Where is the money Mr. Mayor

Its well over the 72 hours you said that this would be resolved, Show us the money or get off the pot. How about the three new Detroiters interested in the Marina what their status? Even more important why don't you identify them. There is no Detroit developers
is there? They only exist from the voices telling you what to do in your mind. The jig is up
You need to have another press conference today the primary election is over
so we can be amused and awed in what you say.

This would also provide the opportunity to take the focus off Sue Fredericks, your loyal Himmler who is suspended on a taxpayer paid vacation, Anyone one of us that this wold have happened to would be fired. Suspend her for a couple days till the dust settles then bring her back to carry on her dirty tricks on the citizens of Toledo.

No votes yet

A lot of people were questioning why with last friday being the 8th year after the tragic bombing of 9-11 that there is still nothing but a big hole where the trade center towers were.

In 8 years we've not been able to rebuild in what is argueably the most enviable property area in manhattan??

last friday was also an anniversary in toledo. On that fateful day, they encouraged us all that the best course of action was not to let the terrorists win, and go about our every day lives - which included participating in a vote, just like we had yesterday.

One of the issues on that ballot was the marina district. On 09/11/2001, the voters of Toledo voted a green light for the marina district. In EIGHT YEARS we have not been able to get this built???

Bad economy is the problem?? in 1930-31 it took only 415 DAYS to build the Empire State building - how was the economy then?

How long did it take for them to build the Glass Bowl in 1936?


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