to have individuals that put self-interest and sectionalism aside to debate, argue, draft and sign the Constitution. Our Constitution has been that beacon upon the hill, that guiding star at night, and that shining city that millions of persons around the word have longed to be guided by within their own countries.

Earlier this month, I introduced H. Res 734, which recognizes and honors September 17th as Constitution Day. In 1956, Congress established Constitution week so that every American citizen could learn more about the Constitution. In 2004, the 17th of each September was designated as Constitution Day. I am pleased to introduce this Resolution to stand up and support the Constitution because it deserves the recognition, respect, and reverence of all people in the United States.

In celebration of today, I would encourage all Americans to sit down and read this great document. Since the Constitution’s ratification, it has been the framework for our great nation. Not only did great men bring it forth, but for two hundred twenty-two years this Constitution has been paid for by hundreds of thousands of lives- the lives of our brave military men and women. Let the living give thanks to our honored dead who have paid the ultimate sacrifice that the Constitution of the United States remains our guiding light.”

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